Hitler’s Rise to Power History

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Being in a state of bankruptcy and distress, Germany was easily swayed by Hitter’s promising claim for a German rise to power ND wellbeing. The public evidently viewed Hitler as a strong leader, something that was much needed at the time. Thus, by exploiting the instability of the German nation, Doll Hitler used skillful oration, exploitation of political instability, and nationalistic propaganda to appeal to the German public and gain power during the Whimper Republic. Political instability served as a central asset to Doll Hitter’s campaign. Following the First World War, and the 1929 Stock Market crash, the world entered a depression.

In addition to depression and inflation, Germany was also in a state of inerrancy due to the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which forced the nation to pay extensive reparations to the Allied powers as well as obligatory denationalization. Consequently, progress was in the best of interests for the German nation. It was this need for progress that Hitler was able to take advantage of. As exhibited by document 1, an excerpt from Mien Kampala written by Doll Hitler prior to his ascent to power, democracy limits advancement and is harmful to a nation.

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He states, “Isn’t every deed of genius in this world a viable protest of genius against the inertia of the mass… ” Thus, it is the collective opinion that demotes progress; meaning democracy will never lift the Germans out of distress and back to the status of a stable world power. The nation requires the thinking and leadership of an individual with progressive ideas. Hitler also states in document 1, ” Isn’t the very idea of responsibility bound up with the individual? ” By using these examples, Doll Hitler is portraying himself as the individual that will bestow the German public with peace and prosperity.

He will provide the people with the leadership they require. Therefore, it is apparent that Hitter’s stone set ideas for advancement in a time of political and economic instability aided him in attracting the German public and the Nazi Party. Stemming from political instability, blame also became an asset to Hitler. Because the German nation was in such an unstable state, the population was easily manipulated to believe in Hitter’s claims. Blaming the “filth” of the nation, which included Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals, the future Fuehrer gave the public someone to hold responsibility for the nation’s flaws and distress.

This comforted the people and alleviated their worries to an extent. As stated in document 5, “… The Jews, the Gypsies, the neighbor next door whose dog had bit them, and his dog; the bundled root cause of all their past, present, and possible tribulations… ” The Nazi party blamed what they called the “inferiors” of the nation, and influenced the public to discriminate as well. Giving the German citizens someone to blame gave them comfort because it relieved them of the stresses faced by the nation.

They were happy to hear that they played no role in the demise of the nation. Following the election of March 1933, passing with 43. 0% of the popular vote and 288 delegates, as hon. in document 6, Doll Hitler quickly imposed new Anti-Semitic laws by September 15, 1935. The law stating, “… Jews are forbidden to hoist the Reich and national flag and to display the Reich colors” (found in document 7) most clearly expressed the Nazi party’s intolerance of the Jewish people being that they did not consider them to be of the German nation.

Furthermore, Hitler also patronizes the Jews in an excerpt of Mien Kampala, shown in document 3 when he states, “the Jew shrewdly draws from it a new proof for the soundness of his theory about the equality of men that his is trying to funnel into the minds of the nations. It doesn’t dawn on this depraved bourgeoisie world, [the German Nation], that this is positively a sin against all reason; that it is criminal lunacy to keep on drilling a born half-ape until people think they have made a lawyer out of him. Here, Hitler is saying that the well-established Jews of Germany with respectable positions are out of place. The Jews believe that they are equals among the Germans when in reality they are part of the “apes. ” He also says that it is absurd for these Jews to claim reputable Jobs and positions while the more worthy Germans of the “highest race” remain in “entirely unworthy positions. Nationalism and propaganda played a vital role in Hitter’s campaign. Posters promoting the Waffle AS, Luftwaffe, and the general Nazi party were found nearly everywhere.

They either served to influence the public opinion or to encourage men and children to Join the military and the latter, Hitler Youth. The significance of propaganda to the Nazis is exhibited in document 4 where Hitler describes how to successfully influence the public. He states “The function of propaganda does not lie in the scientific training of the individual, but in calling the masses’ attention to certain facts, processes, necessities, etc. ” Hitler was aware of the formidable power of propaganda if it was used correctly. It could sway mass opinion, something that would be much needed to success.

The newspaper Deer Angrier established by Joseph Gobbles, the eventual Nazi propaganda minister advocated many of the Nazi beliefs and promoted the cause. Illustrated by document 2, an excerpt from Deer Angrier, Gobbles states “We are entering the Reichstag to supply ourselves, in that arsenal of democracy, with democracy own weapons. We become Reichstag’ deputies in order to paralyze the spirit of the Whimper with its own aid. ” Here, Gobbles is belittling mockery and saying that the Nazis will use their own weapons against democracy.

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