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Hadden Clark French Revolution Journal



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    Joseph de Marie is a French Nobleman living in Paris during the French Revolution. His wife Caroline, has just given birth to their son, Jean. Joseph comes from a long line of Nobleman and intents to keep the tradition going, however this newfound revolution has threatened his family’s way of life.

    February 27th, 1792

    I awakened this morning with a pit in my stomach as a dream had haunted my entire night’s sleep. In the dream, my wife and child were torn from my grasp and made to watch as I was carted away never to be seen again. This is the scary reality of the time we live in during this savage revolution. Why must we argue? Why must we change? I see no problem with the leadership of the monarchy as it has served my family dutifully. These questions I desire to answer, however I will admit that I am afraid of the answers I might discover.

    March 19th, 1792

    Things are getting more difficult now. Many acquaintances and like-minded thinkers of mine have been imprisoned, or publicly executed. In order to protect my family, we have been keeping to ourselves and staying inside as much as possible. A counter revolutionary thinker, like myself, is at serious risk. Tonight, I and other nobleman are to meet in secret to discuss the next course of action we must take to ensure safety, as we are all scared as to the fate of our families. These secret meetings are very risky and if caught could lead to very dire and serious consequences, however this is a cause worth the risk. Mainly, I worry for the life my son, and what this once great country will be once he becomes an adult.

    April 9th, 1792

    There is talk of a Newspaper, “Friend of the People” they call it. Within these papers every week is a list of accused counter revolutionaries, usually acquired by desperate french citizens who receive a bounty in return. This writer, who goes by the name Jean Paul Marat, is preying on the desperation of the starving french people in order to push his own agenda. Completely sinful to say the least. How could any honorable man write such horrible things about their rulers and fellow people?

    April 22, 1792

    On a lighter note, my child is growing strong and bigger as the days past. My wife believes he will soon began to walk, what exciting revolation! Watching him grow reminds me why I keep pushing forward even tho fear attempts to hold me back. Fear that my family will suffer because of my endeavors, as I am not scared to perish for my beliefs but having my family punished is the greatest torture of all. I have half a mind to send myself and my family into hiding as I know sooner or later I will be caught as times are getting more dangerous. Riots and bloody battles ravish the city and executions are becoming more and more frequent. Im very nervous as the days go on.

    May 13, 1792

    We have been hiding now for two weeks, and times are the hardest they have ever been. My son has became ill and weak, he no longer can walk on his own and refuses to eat. My wife weeps at night when she thinks I am asleep, but I am very much awake. I wish I could take the burden off of her shoulders and help my son be healthy once more. I fear he may get worse, or God forbid perish, in which case my wife would be inconsolable. I am hopeful we can wait out these harsh times.. We have began to hear voices, I put my wife and son in the back room. Their is knock on the door, I must go. More entries to follow.

    June 2, 1792

    What I fear the most has came true. As my family hid away from civilization, my name appeared as a counter-revolutionary as someone had given me up. A man by the names Robespierre and many other revolutionaries discovered are location and took me back to Paris. I write this entry in the jailhouse cell as I await my fate. They haven’t told me what they is yet, however I have an unnerving feeling that it is not going to be merciful. My wife and child were captured as well, and i will have no way of knowing what their fate is, but i can do nothing of it now besides pray for their release.

    June 10, 1792

    I had my trail this afternoon and the results are what as expected. I am to be executed by guillotine in the town square. They have not given me a date to when my life will end, however I know it will be soon. In court, I was accused of being pro-monarch and a supporter of the Ancien Regime to which I was found guilty. However, I am guilty. These are my beliefs and values to which I will support and stand up for until I can no longer stand. If I must die for something let it be for the this cause and for the betterment of the country known as France. I must go the guards are approaching..

    After this journal entry, Joseph was executed on June 11, 1792 by guillotine in the town square of Paris. He was noble til the end exclaiming “long live the king” as his last statement. Unfortunately, his son Jean died as the result of his illness he obtained during hiding. His wife, while she survived did not make it away with her sanity. After the loss of her son and husband she soon lost her mind and spend the rest of her life in isolation.

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