Grease v. The Breakfast Club: Finding Yourself Character Analysis

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The movies “Grease” and “The Breakfast Club” feature the same strong subject: happening your individuality. This subject is cosmopolitan through many books. films and even existent life. The fact that these two movies were filmed so far apart. “Grease” being filmed in 1959 and directed by Randal Kleiser and “The Breakfast Club” in 1985 directed by John Hughes. shows that this is a strong subject that sticks throughout the industry. These movies have many characters that can be compared to one another.

The chief characters are Claire Standish ( played by Molly Ringwald ) and Sandy Olsson ( played by Olivia Newton-John ) and John Bender ( played by Judd Nelson ) and Danny Zuko ( played by John Travolta ) . The misss are your typical high school “girlie-girls” and the cats are your typical high school “macho men” . There is besides a twosome of less of import characters in the movies that can be compared such as Andy Clark ( played by Emilio Estevez ) and Kenickie ( played by Jeff Conaway ) . They’re the childs who think they’re the large adult male on campus and better than everyone else.

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The first obvious comparing is the taking ladies of the movie. Sandy Olsson was a sweet. quiet miss when she foremost arrived at Ridell High. She felt pretty sure of herself come ining the school. but when she joined a new group of friends and realized Danny Zuko’s existent personality. she realized that she was non truly the type of individual that she wanted to be. With the aid of her new friends. Sandy changed herself wholly. On this way of find she was wholly transformed in her expressions and personality. She went from shy and unnoticed to sexy and confident. After the transmutation. there was an happening that made her recognize that she was merely all right the manner she was and didn’t demand to alter for anyone. In that clip. she lost her true ego seeking to be something she wasn’t and so discovered at the terminal that she was ever who she truly wanted to be and no 1 could alter her.

Clair was a stuck up. reasonably. popular miss at her school. No 1 took her seriously. Stereotyped “pretty” misss are normally ditzy. That is merely what people assumed of Claire. After she got stuck in detainment with an unusual group of childs. childs she would usually hold ne’er interacted with. she easy began to come out of her shell. Bing in that new group of people was a manner for her to allow her true self out without worrying about people judging her. As the group of detainment departers got closer and got to cognize each other better. it became evident that Claire was non merely a stupid. mean. reasonably girl with tonss of money. She was nice and smart. Her twenty-four hours in detainment brought out her true individuality. and allow her along with everyone else discover who she truly was.

The following comparing is between Danny and John. Danny Zuko was the leader of the T-Birds. the schools large pack of popular cats. He was the heartthrob of the school and his name was coming out of people’s oral cavities left and right. The word around the street was that Danny Zuko was a tough. badass cat and he didn’t attention about anything besides himself. his T-Birds. and looking cool. It was a small difficult to confute this though because that is precisely how Danny acted in forepart of everyone. He was the prototype of a butch adult male.

The lone clip that he was his true ego was during a summer before school when he fell in love with Sandy. He let his soft side show with her. but every bit shortly as school started once more. he was back to his old ways. This caused him to lose Sandy. and this in bend cause his realisation that he was his true ego with her and he wanted to be that once more to do her happy. By the terminal of the film. Danny has transformed himself into the nice sweet athlete that he thought Sandy would love. merely to recognize that Sandy had transformed herself for him besides. and they both discovered that they liked themselves and each other merely the manner they were.

A similar character to Danny would be John Bender. He was his school’s typical macho adult male who wouldn’t take anything from anyone or allow anyone state him what to make or how to act. That is how he landed in detainment. At the beginning of the movie. he kept up greatly with his badass rep. But throughout the movie. the childs in detainment became closer and they all got to cognize one another. The true side of John Bender that came out was that his life at place was reasonably tough and that caused him to hold a unsmooth outside. The childs in detainment every bit good as the audience saw past that though as the movie progressed. The was a portion of the movie where all the childs were approximately to acquire caught go forthing detainment and John sacrificed his ain ego to salvage the remainder from acquiring in problem once more. This showed that he was compassionate and non so egoistic afterall. After interrupting down his unsmooth outer shell. the childs in detainment proverb who John Bender truly was. and why he acted the manner he did. Some of that was apprehensible and they all became friends. John let his true individuality radiance to everyone.

Equally far as subject goes. the subject of both “Grease” and “The Breakfast Club” were reasonably generic. The manner they were showed though made them more interesting than other movies. Showing the journey of detecting your individuality through multiple characters gives the movie viewing audiences more to associate to and helps people to bask the film more. Whether you’re the badass. the athlete. the popular miss. the geek. the psycho. or the diffident miss. you can associate to one of these movies. Finding your individuality is something that every individual has to travel through in their lives. That makes the subject universal. These two movies correlate good with each other to demo that you will ever happen yourself. it may be harder or easier for different people. but in the terminal you will be able to happen your true individuality and be happy with the individual you are. and be accepted by others.

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