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Review of the Movie “Gattaca”: Vincent’s Strength as the Key to the Narrative

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The movie text ‘Gattaca’ . directed by Andrew Niccol can be seen as a piece that draws many analogues to the universe that we live in today. One such analogue is the fact that frequently in society. the 1s who are at a disadvantage are the 1s who display the greatest strength of character. Niccol uses Vincent as the vehicle through which he demonstrates how strength of character can neutralize and get the better of disadvantages faced. Gattaca portrays a society that no longer takes into consideration a person’s character.

Vincent’s refusal to ‘play the manus he was dealt’ is his cardinal to success.

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Review of the Movie “Gattaca”: Vincent’s Strength as the Key to the Narrative
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The text makes a clear differentiation between ‘human’ and familial traits. So clear is the differentiation that Niccol uses separate vehicles to expose each set of traits. As the traits and the vehicles clash. Niccol creates a sense of understanding for Vincent as he is portrayed as the disadvantaged and weak in society in the sense that he does non possess the physical and mental assets that make him a valued member of society.

A cardinal illustration of this is the repeating games of ‘chicken’ between Vincent and his genetically superior brother Anton. Anton beats Vincent clip and clip once more every bit is expected of Anton by society. However. when Vincent bests his brother one twenty-four hours an accent is placed on the mode in which he beat his brother. “You pale sodiums know how I did it? I ne’er saved anything for the swim back! ” This creates the feeling to the spectator that Vincent did non win with superior staying power. accomplishment or physical strength. instead he won as he possessed traits like bravery. finding and grit. traits that are lost in the geno-centric society in which he loves but traits that are valued and admired in todays society.

The text can be seen as parallel to today’s society as frequently it is those who are faced with the greatest disadvantage who win. Vincent’s journey is a authoritative narrative of 1 against the universe or in this instance 2 against the universe. At every crook society is at that place to halt Vincent from accomplishing his womb-to-tomb dream of traveling to infinite. Even his parents try to forestall him from achieving his end. “Vincent. the lone manner you’ll see the interior of a starship is if you’re cleaning it. ” This coming from his male parent can be seen as the ultimate disheartenment but alternatively Vincent uses it to spur himself onwards and upwards both literally and figuratively. In relation to the existent universe. noteworthy figures like Oscar ‘Blade Runner’ Pistorious overcame what is seen as a terrible athletic disablement in today’s society to vie at the 2012 London Olympics. While it is non uncommon to hear of ‘rags to riches’ narratives in todays society. the one noteworthy difference between today’s society and Vincent’s society. is that deprived people are given every opportunity to do the most of their life ( in 1st universe states ) . yet in Vincent’s society the disadvantaged are shunned and are viewed as a blight on society.

Gattaca is a reminder that you can non judge one on their outwardly visual aspect or in Gattaca’s instance. a individuals familial composing. As the expression goes. ‘don’t justice a book by its screen. ’ Vincent is one time once more used as the vehicle through which Niccol conveys this message. To the eyes of society. Vincent is an ‘invalid’ with inferior physical capablenesss. high hazard of bosom failure and other lacks and with a “life anticipation of 30. 2 old ages. ” However. because of the ‘faceless’ society that Vincent lives in ( which refers to personality every bit much as it does to physical visual aspect ) he lacks the chance to come on with his life as his strengths of character are non held in anyplace near the same regard as desirable genetic sciences are. Vincent claims. “There is no cistron for destiny. ”

This is in mention to the fact that he is of the belief that cistrons aren’t everything. even if society has such beliefs. Rather there is an component in every human being that makes him or her truly alone and this is what Vincent prides himself on. the fact that his assets which are indeterminable by genetic sciences are what makes him the individual that he his.

While the society in which Vincent lives in respects Vincent as weak and inferior. his character is both cardinal to his success and the narrative as without his steely resoluteness and ferocious finding there would be no narrative as society would go on to work as it was designed. Analogues can be drawn with Vincent’s predicament and the journey’s of figures in our society like Oscar Pistorious. Gattaca serves to intensify the message that has been passed down through coevalss by confirming that you shouldn’t judge a individual before you know them personally. Vincent refuses to ‘play the manus he was dealt’ and this is the focal point around which Gattaca was told.

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