Equality: Malala and Rosa Parks

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Equality for me means that every human is equal and deserve to be treated equally. That opportunities, prospects and respect, are evenly distributed amongst each and every one of us. That it matters not where you come from but what your gone accomplish and achieve. For some equality means equal rights between the sexes, for some that means ending racism and discrimination. For others that means expectance and tolerance for homosexuals. All of these inequalities still exists today, in every family, home, street and workplace. The fight for these rights never ended and will persist. Know that verity, diversity, and difference are valued that’s what makes you, you.

The worst kind of inequality is being treated differently for simply having a disability, being denied the right to be normal, judged for how you look not how you preform. Some people in the public opinion today even argue that you shouldn’t be alive, that you destroy the life of your loved once and constantly reminding you that you will never be able to for fill your dreams. What they forget is that one day they might get a disability or their son or daughter might be born with a disability. A perfect example of this is Melisa, a girl with down syndrome, a girl that has proven everybody wrong, she is nothing but a simple girl and doesn’t want anything more then to be normal, but she acknowledges who she is, she’s proud of who she is and that is highly admirable and courage’s. So next time you see a disabled person walking by you on the street “Know me before you judge me”.

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Malala’s main message is that everybody should contribute to equality. That we should be the generation to put an end to the wars, to the abuse of children, and be the generation that gives back the childhood to the children that make our clothes. She’s asking every single one of us to be the person who will act, the person that will to the necessary thing to change these children’s lives. To make this world a better place.

To strength her message she is repeating some of the sentences again and again to do a stronger impression, change only the situation. “Let this be the last time that a…” she repeats over and over again. She is also repeating the sentence using strong words and appealing directly to each and every one of us using a lot of pauses and using a lot of pathos which then again makes the message closer to our hearts. “Let’s begin this ending… together… today right here, right now. Let’s begin this ending now.”

In the secret life of bees, we meet Rosallen an extremely brave and courage’s women that decides to make her voice heard in spite of the possible consequences. Some would clam she’s risking her life, but is this really a life if it’s so full of Inequality, Injustice and discrimination. Since she didn’t have the opportunity to go to school she never learned how to right and therefore struggled to register. This is still a problem in many African American neighbourhoods.

Her story of struggle is similar to Rosa Parks story. Rosa Parks stood up to the plate when the times where the thoughts she decided not to give her seat up to a white male. Simply because she was tired, not physically tired, but tired of being pushed around and giving in even though it wasn’t right. So she decided to do the right thing not give up the seat. Because of this she got arrested. This triggered big emotions in the black community people finally took to the streets and boycotted the bus company and therefore stripping them of their profits. After the bus company nearly collapsed this rule was found unconstitutional, but this was only the beginning. This action started a wide spread movement against racism and discrimination across America.

Both of these women are extremely courage’s and admirable. Both were black women that lived in the deep south which made it even harder to make their voice heard. Though Rosa Parks is more known to the public. Rosallen is one of the forgotten heroes of our nation, she is one of the unsung heroes. Because as Rosa Parks has shown us it starts with person and becomes a movement. Without people like Rosallen, ordinary people, there would be no change. It’s not Martin Luther King Jr. that ended formal racism it’s the people behind him. That’s why everybody in that movement contributed to the end of formal segregation. Rosa Parks and Rosallen are an example of how we should rise against any oppression against us weather in a form of protest or as simply as voting.

“Rosa Parks was the queen mother of a movement whose single act of heroism sparked the movement of freedom, justice and equality. Her greatest contribution is that she told us a regular person to make a difference”

The stories about these women teach us that we should never stop seeking justice and equality for us, our children and for generations to come. Small actions can turn in to big movements. Both Rosa Parks and Rosallen lived life through racism in America filed with inequalities and discrimination and I think that without actually understanding and trying to put ourselves in their shoes we will not be able to understand what these words really mean. What the Kul Klux Klan did in the deep south is hard to imagine: “The bulging eyes and twisted mouth. Sent of magnolia sweet and fresh. Then the sudden burn of flesh” Illustrate an image of what was happening down in the south.

After Martin Luther King Jr. some would claim that racism and inequality has ended. Still people are beaten and murdered by the police for simply speaking their mind. Still we spit on love just because it’s a little different than what we are told. Racism is a fight that never stopped and will continue. Though much has been achieved we had an African America president, but now we have a racist president. We cannot turn a blind eye of the pain of those suffering because there are still people like Rosallen that can’t right and have problems with registering to vote. Let’s remember the ideals the founding fathers build this country on so many years ago. Let’s not forget our past and do the same mistakes. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character”.

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