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Responsible Borrowing Worksheet

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Many pupils borrow federal pupil loans to pay for college. The end of this assignment is to assist you larn how to borrow responsibly. which may intend that you do non borrow at all or that you borrow merely what you truly need. To borrow responsibly. you must understand your options and set up a fiscal program for your full plan. With that program in topographic point. you can so concentrate on your categories and doing connexions with teachers and other pupils.

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Responsible Borrowing Worksheet
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There are two stairss listed below for this assignment. Respond to the inquiries for each measure in this worksheet merely and subject your completed papers to the Assignment Files check.

Measure 1

Watch the “Responsible Borrowing ( Financial Aid ) ” picture on the orientation web site located here: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Phoenix. edu/student-orientation. hypertext markup language.

Respond to the undermentioned three inquiries in the infinites provided below:

What is fiscal assistance?

Fiscal assistance is an priceless resource that will assist a pupil and their households pay for college disbursals.

The disbursals that may be covered includes college tuition. life disbursals. books. laptop. necessary supplies and even transit costs. Financial assistance options available are grants. scholarships. loans and besides work survey plans.

How do grants differ from loans?

Grants are money that does non hold to be paid back. They are free money for college. Grants are normally based on a student’s fiscal demands. Loans are money that is borrowed and must be paid back. normally with involvement costs. The major grants available for pupils are federal Pell Grants and Cal Grants. There are smaller federal grants that are besides available.

What consequence does category attending have on support handiness?

The effects that category attending has on a student’s support handiness are a pupil will lose their authorities pupil assistance support if the lower limit attending demands are non met. If a pupil withdraws or quits or has been withdrawn or failed because of category attending the pupil is required to refund any of the federal assistance that was used during their clip of registration for the class ( s ) .

Measure 2

Access the Financial Plan at World Wide Web. Phoenix. edu/financialplan. Enter your plan and respond to the inquiries. Research the information about options for payment. cut downing cost. and military pupils ( if applicable ) . If you have already completed the program as portion of the registration procedure. you can utilize those consequences for this measure.

Respond to the following two inquiries in the infinites provided below:

Based on this program. what is your estimated monthly payment when you enter repayment?

As a consequence of finishing the program. what changes can you do to cut down the sum you may borrow? Why?

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