Healthy Employees are Happy Employees

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Teow’s personality is extroverted, conscientious, empathetic, and observant. He uses his coaching leadership style to inspire employees to focus on the Workplace Health Program (WHP) to transform CCN into a healthy and productive organization. He persists in his commitment to the program, even with a low employee response rate, and gathers feedback to push people to cultivate new skills. Teow is a transformational leader who uses idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration to stimulate employees’ interest and practice on WHP. This results in improved team spirit, open communication, and happier employees, leading to a more productive organization.

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Case Incident 2 Healthy Employees are Happy Employees
1. Describe Teow’s personality and leadership style. How does it foster or hinder his effort to transform CCN into a healthy and productive organization? – Teow’s personality is Extroverted, conscientious, empathy and observant. Extroversion has found on Teow’s personality which is the most important trait of effective leader according to the Big Five Personality Framework. His vision on productive organization is from employees. He relate present situation on workforce to effective future plan by beginning WHP to achieve the goal. Conscientious, he kept the commitment, even if the response from employees only 10 percent, he persisted and remained convinced on WHP with his commitment toward the goal, even if the response from employees only 10 percent. Empathy, he emphasize on healthy and mind of employees which generate to practice on WHP.

Observant, he understands employees’ behavior by observation employees’ routine in the office which able to think for human resources on WHP. He is categorized in coaching leadership style which able to get and how best to develop employees on WHP. He proposed plan, gather feedback, including advice the simple way that will push people to cultivate new skills. – His effort foster to transform CCN into a healthy and productive organization by his ability to inspire employees to focus on WHP which employees are not interested at the first time, till they response more to this program continuously.

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2. Based on the description of Teow’s personslity and leadership style, in your opinion, is he a charismatic leader, a transformational leader, or both Support your answer. – In my opinion, he is a transformational leader who has ability to inspire employees to interest on WHP. He has idealized influence in a transformational leader to achieve on his sense of vision that organization growth from its workforce with healthy mind and body lead more effective to drive the organization in long term strategy for attaining a goal by linking the present with a better future for organization. He also has inspirational motivation when he suggested employees to set a small achievable goal which expresses important purposes in simple ways. On this situation, demonstrate that he understand on perspective of employees and respond to their needs and feeling how to use their effort on WHP.

Then, he stimulates employees by including WHP as a component in the performance evaluation that affects the employees’ bonus payout. Employees are stimulated on this way, will have more interest and practice on WHP. His method can be an example of intellectual stimulation which is one characteristic of transformation leader. Moreover, he motivate employees’ effort on WHP by giving money and award to employee who made the afford to lead healthier lifestyles which is individualized consideration. For all above situation able to describe his style is a transformation leader. As a result, the employees improve team spirit and have more happy with more open communication throughout the department to a productive organization.

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