Healthy Employees are Happy Employees Task

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Teow Boon Ling, the general manager of Cargo Community Network (CCN), believes that a company’s biggest asset is its workforce. In 2005, he initiated the Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Program for his 60 employees. Teow’s leadership style is supportive and participatory, which fosters his effort to transform CCN into a healthy and productive organization. He leads by example by taking part in all the organized activities and continuously works on improving policies to better integrate workplace health promotion within the organizational culture. Teow is both a charismatic and transformational leader. He motivates employees to lead healthier lifestyles by including WHP as a component in the performance appraisal that affects the employees’ bonus payout and giving monetary tokens and award recognitions. Flexible working hours are also introduced for staff to take time off to participate in weekly jog and brisk walk sessions. Teow’s charismatic and transformational leadership styles have resulted in improved team spirit, a more cheery atmosphere, and increased communication across departments.

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Healthy Employees are Happy Employees

Teow Boon Ling is the general manager of Cargo Community Network (CCN), a leading company in the logistics industry, who believes that the most valuable asset of a company is its workforce. In 2005, he introduced the Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Program for his 60 employees. His vision was that employees with a healthy mind and body would contribute to the overall growth and productivity of the organization. The implementation of the WHP program has received widespread support and involvement from management. The Company Recreation Committee (CRC), consisting of representatives from different departments and led by a senior manager, plays an essential role in designing activities that target employees’ physical and mental well-being as well as healthy eating. The CRC receives guidance from a WHP consultant. Additionally, annual basic health screenings and surveys on health practices and preferred activities are conducted to gather information on employees’ current lifestyles. To encourage healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices among the staff, the company arranges for free distribution of fruits on “Friday Fruit Day” and regularly organizes nutrition talks, healthy cooking demonstrations, and fitness classes.

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Despite a low staff participation rate of only 10 percent in the organized activities, Teow remained persistent and unwavering in his belief that the company could undergo a transformation. He acknowledged the difficulty of changing employees’ habits and instilling an active lifestyle, comparing it to training for a marathon. Despite initial challenges, he encouraged setting small achievable goals and noted that progress would eventually lead to increased strength and efficiency with less effort.

Teow leads by example by actively participating in all organized activities and continuously working on improving policies to incorporate workplace health promotion into the organizational culture. Notably, he has innovatively included workplace health promotion as a component in performance appraisals, which directly impacts employees’ bonus payouts.

In order to motivate employees who made the effort to lead healthier lifestyles, a points system, monetary tokens, and award recognitions were implemented. Additionally, flexible working hours were introduced to allow staff to take time off and participate in weekly jog and brisk walk sessions.

Teow proudly commented at the Health Promotion Silver Award ceremony after four years on the WHP road, stating that while productivity is difficult to measure, he has observed positive changes within the company. He noticed an improvement in team spirit and a more cheerful atmosphere. People are happier and more open, engaging in discussions and communicating more across departments.


1. Teow’s personality and leadership style play a significant role in his efforts to transform CCN into a healthy and productive organization. It is important to describe his personality and leadership style and analyze how it either supports or obstructs his progress in achieving this transformation.

Based on the description of Teow’s personality and leadership style, is he a charismatic leader or a transformational leader? Or is he both? Support your answer.

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