How Have Transport Improvements Helped Build a More Interconnected World

In the 1700s, it would have taken 2 years to navigate round the globe. In the 1930s, it would have taken only 8 days. In the 1990s, an increase in technology and transport have been able to lower this time to only 31 hours. These transport improvements have been able to create a ‘shrinking world, which, in turn, creates a much more interconnected world. One of the main ‘flows’ on transport, are goods (food, objects) that will be traded with other countries. The main improvement that has taken place in recent times is the creation of the freight transport, containerization.

These containers can be loaded and unloaded, stacked, transported efficiently over long distances, and transferred from one mode of transport to another—container ships, rail and semi-trailer trucks—without being opened. The system, developed after World War II, led to greatly reduced transport costs, and supported a vast increase in international trade. Because of this increase in trade, containerization has help build a more interconnected world. Better relations are built and more trade is available to ship via this improvement in transport.

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Another important aspect of transport improvements building a more interconnected world is the creation of commercial air travel. Faster airplanes are being produced in greater numbers and with a greater capacity. Tourists have been able to easily travel to countries at low costs fast. An example of this expanding industry would be easy-jet which now has over 300 flight routes over the EU all being notoriously cheap. This improvement of cheap and fast transport has interconnected the world as people find it easier to get too far of places.

This integrates cultures which in turn creates ‘multi-nations’ like America. The gradual improvement of transport has helped build a very interconnected world by various means. Possibly the biggest way which it has done this it by its link to the creation of TNCs. TNCs must have means of good transport at their disposal for nearly all aspects of their business. Executives need to be flown to meetings and the product that will be ultimately sold needs to be transported quickly to different parts of the world.

These TNCs bring about a more interconnected world by sourcing parts of their products from around the world (with transport allowing them to transport it quickly). A Mini car has typically around 6 countries that have contributed towards the making of the car. This method to cut costs, figuratively and literally, unites the countries making them more interconnected as a whole. The TNCs would never have been able to operate and exist had the quality and quantity of transport not increased. The improvements of transport in recent years have allowed the world to become much more interconnected.

However, some would argue that the improvement of transport is alienating switched-off places. As transport is improved to popular destinations, the obscure places (the amazon) seem to be fading away from notice. The interconnected world may just be consolidating its links instead of expanding them which could lead one to the assumption that the improvement of transport can only consolidate and for connection to be established in the first place, transport would have to start from the beginning, establishing a link.

This argument argues that improvement of transport is having a more detrimental effect on the shrinking world rather than bettering it. In conclusion, although there are a few arguments against the improvement of transport creating a more interconnected world, we can understand that the improvement of transport has greatly improved the way that countries are able to relate to each other and establish links to benefit them in the future.

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