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Salt Water as Alternative to Electricity Research paper

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Rationale of the study
Almost everything these days is powered by electricity, and while this has certainly improved the quality of life, it has its downfalls as well. Some examples are: its effects on our Earth such as global warming, the rising bills caused by using too much electricity, and so much more. This is the reason why our group has decided to do a research on alternatives for energy source, specifically by means of saltwater or saline solution. We believe that this will help us decrease our use in electricity and therefore lessen our bills and help save our planet.

Although humans can live without electricity, having it can make our lives easier, so as much as possible, we strive to find plenty of different ways to acquire electricity especially when we are in rural areas wherein acquisition of such is sometimes difficult. Though oil lamps, gas lamps and the like are widely available, these kinds of equipments pose a threat of fire especially when it is left by itself or forgotten.

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Salt Water as Alternative to Electricity Research paper
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On the other hand, saltwater or saline solution is very safe and is very easy to get a hold of, particularly to the people who reside in coastal areas or in remote islands.

Also, this cheap alternative can benefit needy families who cannot afford to pay for their electric bills. We picked saltwater as our entity of testing because aside from the reasons stated above, we have had a further study on the very main topic of this research which is electricity, and we have found out about the role of positive and negative charges that are useful in order to conduct energy. Simultaneously, we have also found out that saltwater conducts energy because of the solid salt it contains and when it is dissolved into water, the elements sodium and chloride from the salt separate or break up because of the very reactive traits of water (H2O), thus, causing the production of positive and negative ions that are able to carry energy and consequently conducting electricity. The particular objectives of our research are:

To find an effective alternative source of energy or electricity which is safe, easily accessible and affordable To verify if other objects that carry negative and positive charges transmit electricity just like batteries do To test if the energy produced through the use of saltwater can be used portably and stored in batteries

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