Human Beings Are More Alike Than Different

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I personally agree with this debatable statement despite our individual uniqueness. The purpose of our existence is the same, driven by greed, which is a desire to possess more than the majority. Society and the world contribute to this mindset. Money serves as a universal aspiration because it allows us to achieve more in life. Some people opt to hoard money under the belief that once they earn it, they must keep it. Certain individuals even resort to faking divorces and incomes in order to gain financial benefits like government funds and free healthcare. Ultimately, humans display selfishness by prioritizing ourselves above all else in this world.

Despite our shared humanity, we often unknowingly succumb to selfishness as we cling to the belief that we are always right. Since birth, when we cry out for attention and validation of our needs, we yearn for acknowledgment and crave attention. Over time, we learn to coexist with others and accommodate their needs; however, in times of crisis, our survival instincts push us to prioritize ourselves. We tend to pass judgment quickly and engage in gossip, forming opinions about individuals, societies, or even entire nations based on limited information or media reports. Ultimately, freedom is a universal longing that encompasses every aspect of our lives and is vital for making choices that align with our genuine desires. Deprived of freedom, we would be compelled to act against our will without any means of altering our circumstances. Henceforth,”human beings are more alike than different” cannot be refuted.

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