Power Is Money Money Is Power Essay

Power Is Money ; Money Is Power Essay, Research Paper

Power is Money ; Money is Power

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Power Is Money Money Is Power
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Power is money and money is power. There are many more illustrations of this

now than anytime in the yesteryear.

One of the most obvious illustrations is political relations. Ross Perot was an unkown

multimillionaire and his money is the lone ground that he made it into the

presidential election. If a adult male who earned a standard wage wanted to run for

president, he would hold about no opportunity at all unless he was backed by people

with money.

Every four old ages when the U.S. Presidential election is held, 100s

of 1000000s of dollars are spent. The more money a campaigner has, the farther

he can acquire. Although the richest rival doesn & # 8217 ; t ever win, the president

is normally a really affluent adult male. Wealth paves the route to a good instruction. If

the presidential campaigner is rich, he either inherited it or was educated

plenty to do it.

OJ Simpson & # 8217 ; s test is another illustration of money altering everything. If

OJ Simpson had non been a retired professional football participant, so the test

would hold been wholly different. Because OJ was rich, he was able to

afford a really good squad of attorneies. An mean individual would hold had much less

of a opportunity at being found inexperienced person, particularly sing the weight of the

grounds. Supported by his money OJ & # 8217 ; s instance became a media event.

When OJ had the test, there was no manner it could be wholly just. It

was improbable that there was non traveling to be a fan of OJ on the jury. Besides,

because he was rich, OJ was given better privileges. If OJ had been a hapless adult male

with a condemnable record, he would hold likely been found guilty because of

representation by an over-worked public guardian.

Power and Money besides aff

ects the mean individual with disbursals of college.

An norm? B? pupil is traveling to hold a much harder clip acquiring into a good

school than a affluent child. With money, all the rich pupil demands to make is

keep an mean class. When a pupil has money, he/she does non hold to

work every bit difficult to win in life, normally because he/she is given a higher

place to get down thanks to mentions from his university & # 8217 ; s alumnae or from

aquaintances of his affluent relations.

Money and power do non merely use to college. A kid who has a wealthy

household is traveling to hold an easier occupation acquiring good classs. One of the chief

grounds is that the parents likely got a good instruction and cognize how of import

instruction is in life. Most likely, the kid will hold an encyclopaedia and a

computing machine which will do it easier for the child to acquire better classs.

In many metropoliss throughout the United States, safety is a large factor in

peoples & # 8217 ; life styles. Families with money can afford to populate in a nice

vicinity without holding to worry about packs. Populating in a bad community

makes a individuals life much harder. The individual ever has to worry about doing

it place safely and doesn & # 8217 ; t truly hold a opportunity to loosen up.

Families with an copiousness of money can besides afford security systems.

This helps people live their lives more comfortably without worrying

continuously. Populating in a safe community makes life much easier to populate


Money is a factor in many things that happen. When a individual has money,

so that individual has the power to make what he/she wants to make. Although a little

minority believe that money does impact most things that happen in your life, if

you work hard and make your best, so you have a good opportunity of being successful.


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