“I am Malala” Book Analysis

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I am Malala fits the criteria for a good memoir because the text is very honest, it was a short period of her life that greatly impacted her, and there is no personal problems like whining and begging, lastly through all of the struggles with the Taliban, Malala was strong and made it through the good and bad times. Of course she was in because it was a huge struggle going through all of this at such a young age, and, again Malala never found a time to whine, and she stood through it, so I am Malala has the characteristics to fit the criteria of a good memoir.

Malala was completely honest throughout the whole text. She had a lot to talk about in such a short period of time, and there were many chances for her to tell lies, but she didn’t . As one reads the book, I am Malala, it is clear that she is a very honest person. On page 80 she states that her father was the one who accidentally revealed she was Gul Makai, the journalist. She could have easily said someone else did it to make her father not look like a bad guy, but she didn’t, which keeps the book as a good memoir.

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Malala never whined. She had many struggles, and had to live with the fear of the Taliban, and she never found a time to whine. Malala was a young girl who got shot because she wanted women to have the same rights as men in Pakistan. Her life was a bumpy road with challenging obstacles, but eventually she found an easy path for her life, and throughout her life with all her roadblocks,she never whined.

Malala tells her story about how she lived with the fear of the Taliban, helped her family throughout all of their struggles, and tried to go to school without getting caught because of how unfair the Taliban was to women. This was an early stage in her life, where much was learned. This was also a short period of her life where she experienced so, so much. In a good memoir, the time period of it is short, and I am Malala fits that criteria . Malala is a very strong women because going through all of these torturing events, she kept it short and told the truth without whining.

I am Malala fits the Criteria for a good memoir for many reasons. Malala was honest throughout the whole book. Malala also never whined, and the whole book was a short period of time that impacted her life. Moreover, I am Malala fits the criteria for a good memoir.

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