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Hooked on Credit

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Becoming of legal age was the beginning of a whole New World. For me all these new responsibilities hit me like a train wreck. The pressure of college is not the only thing that I had to learn to handle.

Credit card vendors were out like vultures hunting their prey. Once I applied to one card all these other companies started to call me. I know that we are in a Capitalistic country. This means that that this country can make money is from consumers buying things.

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Hooked on Credit
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They have to buy these things with money. Nowadays the easiest way to buy something is with a credit card.But some people like myself think that these cards are like free money. But unfortunately they are not.

The point of a credit card is that the owner is lent a certain amount of money. Then they are allowed to pay this money back a little at a time. The ways that these card companies make their money is by charging a huge amount of money for interest.

So when I got my hands on my first credit card I thought that I had just won the lottery.

I bought everything and anything in sight; I even bought things for my friends. My limit was $500. 00 for my first card and I spent the whole thing.I made the first few payments, which were hard because I love to spend but I hate to pay back.

Then I got my second and third card. After the cards were the department stores and catalog orders. The fact is that the more cards that I had in my wallet the better that I felt about myself. It is a commonality in this society that we value our worth on Quantity not quality.

Then what made everything worse was that credit cards are advertised in all the magazines that I read. They were even advertised on commercials. Everywhere that I turned around I was being enticed some more.I remember the first time that I bought something with my credit card.

I felt like a real adult when I handed over my piece of plastic. I also felt important because all of the older well-dressed people were paying with credit cards. So I felt like I was one of them. Within the first week that school had started the vendors were out in full force.

They set up several tables at the front entrance to the school. I do admit that this was the best location. As I walked by, of course my curiosity got the best of me, and I joined the crowd.They got everyone’s attention by offering T-shirts, calling cards, cups, mugs, etc.

There was no job, no income, no co-signer required. The fact that I attended school was good enough for them. So before I knew it I was signing my life away. Because of all of the dept that I am in, I think that the easiest way out is Bankruptcy.

Unless I get a job that I makes tons of money I can’t pay them off anytime in the future. I figure that I will be paying them back until the day that I die. To me, this is an unfortunate, but true fact.

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