Horses at Midnight Without a Moon

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In Jack Gilbert’s poem Horses At Midnight Without A Moon, the theme of hope is explored. The poem suggests that hope is always present, but sometimes we fail to see it due to confusion or other emotions. Despite this, hope is often revived by music within us, or through the help of others. The poem acknowledges the inevitable presence of danger and suffering in life, but is surprised by the persistence of hope and singing among it all. The presence of horses in the dark meadow and people willing to help us through life indicates that hope is always present. The poem’s ultimate message is that our spirit will persist in seeking hope until it is found, much like a man who smells flowers in a frozen valley and knows that spring has begun.

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“Horses At Midnight Without A Moon” by Jack Gilbert is about hope.

This poem says that hope is always there but sometimes we don’t see it or recognize it. This might be because we are confused or blinded by other emotions in our life. “Our heart wanders lost in the dark woods. Our dream wrestles in the castle of doubt”.

This is saying that our heart is lost sometimes in life and that the dream that we have for our life is sometimes taken over by doubt that we could not, for whatever reason, get to where we want in life. But there is music in us. Hope is pushed down but the angel flies up again taking us with her. ”  But there is music within in us and that music is hope, that something or someone sometimes crushes our hope.

But something or someone helps us up again, thus giving us hope again. “The summer mornings begin inch by inch while we sleep, and walk with us later as long-legged beauty through the dirty streets. Our mornings begin while we sleep but then walk with us later in our thoughts. “It is no surprise that danger and suffering surround us.

What astonishes us is the singing. ”  Obviously in this world of ours there is going to be things that hinder us from being hopeful. But what surprises us is the singing, the fact that thru all this there is still hope again. “We know the horses are there in the dark meadow because we can smell them, can hear them breathing.

We know that people are there in the dark with us, willing to help us thru life, because we can feel them there with us. “Our spirit persists like a man struggling through the frozen valley who suddenly smells flowers and realizes the snow is melting out of sight on top of the mountain, knows that spring has begun. ” Our spirit keeps looking for hope and finally thru it all finds it.

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