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Assignment: Employment and Good Hr Practices

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Analyze the Berlin article and tell us your thoughts. There are always things to be improved at workplace. When we look for the job search, we highly want to work at the company where we can see our good true of ourselves.

We prefer to work where the company can have asset to provide a good training for the employee. In addition to they should have good benefit for the employee and etc. My background was preschool teacher so there are not many chances to work at the office setting.

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Assignment: Employment and Good Hr Practices
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However, even it is a different job; the fact is that every company and organization has HRS department or similar duties done by the somebody. It means HRS does important role as a center of the company. We don’t have many chances to see or talk HRS department.

However they shouldn’t be lack of regard anymore. In order to respect by the company, HRS tries hard to accomplish their objectives in the company.

Most important company’s rules also set by HRS. In order to perform and follow the company law, HRS has to focus educating employee. People try to make a top priority on selecting and fitting a best people at the right position. Article mentioned that there are many leaders but they don’t know the real cuisines value of company and they seem to be low skilled.

Just like what Berlin article stated, the company needs a people who have a talent and specialized on what company need. People should know how to view and understand company’s assessment, coaching, recruiting, data analysis, 1/0 psychology, training, and technology. I strongly agree with author’s aspect of HRS. Selecting a talented and passionate people should be a top concern for HRS for our future business. If company has a skilled labor, HRS is never being lack of regards.

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Assignment: Employment and Good Hr Practices. (2018, May 09). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/assignment-employment-and-good-hr-practices/

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