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Fall of Humanity: Then and Now Worksheet Sample

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  • Pages 5
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    Read the assigned readings in Topic 3 ( textbook chapter 4, Lecture 3, “The Mystery of Original Sin” article, and Bible transitions ) and turn to the undermentioned inquiries with a entire word count ( including inquiries ) of 500-750 words. Cite all of the resources used with in-text commendations, utilizing at least two beginnings from the Topic 3 readings. These will be included in the list of mentions at the terminal of the assignment. Write your paragraph response straight below each inquiry: 1. What is revealed about human nature ( from Gen 1-2 ) ?

    In Genesis 1-2 it is revealed that we, as worlds, are made in God’s image and hence our human nature reflects some of God’s properties, although in a limited manner. The bible Tells us that God made us “very Good” ( Genesis 1:31 ) . Our goodness was marred by Adam and Eves wickedness and we fell victim to that iniquitous human nature. Merely as we inherited oculus colour or hair colour we inherited wickedness from Adam and Eve. 2. What are the effects of the Fall for human nature ( from Gen 3 ) ? If you read Romans 5:12 it says, “Just as through one adult male wickedness entered into the universe, and decease through wickedness, and so sin spread through all men.” Sin affected every portion of our being and it separated us from God. When Adam and Eve rebelled against God they broke their family with God. With the autumn decease entered the universe and every thing is capable to decease. 3. What is revealed about human intent from the readings? What does it intend for worlds to boom, in other words to accomplish religious, emotional, and mental wellbeing?

    Worlds are emotional existences and we let negative emotions take over and we let negative things get to us. We should follow the program God has for us even if we don’t understand it or cognize it. Our intent is to delight God and non people. Everything we do in our life should convey award and glorification to God ( 1 Thessalonians 2:4 ) . For myself I rely on God for everything in my life. I trust in him 100 % . I have a relationship with him. I talk to him. My intent is to convey him honour and glorification and to distribute his word. As a Christian it’s my responsibility to win people over to the fantastic hings God does. If I sit on the dorsum burner and make non state people about God, so I am non making my responsibility. I am non carry throughing my intent. 4. How might the reply to these inquiries differ harmonizing to different worldviews? Atheists would non believe our intent in life is to delight God. Since they do non believe in a God they would non convey award or glorification to a God. I think each worldview has their ain manner of happening emotional and mental wellbeing. As a Christian I rely on God. He brings me comfort.

    Part Two: THE FALL – NOWSee how the Fall and humanity’s exposure to good and immoralities are seen in the manner some people treat themselves and others in dehumanising ways today ( for illustration, maltreatment, dependence, intimidation, domestic force, eating upsets, human trafficking, erotica, poorness, racism, hooliganism, etc. ) . Choose one act of dehumanisation and compose a short Television public service proclamation in 350-500 words. Use at least two different beginnings from the GCU eLibrary, cited in the text and listed below in the list of mentions. Include the undermentioned: Highlight how the act of dehumanisation is apparent in the universe today. Provide solid thoughts for bar.

    Include statistics, causes, and impact on people ( victim, culprit, others as appropriate ) . Discuss how a God-centered worldview ( as discussed in the “The Mystery of Original Sin” article ) might supply a solution. Within the book, include notes about the images and picture that would be included when hiting the commercial. Two illustrations of a public service proclamation:

    1. hypertext transfer protocol: // v=9waE2A-uIxQ2. hypertext transfer protocol: // v=uFKAFo_etkEWrite your paper below:In todays society dependence is a common thing for people to endure. Addiction is non merely physical things that people consume, such as drugs and intoxicant, but may include virtually anything from nutrient to gaming. Peoples with dependences do non hold any control over their organic structures and their actions.

    Harmonizing to Christian Nordqvist, “Addiction, frequently referred to as dependence frequently leads to tolerance – the addicted individual demands larger and more regular sums of whatever they are addicted to in order to have the same consequence ( Nordqvist, 2009, parity. 10 ) . Family members who have to cover with dependence patients study heightened stress and psychological morbidity ( Lee, Manning, Wong, et Al, 2011 ) . Studies show that these people suffered from depression, emphasis, and psychiatric morbidity, and overall hapless wellbeing. By populating a God-centered life nuts will hold the possible means to a solution to their jobs.

    There was a survey done where nuts did a Christian Faith-Based Recovery plan. The nuts were asked to admit God and were so cognizant of their ego in relation to God. The following measure of the procedure was communicating with God. They asked God to assist them and hence acknowledged God. Harmonizing to Shirley Timmons, “recovering individuals learn and/or apply Christian beliefs that God is their assistant. They do non ever acknowledge this function of God due to a deficiency of cognition about ( or belief in ) Christianity and an oftentimes entire preoccupation with dependence ( Timmons, 2012 ) . By populating this God-Centered life style within their recovery these nuts were able to retrieve from their dependences. Reference

    List at least two mentions below for each portion of the assignment above, for a lower limit of four mentions. Prepare these mentions harmonizing to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide located in the Student Success Center ( found under RESOURCES & gt ; Student Success Center & gt ; The Writing Center & gt ; Style Guides ) . Include the Permalink for the GCU Library beginnings used.

    Example mention:

    Shuster, M. ( 2013 ) . The Mystery of Original Sin: We don’t cognize why God permitted the Fall, but we know all excessively good the immorality and wickedness that still plague us. Christianity Today, 57 ( 3 ) , 38-41. hypertext transfer protocol: // url=http: // direct=true & A ; db=rfh & A ; AN=ATLA0001935909 & A ; site=eds-live & A ; scope=site List mentions below:

    LEE K, MANNING V, WONG K, et Al. Stress-coping morbidity among household membersof dependence patients in Singapore. Drug & A ; Alcohol Review [ consecutive online ] . July 2011 ; 30 ( 4 ) :441-447. Available from: Academic Search Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed August 3, 2015.

    Nordqvist, Christian. Medical News Today. MediLexicon International. Web. 3 Aug. 2015.

    Timmons, Shirley. “A Christian Faith-Based Recovery Theory: Understanding God As Sponsor.” Journal Of Religion & A ; Health 51.4 ( 2012 ) : 1152-1164. Academic Search Complete. Web. 3 Aug. 2015.

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