Explaining The Characteristics Of Ecotourism Tourism

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This essay starts out by explicating the features of ecotourism. The essay goes on to compare and contrast the differences between ecotourism and mass touristry. An ecotourist ‘s different experience from a sociology survey point of position will be developed.

The Characteristics of ecotourism would be that it must be consistent with a positive environmental ethic ; furthering preferable behaviour every bit good as it must profit the resource. This definition of ecotourism does non mention to any specific motive but describes touristry with mention to the motion of people. This wide intervention of touristry allows the flexibleness to develop a categorization of ecotourism where the travel experience is motivated or modified by a deep ecological esthesia.

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The term ecotourism has many significances. First, Harmonizing to Weaver ( 2001 ) who claimed that ecotourism are take the environment or its characteristic as first consideration and attractive force. It can mention to a echt effort at environmentally sustainable touristry. Second, they prefer first-hand experience with the natural environment. Therefore, ecotourists incorporate the activities of bird observation, natural picture taking, boosting and the similar. Third, it is present that a direction may take to a direct attempt at the preservation facet of natural environment.

Compared with mess touristry, ecotourism tends to be more sustainable, ecotourism are more than merely sightseeing but to see the nature. Furthermore, ecotourism is used in many different ways that non merely mention to an activity which environmentally friendly but besides somewhere it needed. Acott et Al explained that the term ecotourism does non different between a group of people who want obtain a vacation for “ bird observation ” ( Acott et al, 1998. P.238 ) chose aircraft to go and luxury hotel to remain, anticipating a westernized vacation experience and the environmental friendly travellers, back-packing, prosecuting a minimum impact experience. Ecotourism can mention to a broad scope of activities which may hold different environmental impacts and attract people with different sets of values and motives. Ecotourism which can be classifiedA to “ deep ecotourism ” and “ shallow ecotourism ” based on a signifier of mass touristry and environmental touristry. An of import facet of this attack is the acknowledgment that differences exist between the values held by possible ecotourists and the activities at ecotourism sites. Peoples are non needfully ecotourists merely because they visit an ecotourism location. A consideration of the values, attitudes and behaviour of people is cardinal when discoursing echt signifiers of environmental touristry or seeking to place possible ecotourists.


It is biocentrism instead than homocentric in doctrine, hence, for whom an ecotourist will accept natural footings instead than significantly transforming the environment for personal convenience and satisfaction. A typical manner to integrate the attitude countries of ecotourists with an environmental appraisal of the tourer activity is from what local peoples ‘ attitudes. This attack could hold policy deductions in footings of supplying information for possible ecotourists every bit good as cleavage of ecotourist market. What is more, to excite discourse on the development of a genuinely deep signifier of environmental ecotourism that is consistent with constructs of sustainable development and sustainable life. Doxey ( as cited in Fennell ) claimed that the impacts of ecotourism in societal facet can be divided into four chief phases which consider in the appraisal of local doctrines. First is “ euphoria ” , it refers to ecotourists are welcomed without many control of be aftering. Second is “ apathy ” , which means planning is chiefly concerned with the selling of the touristry service. The 3rd one which occurs at the period of the touristry industry has flourishing and impregnation is happened. Ecotourists experienced “ irritation ” and program to do some development. Finally, it becomes to “ hostility ” . Therefore, be aftering intend to supply some betterments and advance the touristry finish.


As a affair of fact, ecotourism tend to be more acceptable and popular in recent society. Ecotourists may concern with all kinds of societal facets in footings of conveyance, preservation, resource usage every bit good as recreational activities and see different from mass tourers. When ecotourists encounter the conveyance, they may concern with pollution from route and air travel. Meanwhile, the conveyance substructure on green field sites, wildlife home ground and the usage of energy resources by air and route. In a general context, the local people are more likely to be ecotourists because they encounter and expand greater proportion of ecotourist.


Different cultural background may give rise to different experiences and contemplations to ecotourists. Ecotourists will prosecute a sustainable lifestyle regardless of their location, natural resource base and civilizations. For case, in some developed states, ecotourist may at the Centre of a contaminated, engorged metropolis but decide to avoid motorized conveyance and walk, Therefore, the individual is exposing the actions of an ecotourist without being in a designated ecotourist location.On the other manus, groups of people might desire to see ecotourist locations, for Example, harmonizing to Acott et.al, “ the Annapurna circuit ” in Nepal ( Acott et.al p.240 ) , many people still buy H2O in plastic bottles despite the attempts of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project ( ACAP ) to change by reversal this tendency. It is because these sorts of bottles are non biodegradable.What is more, the illustration of the burgeoning trade in high-level touristry. Everest and the Matterhorn are in danger because of the climbers who are reach but without much experiences. Although some of these tourers might hold a echt environmental concern, this does look more like a signifier of ego-tourism instead than ecotourism.

Ecotourism is a sort of natural based educational circuit. With the broad spread consciousness of making things caring more about the environment, ecotourists like traveling to see some natural attractive forces which will non harm the environment. Besides, they tend to be more likely than regular tourers to do usage of locally owned adjustment and services so benefit the local economic system. Ecotourism is more nature based than the leisure based mass touristry. But ecotourism and mass touristry have a close relationship between each other. Ecotourism can assist do a sustainable rules and patterns for mass touristry and aid to increase public support. In the same manner, mass touristry can supply a big patronage and gross flow to the ecotourism ( 2001 ) . From a societal point of view, more and more people realize the importance of ecotourism. Peoples who have higher instruction tend to anticipate basic installations every bit long as they can bask the astonishing nature. The ecotourism operators should take steps to pull more ecotourists in the hereafter.

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