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History Essay Topics & Ideas

History is the study of the past, as well as the recording and interpretation of that history. It involves the use of written records (such as government documents, letters and books) and other sources (such as archaeological evidence and oral testimony) to study events in the past. Historians try to understand people and events in their context, to relate them to their own time period and the future, and to make sense of them by placing them in a narrative.

How to Choose Essay Topic on History?

History is quite a broad subject, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Sometimes, your teacher will give you a specific topic to write about, but other times you’ll need to choose an essay topic from scratch.

If you’re new to history, here are some tips for choosing an essay topic:

  1. Make sure that the topic interests you enough that you’ll have something interesting to say about it.
  2. Make sure that it’s appropriate for the time period and context in which it occurred (for example, if you’re writing about the American Revolution, don’t choose a topic like World War II).
  3. Make sure that the topic is relevant or important enough for an audience of students who may not know much about history (for example, don’t choose a topic like “The Battle of Hastings” if most students don’t know what happened there).
  4. Make sure that the topic fits within your word count limit (usually 1-2 pages).

Tips on How to Write History Essay

History is the study of past events. History writing is a way to learn about the past, and it also allows us to understand why present-day events are happening.

When you write history, you should start by getting as much information as possible. You can do this by reading books, talking to people who lived through the time period, and examining artifacts from that era. Once you have gathered your information, you can begin writing your paper!

Writing history essays requires a lot of research and a deep understanding of the subject matter. To write an effective history essay, follow these five tips:

  1. Research thoroughly before starting your paper.
  2. Make sure that your paper has an introduction and conclusion so that readers know what they’re about to read and why they should care about it.
  3. Use quotations from primary sources whenever possible to support your thesis statement or argumentative claims in order to strengthen them further still!
  4. Write in first person if possible because it makes for a more engaging read than third person does (which often sounds dry).
  5. Keep things simple for easier understanding by using short sentences with lots of white space around them so readers can follow along without having too much.

✒️ Informative Essay Topics About History

  1. “Cabaret” and The History of Berlin’s Cabarets
  2. “Maggi” History of The Company of Minute Noodles
  3. “Gone With the Wind”: The Invisibility of Racism in American History Textbooks
  4. 12 Years a Slave: The History of The Enslavement of Solomon Northup
  5. 18th Amendment in History of the USA
  6. 1924 States Plan History
  7. 1985 DBQ AP United States History
  8. 1988 MC National AP European History Exam
  9. 1993 Ap Us History Dbq
  10. 1996 Ap Us History Free Response dbq
  11. 3m Case: Business Strategies over Its History
  12. 4 Judge Conference: a First in The History of Indian Judiciary, Not easily Winding
  13. 6 most famous drinks in history
  14. 80s Music History
  15. A Barred Owl and the History Teacher
  16. A Brief History of a Colony That Never Was
  17. A Brief History of Africa
  18. A Brief History of American Political Parties
  19. A Brief History of Ballroom Dancing
  20. A Brief History of Chimney Sweepers
  21. A Brief History of Christianity before Jesus Christ
  22. A Brief History of Corporate Social Responsibility
  23. A Brief History of Courtship and Dating in America
  24. A Brief History of Drama
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✨ Best history Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Kelo v New London: Meaning of Eminent Domain and its History
    Eminent Domain is the supervening power of the Government of a State in the U.S. to acquire private properties by asserting its eminent power for the sake of public use justifying that public use prevails over private rights on properties. It ….
  2. Essay about History of Passover
    The story of Passover began with the arrival of Jacob and his family in Egypt to be with son Joseph who had become Viceroy of all Egypt. When Joseph and his brothers died and the children of Israel multiplied in the land of Egypt, King Pharaoh chose ….
  3. George Melies and His Contributions to Cinema History
    George Melies and his contributions to cinema history The film industry encompasses technological and commercial organizations of filmmaking. The story of the Kelly Gang was the first feature film to be produced and its production was done in ….
  4. The History and Origin of the Jeep Wrangler
    During the Second World War the United States Military put out a request to many vehicle manufacturers for a versatile vehicle that would meet a set of specifications. They wanted a four-wheel drive vehicle, weighing in at 1,300 pounds, with an 80 ….
  5. Life History of Jakob Steiner
    Jakob Steiner Born 1796 in Switzerland this mathematician had hopes of renovating the classic methods of geometry. Living to the ripe old age of 67 he accomplished just that. He often succeeded in his quest using “Pure Geometry”. Jakob wrote “….
  6. Notes on American History
    Frederick Jackson Turner was a historian who argued that the Frontier life promoted individualism, independence and social and political democracy. He said it made an important role in the creation of the American Society. 2. The population of ….
  7. History Of The Los Angeles Club of the Deaf (LACD)
    Founded in 1935, The Los Angeles Club of the Deaf (LACD) was a major center of Deaf social events. Before the club started, it was very hard for Deaf people to find friends. The club helped to bring them together with other Deaf people, helping them ….
  8. The History of Bowling
    Bowling, like all things today, has a deep history. All most people know about bowling is what they experience when they go to the local bowling alley with their families. They pay for their games and shoes, pick out a ball, and head to their full ….
  9. Italian Mafia History
    The Mafia started early in the 9th century. This was the period in which the Arab forces occupied Sicily. Sicilians needed a place to escape to. The word Mafia means refuge in Arab language. The Normans invaded a Sicily in the 11th century. Once ….
  10. Speech Related To Black History Month
    Hello everyone as we know this month is black history month. In my opinion, it feels that year after year one by one people start forgetting what the blacks had to do to be “free” and equal to society. Side tangent Canada what are you doing. Instead ….
  11. Gardenia Bread History Overview
    Gardenia’s roots go back to Singapore where, in 1978, it began as a humble in-store bakery. Increasing demand led to the opening of Gardenia’s first-commercial bakery at Pandan Loop in March 1983. Gardenia has since been the market leader in ….
  12. An Analysis of A History of the World in Six Glasses
    A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standard effectively illustrates the world’s complex history in summary with six common drinks: beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, and Coca-Cola. By including the development of these six drinks in ….
  13. Recent American History
    Juan Diego Lpez Foreign Policy: Afraid of the RedThe USA had been involved in two wars that really had helpedeconomical, but in soldiers casualties really affected the people and alsofeelings about wars. So after each of this wars (the Mexican war ….
  14. Hitler’s Rise to Power History
    Being in a state of bankruptcy and distress, Germany was easily swayed by Hitter’s promising claim for a German rise to power ND wellbeing. The public evidently viewed Hitler as a strong leader, something that was much needed at the time. Thus, by ….
  15. Minority Leader in Social Welfare History
    It is not usually until the presence of need becomes obvious, that a concept is developed to address it. While most of the early women founders I noticed from my research for this assignment grew from a place of empathy and an honest effort to help ….
  16. Relationships Theme in The History Boys
    As with many of Bennett’s plays, the themes he explores in The History Boys are wide-ranging. Some of the following themes have been briefly highlighted with the purpose of leading towards more in-depth discussion. However, Alan Bennett’s style of ….
  17. Modern Piracy With A Breif History
    Piracy is usually determined as a seizure of property (ship, airplane or software) that holds no commission from the owner (Piracy 1). It is mostly linked to the dirty, bearded men that sailed the seven seas and robed merchant ships or ships that ….
  18. The History Of Keynesian Theory Economics
    Keynesian theory proposed by John Maynard Keynes claimed that active authorities intercession is the cardinal factor for economic growing and stableness. Specifically, this economic sciences theory recommends that increasing authorities disbursement ….
  19. AP World History Summer Assignment 10 Questions By Omar Mohammad APWH 2nd
    a) The Discovery of beer ties back to in the 5th Millennium BC and is widely known today, but the prime use of it ended in the industrialization era across the globe as beer was starting to be modified into to other more useful products that could ….
  20. Definition and History of Industrial Psychology
    Industrial psychology is a relatively recent subfield of psychology. In fact it did not become fully productive until about the late 1920’s. The industrial side of industrial psychology has its historical origins in research on individual ….

✍ History Essay Topics for College Students

  1. A Brief History of Hci
  2. A Brief History of Hieroglyphics
  3. A Brief History of Operating Systems
  4. A Brief History of Perfume
  5. A Brief History Of Petroleum Commerce
  6. A Brief History of Physical Fitness
  7. A brief history of science education in Ghana
  8. A brief history of shia muslims
  9. A Brief History of Starbucks
  10. A Brief History of Stephen Hawking
  11. A Brief History of the Chinese in the Philippine
  12. A Brief History of the Palestine Israeli Conflict
  13. A Brief History of The Salem Witch Trials
  14. A Brief History of Turkish Cinema
  15. A Brief History of Unctad
  16. A Brief History of Yokai
  17. A Brief Overview of The History of Explorers Like Jacques Cartier and Herman Cortes
  18. A Christmas Story About A Young Orphan History
  19. A Country Doctor A Story By Franz Kafka History
  20. A Different History by Sujata Bhatt – Analysis
  21. A Different History by Sujata Bhatt Notes
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History Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. A History and Haunting in The Frandsen Humanities Building
  2. A History of a Modern Empire: How Bill Gates Built Microsoft
  3. A History of Arabian Music
  4. A History of Art Nouveau Designs
  5. A History of Bullying in My Workplace
  6. A History of Capital Punishment in America
  7. A History of Disease, Food, and Ideas
  8. A History Of Ethnical Convergence History
  9. A History of French Volunteers in The American Revolutionary War
  10. A History of Greek Festivals
  11. A History of Hinduism
  12. A History of How American Culture Lead Us Into Vietnam and Made Us Fight the Way We Did
  13. A History of Journal Articles
  14. A History of Journalism in the Philippines
  15. A History of Makeup and Face Powder
  16. A History of Oppression: the Mistreatment of Australian Aboriginals
  17. A History of the American People
  18. A History of the Atomic Bomb and Its Role in World War II
  19. A History of the Aztec Civilization
  20. A History of The Battle of Thermopylae
  21. A History of the California Gold Rush

History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. A History of The Emmett till Case
  2. A History of the Globe Theatre
  3. A History of The Great Migration of African Americans from The South to The North Helping Set The Stage for The Civil Rights Movement
  4. A History of The Issue of The Gender Wage Gap in America
  5. A History Of The Renaissance Period History
  6. A History of The Roaring Twenties Era
  7. A History of The Study of Classical Conditioning and Its Use
  8. A History of the Transcendentalism Movement in Philosophy
  9. A History of The United States During The American Revolutionary Wars
  10. A History of The Women’s Suffrage Movement in America in The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
  11. A History of the World in 6 Glasses
  12. A History of the World in 6 Glasses Questions/AnswersA History of the World in 6 Glasses Questions/Answers
  13. A History of the World in 6 Glasses Study Questions
  14. A History of the World in Glasses
  15. A History of The Yellow Fever in The 18th Century
  16. A History of The Zika Virus
  17. A History of Violence, Released in 2005
  18. A Letter That Impacted History
  19. A Lie’s Poison as Illustrated in Billy Collins The History Teacher
  20. A Look at The 1969 Moon Landing History
  21. A Look at The Relevance of The Color Purple from a Viewpoint of History
  22. A Narrative Inquiry on the Life History of Betty Siegel
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Argumentative Essay Topics About History

  1. A People`s History of the United States
  2. A People`s History of the United States Critical Analysis
  3. A Personal Opinion on Barack Obama Being the Best President in American History
  4. A Poetic Analysis on “A Barred Owl” And “The History Teacher”
  5. A Process of Studying History
  6. A Report on The History of Graphic Design and Its Important Role in Advertising
  7. A Review of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
  8. A Review of Five Articles by Using the Event History or the Survival Analysis Within the Context of Civil War Duration
  9. A Review of The Pirates’ House and The History of The Restaurant
  10. A Second Depression Predicted from History
  11. A Short History of Making Butter
  12. A short History of Maria Montessori
  13. A Short History of Nearly Everything
  14. A Short History of Reconstruction
  15. A Short History of the Black History Month
  16. A Short History on Modern Philosophy
  17. A Study of the Cambridge Faculty of History Building
  18. A Study of The Theme of Nostalgia and How It Relates to History in The Movie Midnight in Paris and Prague
  19. A Study of The Theme of Sexuality in The History Boys
  20. A very brief history of human relations management
  21. A.J. Dbq for Us History Advanced Placement
  22. About India: History and Culture
  23. About KFC History

⭐ Good Essay Topics About History

  1. Academic Definition and History of Emotional Intelligence
  2. Accounting Theory And History Accounting
  3. Adobe Photoshop: History and Background
  4. Adolf Hitler Rise To Power History
  5. Adolf Hitlers Rise To Power To Rule Germany History
  6. Advanced Placement US History American Colonies
  7. Advances in Technology Through History
  8. Aestheticism and the History of the Aesthetic Movement
  9. African American Female Rappers History
  10. African american history Argumentative
  11. African American history women
  12. African Americans History As Slaves And Contemporary Poverty History
  13. AIDS in World History
  14. Air Transportation history
  15. Alaska Purchase: The History of the Trade between Russia and America
  16. Albert Einstein Is a History Maker
  17. Aldi’s History and Nowadays Recruitment
  18. Alvin Ailey History Leading Up to ‘Cry’
  19. American Agricultural Family History
  20. American Business History Analysis
  21. American Business History for Motor Vehicle Assembler
  22. American Civil War History Overview
  23. American Colonies Rebellion Against England in US History
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