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Factors affecting Tourism in the Caribbean

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Factors affecting Tourism in the CaribbeanTrade liberalization – in the last decade the economic performance of Caribbean was broadly satisfactory though characterized by wide variation among countries.

Inflation was low and balance of payments remained viable, thus promoting micro-economic policies and structural reforms.Tourism trends – any major events affecting the USA positively or negatively will have an effect to all tourism destinations including Caribbean. Good example when the government advises its people not to travel due to fear of terrorist attacks or such things this will surely affect tourism directly Human rights in the Central AmericaHuman rights – civil, political, economic, social and cultural – are universal and interdependent; they have been comprised as the foundations of human dignity.

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Factors affecting Tourism in the Caribbean
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  Human rights are a central part of UN reform, people have remained victims of torture, diseases and killings every where in the whole world.

Injustice, poor governance and lack of democracy are violations against the rights of human beings.There has been a debate between Universalist and cultural relativist.

The first believe that every human is a social unit and is driven by self interest desires. The other argues that traditional cultures are unchangeable and therefore there is not an agreement on which one should represent the rights of all individuals.

Human rights and the international Arena – The recent adoption of the International criminal court in is an important step in the direction of enforcing and promoting the values agreed upon by the member nations. Current state of Operation Iraqi Freedom – US has just successful fought against an enemy. The latest news is on impact of illness and non – combat injury during the operation Iraqi Freedom and enduring freedom. There is great impact on military missions and a survey has been conducted on the prevalence and impact of common ailments among US military who were deployed to Iraq and the following illness were said to have been experienced:- Diarrhea, respiratory illnesses, non- combat injuries and leishmaniasis.

For all these illness some military personnel required intravenous fluids, others needed hospitalization and a few required evacuations. Despite technologic advances in warfare and preventive medicine, illnesses and non – combat injuries were common during operation resulting to operational inefficiency. The current price of barrel of oil is $59.42.There are reasons why the prices have greatly gone up.The gulf war in the early 1990’s, when a country is in war the productivity rate goes down thus making their products become rare, hence low supply high demand making the prices go up.Increased growth in global oil demand- it is obvious that the uses of oil have really become many and therefore it is bound to go up.Oil price and the terms of trade – a large part of variability of the terms of trade are associated with extreme movements with oil prices. 

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