I Believe Hard Work Pays Off

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I believe hard work pays off. My precious parents taught me that belief. I commenced to go farming with my parents in the lazy, hazy summertime.Every day in the early morning my dad would intentionally wake me up everyday at six o’clock. Waking up in the morning always happened to occur like this, my aquarium blue curtain hadn’t been tie up yet, my alarm hadn’t rung yet, and my older sisters hadn’t woke up yet.Surprisingly, yes, that is my daily routine. It kills me because I’ve spending my good gracious summer every morning just going to the farm instead of a life like a teenager would spent over the summer.

Immediately, when I got out of the car, I was aware of the ground in case if there were any muds or any puddles. Technically, the ground were always muddy and sticky because of the sprinkler. Then my parents instantly demand me to wear the heavy leather boots so I won’t slip or get dirty easily. Everytime I take a step, my boots causes the clop clop and splak splak noises. Sometimes I even feel like I’m smashing big insects without knowing because of my heavy leather boot. When we start farming we had to crouch and pluck out the bad roots and throw it in the brown basket; then we inserted the new seeds into the soil row by row.As you know, farming had nothing to do with fun. It’s all about working and working and working which feels like it’s never going to end. Just like a parallel line, it goes on forever.

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I tried to enjoy farming but then each day it just becomes more downhill, boring. Subsequently, I complained to my dad. “Dad why do you guys work so hard for this? It’s so tiring.” My dad responded. “Thung, have you ever heard of hard work pays off?” I replied, “ Yeah.” My dad responded back, “Then keep that in mind because later in your future you will be facing many hard things, unexpectedly, but you will have to keep going forward and break through it.” He gave me a grinned, “Just believe me that hard work does pays off.” Beats me, I felt like I just got struck by a bullet. My dad said that so sincerely that I just want to take back what I just said. On a this fine beautiful day, I came home from my friend’s house around six.

I remember the nice breeze and the blue summer sky with cotton candy clouds. The trees were waving to me. As soon as I was right in front of the door, the inside was dark. I was curious of why it’s so dark inside our house. My first thought was, “Oh my gosh, did they go eat out and left me?” So then I got my house key and open the door. Astounded as I was, it
was a surprise party for me. It was my mom’s birthday too, but then they wanted to surprise me because it’s a thank you small party for me helping out with the farming. Although it wasn’t anything huge, I felt grateful of what they had done.

Before my dad finished his speech to me he said, “Thung you sure did work hard, and I know that over the summer you never had time to have fun or get a lot of rest.” “But I want you to know, with this little steps that you have accomplish. I believe that later in life you are able to break through harder and tougher times. And I want you to know that you should always believe hard work does pays off.” I smiled with tearing eye.

Then my mom said, “This is only a little thing, please don’t mind that we didn’t do anything huge for you, as you know the best gift that anyone can give each other is their sincere words and the love that they give to each other and this is just what we have for you. Thank you, Thung.” I thank them lastly and for their wondrous speech they gave me.This made me believe that hard work does pays off, whether it’s small or big everything happens for a reason.

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