Gattaca – Last Swim

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The sea was much more powerful and had huge waves, which indicates the two young boy was now grown up and they had to face a bigger sea the real worldThere was no longer any seaweed. There were no more obstacles in Vincents way to stop him taking on his disguise.

The real world was now open equally to both of them.The whole scene was in darkness. This created a sinister atmosphere, in which Vincent was in. Nevertheless, he was in control, he was stronger than the dark, he was not afraid of it.

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The theme music was the same as the last competition they had  which indicates a similar situation with the same results this plays as a reminder and a connection to the previous competition. The more they were grown up, the stronger Vincent was. The last competition was totally unexpected for Vincent, this one he intended to use it to prove his strength and determination. The music was also the films theme, which indicates this competition played a very important part in the movie.

It was mainly sad, but sometimes exciting indicating some ray of hope.The long shots reflected little human shapes against the nature- the huge sea. However, compared to the last swim, this time the shots seem to be closer. Human shapes became less insignificant in the sea.

Last time they were two little boys, now they were two men. They were mature and they were capable of doing significant things.Vincent believed there was the other side of the sea  the other side that represents his dream, his improbable goal and also the ultimate strength that helped him go through all obstacles. The other side is like his safe harbour, where everything can happen, where there is no discrimination against him or anyone.

His brother, on the other hand, never believed in something that he was not capable of, and he easily got scared and failed.The amazing motivation that helped Vincent win was to never save anything for swim back. It was also his motivation in life  dream large and never look back it reflects his whole life. We feel as if a series of images of his life ran through this scene.

He tried his everything and never regretted anything.Vincent had saved his brother once and this was the second time. But it also proved that he could do what his brother could not do. That his brother was not as strong as he thought and he was not as weak.

It had proved that the person with great expectations in genes was not as strong as a person with a devalued gene and a dream. There is no gene for the human spirit.The competition ended with a beautiful scene up in the sky. A sky – where the cloud had gone – was filled with stars.

The stars represented Vincent flight into the space as well as his goals. There were no more barriers that endangered Vincents true identity to be revealed.

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