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Hello everyone as we know this month is black history month. In my opinion, it feels that year after year one by one people start forgetting what the blacks had to do to be “free” and equal to society. Side tangent Canada what are you doing. Instead of you guys focusing on celebrating the blacks you worry about words that have man or men in it. Like ya women rights are amazing and all but do you really have to say hupeople instead of human whats next Germany, and Romania has to change their names to Gerpeopley and Ropeoplia. Sorry for the side tangent but let us start with the true definition of race. A race is a fabrication of a group of people who are grouped by heritage or same color originally made by the Europeans in which whites aka Europeans were on the top while African Americans were on the bottom.

Something that I feel was very wrong about this is that America has never paid Reparations to Africans who were treated badly during their time. America had paid surviving native Americans a large some of the money for what all the things they did. But why not the blacks. They have endured more pain and suffering such as slavery, Jim crow laws, and voting. Yes, I mean voting back then when blacks were finally able to vote white people found ways of not letting them vote such as pinning little crimes to them. It doesn’t even need to be themselves as people. They can literally say hey your grandfather was a slave or that your grandfather stole candy and stealing is a crime so you can’t vote. From the source pbs.org, it had said that if the USA paid Reparations to the African Americans/blacks they would get about 6.5 trillion dollars. So why not pay the descendants from slaves some Reparations for everything that has been done.

The court case Brown versus Board of Education should have ended school segregation in 1954 and started us down the road to integration. Yet just a few years later, we see the Civil Rights Act of 1957. And then the Civil Rights Act of 1960, then the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and on and on. The laws kept coming to try to combat racism, but people kept on finding new ways to try to keep the status quo going. Fortunately, other people kept on fighting to beat back the injustice, to beat back the segregation and discrimination perpetrated on the black community. That struggle continues today.

That’s part of why we gather here today to celebrate black history. We honor those who came before. We celebrate how far we’ve come as a society, but we also honor those who continue the struggle today – for the struggle is far from over. We look at the past and applaud those who came before for doing great things. It’s easy to look back to the past and see who was on the right side of history, separated as we are by years and years. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, as the saying goes. It is easy to stand here today and say, school segregation was wrong.

Slavery was wrong. Denying people the right to vote was wrong. We mustn’t forget that part of the struggle in that time was that good people stood by and watched as the bad happened. Good people remained neutral and looked the other way so they wouldn’t have to do the hard thing and stand up for what was right. I will leave you a quote that Martin Luther Jr king had said ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.’ Let us all work together to be the light that drives out darkness. If we work together, we can continue to make great strides to a better future. 

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