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Haunted House Scary Tale

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  • Pages 4
  • Words 783
  • Views 452
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    It was almost midnight, when the full moon was shining brightly at the clear, black sky. The wind was whistling through the weeping trees, sounding like someone whispering. Anything could not protect against the deathly cold. The only place that hadn’t been tampered with was the heavily wooden, daunting, isolated forest behind the village. No one had ventured in there for years. There are myths and tales about the creatures and horrors of the forest, but no one really believed them. The dark, enormous forest was spread out for miles and miles never ending. That was probably the darkest night in the whole year.

    Some trains were passing through, sounding creepy, and making your blood cold. Wolves were howling loudly from all the parts of this unusually strange and dim forest, flowing into a river of fear and sadness hiding something dark inside. A group of teenagers and a one teacher went to this old village. In this village on the hill was very old and scary house, which was destroyed many years ago. There are no people living in there. The huge, dilapidated, dark building with the tall fence and a barbed wire on the top was making a creepy impression on the group standing in front of its destroyed entrance.

    The entrance looked like a cavernous mouth, whilst the windows seemed to be dark, staring eyes. This was an abandoned and half ruined house, where teenagers and adults usually liked to take drugs and mess around. Quite a lot of fearful and terrifying stories were told about this chilling place. The dull moon was the single source of light in this place, shining through dim ancient remains of the windows, making strange shadowy reflections on the wall, which were making an impression of someone sneaking through.

    It smelled disgusting because of the rats, which had inhabited that place now, and the dead bodies from hundreds of people, which died there, as they were closed there without any food and drink. The guards didn’t bother to take them far away. Somewhere on the corners they could see some unclear spots of blood, and imagining what was happening in this strange and mysterious place. On the floor was an old portrait, ripped down the center leaving half a corpse like face staring endlessly at the ceiling.

    Surrounding the portrait were a few shards of scattered broken glass, beneath which were decaying, rat eaten, cracked floorboards. There was the smell of burnt waste, cigarette smoke, mildew, rot, wet wood and stone, rancid breath, urine and rat faces, all of which combined together to make one overpowering, loathsome, repulsive stench. Now the teenagers’ blood immediately chilled and they automatically wanted to escape from that place, to run and run and run without any direction. But an unknown sense of discovering something mysterious had stopped them.

    Some seconds later the sound went on and they pulled a dusty door handle down. As soon as the children entered the room, they realized that it was just an old, dirty cell with rusty bars, wall paint on the floor, a half-broken window, but one thing was there what lads didn’t expect at all: a man locked inside! Stanger was unshaved for a long time, in a white strait jacket, without shoes, he was casually sitting in the dirty corner, and crying out loud. He smelled disgusting, probably he didn’t fat shower for a few weeks.

    He looked awful (his eyes were red, he was very skinny). Now the weirdest ideas were developing in the teenagers’ heads: is he a tramp or just some crazy guy? But they didn’t want to live along with idea that it’s a real ghost, but it was a man who was left in that haunted house. The teenagers have seen a real evidence of ghost existing now. The guys could feel the fear flying swiftly in the air and the only sound they could hear was their own heartbeats. The ghost threw the last; full of desperate and sadness sight on the teenagers and dissolved in the air.

    The teenagers were very scared of the atmosphere in that strange and weird place. They ask that skinny man if he wants to go with them. They gave him new clothes and he followed them. He showed them the place and tolled them very strange and interesting stories about that place. The teenagers were scared and wanted to go back home. But the man tolled them ones they entered that place, there is no way out. A group of teenagers just had a hope that someone will come and help them to get out from that not very impressive place…

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