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I Believe in Music

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  • Pages 3
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    I believe in making music, learning music and playing music. I love it when I am playing a song, and I am almost falling asleep I am so relaxed, but I am so focused that when a pen “clicks” I am startled. I am amazed at no matter how hard I try not to be listening to a song I always start to tap my toes. I think that the words have more meaning behind them than just words, and that the notes are more than paper on a sheet.

    I believe that music can last forever, and it can always be played over and over again. I think that music brings people together, and it sends a message that people might be too afraid to say. I believe music inspires us.

    Last winter my violin teacher, some other students and I went to this place called “Empty Bowls” where volunteers made soup for people who were hungry and couldn’t afford it. It was formal though and much more than a soup kitchen. We played music for the families while they were eating, and other people could buy handmade bowls or other crafts and the money went to buy more soup for another time. I remember being on the stage playing and I was watching the people getting their soup and I observed that for some people it was the first warm, fulfilling meal for a while. This experience taught me that music can bring people together. Music made the mood in the room feel more like a happy environment and like a place that was for people to come together and enjoy an afternoon with a meal and music and not feel stress. I think the music made people feel welcome, and I am always grateful when I can share music in some way when it can help someone to put their head up and look at the bright side of things.

    I believe music helps people to open their eyes and see the bigger picture. Bono said “ Music can change the world because it can change people.” Music has the opportunity to make an impact on us the first time we hear it. It can inspire us to get up and go outside of our comfort zone and help. There is music everywhere, all around us, from the beat of my heart to the rhythm of the rain falling on the roof.

    I hear music everyday, it is playing in the car every morning on the way to school. It helps me to wake up and brightens my day. I could be listening to the same song as a hundred other people in the world and it could be bringing us together without any of us knowing it is doing that.

    I believe music should be shared. Concerts can be big or small and bring people from different worlds together for one day or for an evening to listen to the same songs. The same song might make one person in the audience remember hearing that song on the radio while taking a road trip with their family, while it makes another person in the audience remember their first middle school dance while listening it.

    I believe in music.

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