The Haunted Trail

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Approximately fifteen to twenty years ago, a teenager was deeply affected by drugs such as shrooms and acid. Following a heated disagreement with his parents, the distressed teen experienced panic and hastily fled through the back door. Subsequently, he did not return home which prompted his parents to alert the police about his disappearance. Authorities revealed that they were already engaged in an active search for him due to a report from an individual who claimed to have accidentally collided with a naked young individual on the street during that very night. However, upon investigation, no individual was discovered at the specified location.

Despite an extensive search party being sent into the woods surrounding the trail, their efforts proved unsuccessful and they eventually stopped searching because it was getting dark. However, there was little worry as it was believed that the child had gone into the woods to rest temporarily and would come back within a few days. Unfortunately, though, the child never returned and there were no signs of where they were or any remains. It seemed like they mysteriously disappeared.

During a camping trip, a group of girls ventured into the woods for various activities. Unexpectedly, one girl’s screams and panic drew the attention of others who hurried to her location. Shockingly, they discovered a naked and bloody corpse. Overwhelmed by fear, all of them screamed and panicked before hastily retreating to their campsite. Without delay, they swiftly entered their car and drove off in order to seek assistance from the police.

So there’s another major search and the girls indicate the location, but once again there is no sign and it gets canceled. Now they claim that the child is residing in this area and the drugs have driven him insane, and he is waiting for someone to engage in strange activities. Some individuals have driven up the path and witnessed a naked man running across the road and other things. And you all know M_____? (Answers of yes) Well, he lives near the trail on the main road and he informed me that sometimes at night different households will hear someone knocking on their door incessantly, and as soon as they reach the door, the knocking ceases, they open it, and there’s no one present.

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