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How Does Salt Affect the Boiling Point of Water?

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    The intent of this experiment was to find whether or non salt would impact the boiling point of H2O. Much of the research I conducted rejected my hypothesis which stated: if I add salt to H2O. so the boiling point of the H2O will diminish. Factors such as colligative belongingss determine how a dissolver will act one time it becomes a solution ( Bradley. 2006 ) . Much of the research involved used boiling point lift as a method to explicate why the boiling point of H2O is affected by salt. Although my hypothesis was refuted. the research allowed me to understand the existent ground for the usage of salt while cooking and it besides helped to reply my inquiry of how salt helps nutrient cook faster.

    How Does Salt Affect the Boiling Point of Water?As a kid. I was ever told that adding a pinch of salt to H2O while cooking will assist the nutrient cook faster. This is what led me to inquire the inquiry: How does adding salt to H2O assist do the nutrient cook faster? Maybe it had something to make with the boiling point of the H2O. I assumed that if the nutrient was able to cook faster it was because the boiling point of the H2O was lowered and that the H2O was able to boil at a faster rate. Thus. I created a hypothesis: If I add salt to H2O. so the boiling point of the H2O will diminish.

    However. there was much grounds that proved this to be otherwise. Adding salt to H2O really increases the boiling point of H2O. a phenomena known as boiling point lift. Boiling point lift is a colligative belongings. which are belongingss of solutions that depend on the figure of dissolved atoms in the solution. but non on the individualities of the solutes ( Bradley. 2006 ) . Boiling point lift occurs when the boiling point of a solution becomes higher than the boiling point of a pure dissolver ( Helmenstine. 2012 ) . Basically. H2O is known as a dissolver and salt is known as a non-volatile solute. When you add salt to H2O. it makes H2O go an impure dissolver and raises its boiling point above that of the pure dissolver ( Action Donation Services. 2006 ) . The boiling point of H2O rises if you add salt to it. but merely by approximately 2°C to 102°C ( Southwest Research Institute. 2012 ) . Equally shortly as any of the salt dissolves in the H2O. the boiling point of the H2O will get down to lift by about one half degree Celsius for every 58 gms of salt dissolved per kg of H2O ( Yahoo! Answers. 2012 ) .


    To recap. salt raises the boiling temperature of H2O. but merely by a little grade. However. it is used in cookery because adding salt to H2O makes the H2O hotter. non boil faster ( Maureen. 2010 ) . The greater boiling temperature will let nutrients such as noodles and murphies to cook faster and more exhaustively ( Chen. 2013 ) . This fact most likely led to the misconception that salt lowers the boiling point of H2O which makes it boil faster. nevertheless. this is wrong.


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