Sam’s Love for Lucy

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Sam, a mentally-challenged man, deeply loves his daughter Lucy and makes every effort to keep her in his custody. However, due to his cognitive limitations and financial constraints, the court questions his ability to care for her. Sam seeks the help of a lawyer, who agrees to assist him pro bono because of the pressure she faces from her colleagues who gossip about her. Initially annoyed with Sam, she gradually develops empathy towards him and offers guidance for the court proceedings. Lucy is currently placed with a foster family, but they eventually decide to return her to Sam, understanding that they cannot provide the quality of love she needs. With the foster family’s support in court and their vow to keep Sam’s limitations a secret, they successfully argue their case and Sam and Lucy are reunited. This narrative explores the resilience and determination of Sam as he fights to preserve his bond with his daughter.

Sam is a mentally-challenged father who deeply loves his daughter. Despite his challenges, he is caring, happy, and has a fondness for Ihop. Sam has a talent for creating paper cranes and other shapes. He used to work at Starbucks but later switched to Pizza Hut. However, Sam can easily lose his temper, as seen when he throws a fit during a breakfast outing with Lucy because they don’t have French pancakes with fruit toppings.

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Lucy, a smart and cunning young girl, loves her father unconditionally despite his differences. She cherishes him and strives to spend as much time with him as possible. Lucy shows great understanding and care towards her father.

Rita is Sam’s lawyer in his quest to regain custody of Lucy. Her life is filled with stress, surrounded by people who dislike her and an overwhelming amount of responsibilities. Despite this, she takes on Sam’s case determinedly. Rita becomes compassionate and empathetic towards Sam as she assists him in the process of getting Lucy back.

This text revolves around the theme of psychological illness.

Autism is illustrated in the film through the character of Sam, who faces difficulties in maintaining custody of his daughter. At the start, Lucy’s friend questions her about her dad’s behavior, asking if he is mentally challenged, to which she responds affirmatively. This negative judgment from her friend stems from Sam’s deviation from societal norms. During Lucy’s birthday party, Sam attempts to create a surprise for her, but when he touches one of the kids to hide, the child reacts negatively, exclaiming “get off me!I have cooties!” This interaction highlights the aversion that some individuals have towards physical contact with Sam due to his atypical behavior. Moreover, when Lucy witnesses her father being pushed away from the child, she realizes how others perceive him differently. Nonetheless, Lucy loves her father unconditionally because he has always been there for her and bestows upon her a unique love. While his peers view him as an eccentric and mock him, Sam still manages to find solace in a group of friends who share similar experiences and interests. These friends uplift one another, offer encouragement and support each other. However, the court officials believe it is better for Lucy not to reside with Sam as they doubt his ability to care for her adequately. Their decision stems mainly from concerns about his mental illness and whether he can fulfill his parental responsibilities.However, he emphasized that the only things she requires from him are love, support, patience, attentive listening, and happiness.

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