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Federalism: United States Constitution and Government

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Powers Shared by National and State Government, setting up courts, creating ND collecting taxes, building highways, borrowing money, making and enforcing laws, chartering banks and corporations, spending money for the betterment of the general welfare and taking (condemning) private property with Just compensation. How federalism was found you may ask? The founders of federalism attempted to balance order with liberty. There were several reasons why the federalist government was created. One reason was to avoid tyranny. Tyranny is a nation under cruel and oppressive government.

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Federalism: United States Constitution and Government
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Second reason was to allow more participation in elitist. Last but not least the third reason was to use the states as “laboratories” for new ideas and programs. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and George Instigation were the advocates of the federal system. The founders were reacting to the British government and the Articles of confederation. The British government is one in which power is concentrated in a central government. Even though local governments exist they only have the powers granted to them by parliament.

National government is the supreme government and grants powers to and from coal governments with in its quick change of mind. Articles of confederation is different due to a opposite form of government, this government is weak in central government but strong in state government. That means the state government is the supreme government. When making federalist government it was meant to eliminate the disadvantages of both systems. The powers are shared between national and state governments. Federalism was great for this country for the fact that we the people have a say so in “hat is going on with are government.

Also, there is not Just one supreme overspent controlling all of the citizens in the United States. We have power to help ‘Tote who will be in are government and who will not be. Federalism allows us as a nation to focus on the big situations for example war with the national government so the states governments can handle the day to day life situations. If America did not have the federalist government then we would be more like china. Federalism keeps the American people happy for the most part. Everyone wants a say so in their life and Federalism gives the American people that.

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