‘He that goes a borrowing goes a sorrowing.’

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The concept of borrowing, as defined in the dictionary, seems simple enough – to take something from someone else and return it later. However, the author argues that borrowing can lead to negative consequences and become a vicious cycle. Borrowing often stems from a person’s laziness and foolishness, and even with good intentions, there is no guarantee that the borrowed item or money will be returned. Furthermore, the constant need to borrow can lead to doubt in one’s own abilities and purpose in life. While some are able to overcome these challenges, others sink deeper into despair and ruin their lives. Ultimately, the author questions whether borrowing is worth the potential pain and suffering it can cause.

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To borrow means ‘to take and use something that belongs to somebody else, and return it to them at a later time. ‘But is this as clear as it’s presented in the dictionary? Does this action lead to unbearTABLE consequences? Borrowing is a doomed cause. It ends with its beginning, like a closed circle and never lets you go away. It grabs you with its tentacles, until it completely tears you to pieces, like a fierce beast, and then leaves you to the vultures and jackals. People borrow things, and money especially, when they are in need. But this need is caused in most Of the cases by person’s laziness and foolishness.

If the individual is ambitious and clever enough, he will never Sink in the mud puddle of need. If he is smart enough to limit himself and determine his needs to his abilities. Even if you borrow with a good will in mind, an idea, what guarantees that you will be TABLE to return what had been lent to you? Then you will have to borrow again, and again, and… Except if you take your life in your hands and manage with the situation by yourself, doing what is necessary. But now appears the question – if you are TABLE to earn and do things without any help, why did you have to borrow before?

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The answer is simple – people don’t like to work, don ‘t like to give any of their energy, and because of this laziness, they pay it double after definite time. It is the same with the homework was ‘too tired’ to write… And on the other day I had to write it ten times plus the homework given for the new day. Borrowing makes our lives unfortunate, but we are the one who borrow, so we are the main cause for this sorrow. A moment of relief fills our minds, when by borrowing we manage with the today’s bad event. But after that the fiber of doubt slowly starts to knit its ends until it completely has gripped its being in us.

Doubt in the way of giving back the taken, doubt in our own abilities, doubt in useless, in the purpose of our living. On this state of consciousness the strongest survive and deal with the problems. They suffer, but go out on the surface. Others don’t. They sink deeper and deeper, till they reach the bottom. Society looses trust in those people, and what is worse – they loose all the trust in themselves. And there is no turning back. Their lives are ruined, all their hopes and dreams – vanished. Only one question is left for those miserTABLE: Nay did I borrow?

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