The Power of Revenge

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Revenge has always been one of mans baser instincts, and will remain a common driving factor throughout time. In Shakespeare;s tragedy Hamlet revenge is a reoccurring theme. Although many strive for the acquisition of their vengeance only young Fortinbras can truly be considered successful.

Fortinbras; success can be most easily noted through the analysis of Hamlet and Laertes. Both Hamlet and Laertes strive to avenge their father;s deaths, and although both were unsuccessful, much can be learned further their failures. Young Hamlet spends the bulk of the play in thought over how to best slay his uncle and put his father;s spirit to rest.Although she is successful in killing his uncle he died shortly after ends so he is not successful in the acquisition of his vengeance. His downfall of course, is similar to his tragic flaw in that indecision and inaction had stolen from him too many opportunities to successfully avenge his father.

Laertes on the other hand sought to avenge his fathers death by the slaying of Hamlet, and once again despite his success in the action, his vengeance remained out of his grasp fore he died just moments before his objective came into fruition. However it was Laertes; more basic emotions. More specifically it was his anger that clouded his judgment and lead to his own demise. It is clear that through character flaws and emotions clouding the judgement of a character their goals may never truly be accomplished. It is for these reasons that Fortinbras; calm and methodical nature allows him to be success full I his revenge.

Shakespeare makes it very clear within thefirst act that young Hamlet does not have the gaol to stand up for what he believes in. this is shown in Act I scene two as Hamlet mutters aside ; a little more than kin, and less than kind; ( I, ii, 64 ). Hamlet is obviously very much in opposition to the recent marriage of his mother and uncle, and yet …

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