If You Like Pina Coladas

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While looking through some of the online ads they all seem to be looking for that one type of person who likes to have fun, outgoing and looking for long term relationships, they don’t come out and marriage right off the bat, but hint around it. Lot of the ads say they are outgoing and likes to have fun, romantic candle light diners, movies and long walks and talks, if they are that outgoing how come they don’t already have or involved in a relationship instead of looking for one online? I never could understand why anyone has to put an ad in the paper or online to meet someone, with the amount of people occupying the earth why we have to resort to advertising.

When I looking at some of the ads I try and imagine the person submitting it, are they who they say they are or is it just something to get the right person to take care of them the rest of their lives? A majority of the ads looks like they are repeating the same thing, different person and maybe a few words changed here and there but mostly the same thing, looking for someone to spend quite time with, long walks, romantic evenings and dinner at your expense of course, none of the ads “women seeking men” mentions anyone likes to cook at home, could this mean something like “ this is not the one for you” spending a lot of time in restaurants and not enough time in the kitchen. I’m not a believer in online dating or putting ads in the paper to meet your future soul mate, there’s plenty of people and things to do where you have the opportunity to meet that person, even if you are shy and awkward and have no social skills at all you still have the best chance to meet.

Meeting someone in person you get a chance to see who and what you are dealing with instead of doing a blind date, ending up having put you in an awkward situation if that person does not live up to your standards, talk is good when you are sitting behind a keyboard or phone pad.

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