How Gatsby destruct his American Dream

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In the book The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald writes this novel according to the people living in East egg and West egg. He uses the comparing of moral and value between different characters in order to show the difference between people. The definition of “American Dream” is unachievable. If you work hard, you can get everything you want. However when you already get everything you wanted but you re still unhappy, and you plan to get more and more, you will Just destruct your own dream.

Gatsby destructs his own American dream by wanting too much. Gatsby Is a wealthy people but he earns his money Illegally. He only wants to get wealthy In order to get Daisy back. Gatsby told Nick that “Her voice is full with money’ (7. 112). That explained that Gatsby really Like Daisy, even her voice Is full with the thing he loves. Gatsby wants to possess Daisy too much that he bought a house right across Daisy House, Gatsby told Daisy, “If it wasn’t for the mist we could see your mom across the bay”.

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And Daisy replied that,” You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your by the evidence provide, we can prove that Daisy is Gatsby American Dream which he really desire to occupy her. Chemung 2 Daisy and Tom should not be blame since the whole thing Is Just because Gatsby desire too much, Gatsby wants Daisy to get divorce with Tom and keep the relationship going on. But Gatsby could not use money to get back Daisy anymore since Tom Is pretty wealthy too; he Lies about his own poverty In order to Impress

Daisy. Gatsby really does not want to keep this affair relationship, but Daisy said “Oh, you want too much” (7. 130). She is trying to explain to Gatsby that having an affair with him is already the only thing she can do for Gatsby. There is no way that Daisy would give up the relationship with Tom since she loves Tom and also they already have a daughter that proved that she does not want to change her life which is stable and secure. After the car accident, Daisy did not tell Tom that she is the one who hit

Myrtle, that mean she does not really care about Gatsby, she did not call Gatsby back after to accident. (9. 167) everything is Just Gatsby own point of view. He thought Daisy really loves him which he has the power to get Daisy divorce with Tom, but she really could not do It. Gatsby desire really destruct his own American Dream, he want to occupy too much, that he could not even have an affair with Daisy, he lost everything because of his possess. Fitzgerald wants us to know that sometimes when you desire too much or want to achieve something too much might ruin the result.

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