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Fraternities and Sororities

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    Fraternities and sororities have been associated with colleges and universities since the 1700’s. They were first established to encourage activities outside of the classroom. There are exciting volunteer opportunities and social outlets available to you when you join one of these organizations. Not everyone will have a fabulous time in a fraternity or sorority however. Fans of sororities and fraternities argue that the Greek system gives students leadership opportunities and lasting friendships.

    This is true in many cases but unfortunately some sororities and fraternities have little more than excuses for getting drunk and doing potentially dangerous pranks. Take a look at the next advantages and disadvantages of joining a fraternity or sorority before you make your decision. Some of the advantages of going Greek are for the fun they might bring of meeting other people for anyone who might be a social butterfly. In some cases, fraternities are able to provide housing that is better than dorms. They can also be a powerful asset with the group of friends they can gain you.

    They teach you to be more at ease in social situations as well as teach you leadership skills. They can also provide lasting friendships and provide you with instant recognition on campus. You will be judged on your appearance, grooming and background when being considered as a member. The disadvantages include every day for a week of meeting and greeting endless rounds of people, also referred to as rush week. Rejection can be devastating should you not make it into one of these organizations the first or second time around. If you are hanging around the same group of people all the time you are less likely to spread your wings.

    An instant group of friends can be an excuse not to meet others. You may find that your opportunities are narrowed instead of widened as you had first hoped. Your schoolwork might suffer if you are partying up every night in the frat or sorority house. It can be costly to belong to a fraternity or sorority. You can easily expect to pay several hundred dollars a year and it can be as much as several thousands. There is also potential for disaster. Not all fraternities and sororities have cleaned up their acts. Ask yourself a few questions when determining if you are going to be part of the Greek system.

    What are the advantages of joining a fraternity or sorority? What are the disadvantages? Is there any pressure being put on you to join? Weigh all of your options and keep an open mind. The advantages are endless! The most obvious advantage is that you will meet TONS of people, not only in your own sorority, but in other sororities, fraternities, and other campus organizations. You will feel much more connected to your school and be able to participate in lots of great events including philanthropy competitions, socials, formals, semi-formals, date functions, sisterhood events and retreats, etc.

    During rush, I tell the girls that if you wanted to be busy every day, you could be! (Although only our Sunday meetings and a handful of events through the semester are mandatory. ) Additionally, you will be able to network with hundreds of thousands of alumni across the country. Joining a sorority is a lifetime commitment, so you will always have sisters through every walk of life. You will grow as a person and learn incredible social and leadership skills. The women in sororities are so diverse; you will learn to work with people of all personalities. You will be offered so many leadership positions, both in and out of your sorority.

    You will probably even be taught different life lessons from time to time, from etiquette, to how to change a tire, to how to have a great job interview! Most importantly, you will feel the indescribable bond of sisterhood. The rituals you will experience are nothing to be afraid of.. Mostly candlelight, singing, symbolism, and lots of pretty words, but it is comforting to participate in ceremonies that hundreds of thousands of young women over the past century have also participated in. The disadvantages is that it is a financial committment. The costs vary greatly from school to school and even chapter to chapter, so look into this efore immediately discarding the idea.

    Most sororities will work a payment plan out for you if need be. It is also a time committment, but with minimal planning, you can easily fit it into your schedule. I absolutely HATE the excuse, “I just don’t have time. ” Just as an example (not to brag), I am a director in my sorority, president of an honor society, full-time student, on a psychology research team, have a part-time job, a committed boyfriend, and to top it off.. I’m taking care of my mother who nearly died this past summer. (She’s fine now.. In recovery. I would not reccomend taking on this many responsibilities, but certainly, a sorority will not cut you off from the rest of your life. I do hope you decide to rush. As someone who didn’t rush until her sophomore year, let me tell you that it is a totally different world being Greek versus not being Greek. Good luck and go Greek! First, let’s examine the downsides to rushing……… I hesitate to bring up the cons to fraternity/sorority life, as it is in fact our purpose to promote this lifestyle. However, I must retain my philosophy of always being truthful with you, and thus I will now operate with full disclosure.

    You will be faced with four years of mingling with attractive members of the opposite sex. You will have so many party opportunities that you will sometimes struggle to fit them all into your social calendar. You will be thrust into a social network which contains everyone from college freshmen to the elites of industry. You will have so much frat water that you won’t know what to do with it. Oh…wait…those are all great things. In truth, there are very few downsides to joining the Greek community if you approach the experience with a good fratitude and a desire to be the frattiest human being you can possibly be.

    As your college years progress, your fratty potential will increase exponentially, and you will look back in awe of the doors that were opened that would have been closed had you decided not to rush. We will now examine some of the main reasons to rush in greater detail. Note: there are literally too many reasons to rush to fit into a single article. As an experienced fratdaddy, I could write entire volumes on the pros of entering this community. In the short space we have here, we will attempt to highlight the greatest of these. The Serious Stuff

    Before I get into the incredible collegiate lifestyle that being Greek affords you, I will briefly tell you about the “big picture” opportunities that being a fratdaddy/sorostitute provides. Today’s business world is rife with fratdaddies and sorostitutes who love to help members of their organization reach new heights in their post-grad pursuits. The networking opportunities that your house will provide are limitless. Many a fratdaddy has landed their dream job not in the classroom or during a formal interview, but rather sharing a drink with an alumnus at a homecoming cocktail.

    In short, joining a house is a lifetime commitment that will also provide lifetime rewards. Brothers/Sisters The GDI often loves to chide the fratdaddy/sorostitute by accusing him/her of “buying friends”. However, this is far from the truth. Any fratdaddy or sorostitute can tell you that the main social function of a Greek organization is to bring together people with like interests. In other words, your house will be a collection of people that share your likes, your dislikes, and your perspectives. The rush process is an environment where houses pick you, and you pick them, because your personalities are similar.

    These will be people that you would be friends with even if no fraternities existed. Although the GDI does not want to admit it, even non-Greeks make most of their college friends through sharing activities, be it campus organizations or, in their case, intramural ultimate frisbee tournaments. In the same way, you will make lifelong friends in your house through shared experiences. Even when you are no longer paying dues, these relationships will remain. Opposite Sex There is no doubt that one of the greatest strengths of the Greek community is the way that it allows you to meet literally hundreds of like minded people of the opposite sex.

    We don’t care how hard you THINK cool you were in high school, we promise that your first semester on campus will make the girls/guys you went to high school with look like online dating fodder. The opportunities are so numerous that even the pledge class fat kid (and fratdaddies, you know who I’m talking about) is going to have numerous shacking chances that will have have him far outkicking his coverage. Of course, the same principle that applies to your brothers will also apply to sorostitutes; you will meet many people of the opposite sex who share your interests and ambitions.

    This will easily lead, if you so desire, to finding a sorostitute who will be perfect for a long term relationship. You’ll want someone to settle down with and start a fratling factory with later in life, and many fratdaddies can tell you that they met their future wives during their first semesters on campus. Social Life I’ve alluded to the many relationships you will form as a member of the Greek system. There is no better way to further develop these relationships than to take full advantage of the outstanding social opportunities presented to the Greek.

    Sure, anyone can go out to the bars, and believe us, you’ll be doing that plenty. However, not everyone can say that they go to the bars after they’ve already had a full night of pre-party, party, and pre-bar-post-party. While many of your classmates are celebrating a football victory with cranberry-vodka and Smirnoff Ice with the other members of their intramural field hockey team, you will sometimes be donning the coat and tie to sip scotch at your house’s post game cocktail. Of course, * 2 years ago Fraternities Are Not All Bad Fraternities A fraternity is a men’s student rganization, formed chiefly for social purposes having secret rites and a name consisting of Greek letters. Fraternities get a lot of bad publicity, as with the hazing problems at U. T. Many people think of guys involved in fraternities as stupid, drunken fools running around pulling pranks and partying, but there is another side to fraternities that many people do not see. Fraternities do have plenty of social events, but they also participate in a lot of philanthropy, service projects, and other school and community related events.

    In order to join a fraternity, you need to sign up for rush in the first weeks of school. During “pre-rush,” there are many parties and events put on by all fraternities so you can get to know them better. Then, there is a week called formal “rush”, when you go to all the different fraternity houses and decide where you want to go and find out who wants you. After formal rush, the fraternity calls you and gives you a bid. If you accept, you are now pledging that you want to join that fraternity. Pledgeship is different for all fraternities. Some have a longer pledgeship, a harder pledgeship, and some have none at all.

    After you complete pledgeship and get initiated, you then become an active member For a long time, fraternities have faced three main social issues: hazing, alcohol, and sexual harassment. The national fraternity organizations and individual schools have been cracking down on violations for hazing. There have been many reports of death or serious injury due to excessive hazing. Sometimes, the rules are ridiculous. Take SFA for example; carrying a pledge book around campus is considered “hazing”. Also, members of fraternities drink substantially more alcohol than non-members.

    Even though there are more opportunities to do so, I would say that is mostly the fault of the individual, because they are choosing to do it. The main reason that people join a fraternity is for brotherhood. A special bond is formed between fraternity brothers. They will be there and will do almost anything for each other. They are friends for life. Most fraternities are like this but there are exceptions, such as bad chapters at a school that don’t have good ideals and don’t concentrate on school and brotherhood. It’s people like this that give fraternities a bad name. For the most part I think that fraternities are just misunderstood.

    As stated above, fraternities participate in a lot of philanthropy, also. They do fundraisers and volunteer for events such as the Special Olympics, Adopt-A-Highway, and other events that benefit the community and charitable organizations. For example, in Nacogdoches, there are many fraternities and sororities that do canned food drives, such as the Gobble Gallop during thanksgiving. Members of a social fraternity participate in more extracurricular activities than nonmembers, are more likely to graduate, and many claim to be more satisfied with their education than non-Greek college students.

    Also, research shows that membership can have a positive effect on grades if a chapter supports academic achievement, and a negative effect if it does not. Most fraternities have adopted a grades policy to where if you don’t make the grades, you don’t get initiated. “Fraternities help students adjust to college life, and provide a supportive peer group. “(Winston 4) The older members can help you get more familiar with the school campus and town layout. They can also tell which classes and teachers to take, and which to avoid.

    In the fraternity are people with varieties of majors and a willingness to help brothers who need it. Fraternities have their pros and cons. They have problems with hazing, alcohol, and sexual harassment. On the plus side they help with school, provide opportunities to be more social, and participate in philanthropy and other community events. The main things they provide though are brotherhood and ways to teach boys how to become better men. Social Issues. Research paper topics, free term papers, essays, sample research papers on Fraternities Are Not All Bad

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