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Government exists to protect us from each other

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All the countries establish in its political constitution and in its legislation, the duty of the government to look over the life of its citizens, protecting them from the risk: the internal threats (inside the proper country) and external (outside the country) That is why, it is admitted, and it is even required, that the government possess a structure of intelligence that resists the action of dangerous forces, however lately, it has been found that in order to get information that may be useful to protect citizens , the government itself reach private information from all its citizens as well.

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Government exists to protect us from each other
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That is why this essay aims to point out the risks this action (spying) Implies for all and aims to answer thereupon,” Why government should not spy on us. As It has been said before, all the countries expect Its government to look over the citizen’s lives and security following rules and norms that are found In what Is called the political constitution and legislation, It is admitted and even required that the government should possess a structure of intelligence that resists the action of forces like: Networks of common crime, conspiracies of international terrorist groups ND Terrorist actions of rebellious groups in the interior of the country ( As EAT in the case of Spain, AFAR in Latin America and extremist religious groups in middle est.

. . The state have, then, safety organisms, which need between other elements of: Budget, Top technology, suitable professional training, logistic and communications to keep society safe. So far, until now, it might be reasonable to say that this scenario is Juridical valid and socially viable: “Every good citizen wants to live in a country that guarantees safety In Its streets, in Its houses, In Its privacy, and make part of a calm ND entrusted community In the role of Intelligence of Its authorities”.

Nevertheless, the reality differs substantially from the pretension, and what must be a structure of social protection can turn into a threat well organized against the common and current citizens and against the organizations legally constituted by them. Therefore, one of the principal risks of government spying on the citizens, is that the safety organisms go so far to obtain information of the inhabitants that turns out to be extremely neuralgic (information about labor income, about the utilities of the impasses, about its patrimony and its goods, familiar structure of any person, etc. , it is worth to note as well, that people with political and electoral performances or influences (and not for Its professional training In safety) can take this kind of information In their hands and bringing with It the risk of a “twist manipulation” of the whole Information that must be originally obtained and handled with the biggest secretiveness and scruple. The temptations and the bribes perform In the Inside of the safety organisms, due to that some of its security agents turn out to be involved social danger that it involves.

This people are now provided with so many useful resources (information, logistics, formation, etc. ) that could be harmful for the society. Therefore, It is very important to point out that bribing and using government’s logistic information is the main base and a total risk to create crime. If the government was aiming to secretly spy on every citizen in order to prevent terrorism, “why does everybody know what the government is doing? In other words: the goal Nas to eradicate or downsizing the terrorist attacks and now that everyone knows that can be monitored by the government, (and by everyone it is included people

Ninth terrorist intentions,) the consequence is that those structures of terrorism will reach the highest level of perfectionism while the principles rights of the citizens are being violated. Or summarize, it is essential to highlight that having relevant and private information of a person, of a social group, of a country, now a days, constitutes a high risk inasmuch as it is demonstrated that these structures outside the state are significantly strong and have easy access to this information. However, it seems that governments focus more on obtaining the information rather than guaranteeing its thick and correct manipulation.

Technology and systems of communication in a country should be used with restriction; not everybody must have access to the logistic and equipment given that it expose the community to the immediate loss of privacy while the objective of terrorism could improve its capacities against nations, nevertheless, these are Just few of the large list of risk it brings to allow our government to spy on us: “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves. ” Ronald Reagan.

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