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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald the American Dream Sample

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  • Pages 3
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    The book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald illustrates what some people would name The American Dream. This term would be defined as person get downing low on the economic or societal degree and working their manner towards success. luck. wealth. and celebrity. Having things such as money. a auto. a big house. nice apparels. and a happy household is what The American Dream is approximately. The great thing about The American Dream is that anyone can hold it. All it takes is difficult work and doggedness. This fresh written by F. Scott Fitzgerald shows us what happened to The American Dream in the 1920’s ; corruptness and desolation. When I think of The American Dream. I think of ends. Not merely ends of wealth. but all ends intertwined with felicity ; such as good wellness. true friends. and love. Materialistic things aren’t the reply to populating a full and happy life. They won’t make person experience complete either. Yes. things such as a big expensive house and a glamourous auto would do person feel content for a piece. but by taking out everything else in their life. they would experience emptier than they did without the mercenary things.

    Working difficult to accomplish ends is a great portion of The American Dream and it is the best portion of life in America. Anyone can be where they want to be and who they want to be by a holding great sum of finding and the privation to had win no affair who they are and what their background is. If lone people in the 1920’s would hold had this cognition and apprehension. they might hold found felicity when seeking to carry through their end of populating The American Dream. Three Characters in the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald experienced corruptness and desolation ; they were Myrtle. Gatsby. and Daisy. Myrtle’s desires for an excessive lifestyle lead her to hold an extramarital relationship with Tom. By making so. she wounded her matrimony with George. and accordingly killed herself. Daisy believed she was populating The American Dream because she thought she had everything such as: wealth. love and felicity. After larning about her husband’s matter. she realized she genuinely had nil. A adult female back in the 1920’s would get married for money and non needfully love. Meeting Gatsby once more after five old ages made Daisy recognize that she so married for the ground of money and non love.

    Daisy’s desires for fortune lead her to bosom aching. and therefore. non much of an American Dream. Gatsby loved Daisy with all of his bosom. He thought that Daisy would come back to him if he was populating The American Dream. and so he did anything and everything he could to carry through that. The privation of The American Dream corrupted Gatsby and blinded him through the whole procedure. Gatsby was finally unsuccessful at deriving his felicity. The book. The Great Gatsby. showed me that the desire for something can sometimes do people to be who they are non and stop up with a negative result.

    The American Dream is defined as person get downing low on the economic or societal degree and working their manner towards success. luck. wealth. and celebrity. A bulk of the people in this novel all wanted wealth. money. and felicity. but went about acquiring them the incorrect manner. They lost path of who they were and finally did everything in their power to acquire what they wanted. The Great Gatsby revealed what happened to The American Dream in the 1920’s ; the clip period in which the dream became corrupted. Myrtle. Gatsby. and Daisy were all corrupted and devastated by the dream. Money can non purchase you happiness. and the three characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel might hold been better off cognizing that.

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