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Imc Plan on Meat Products of Mmsu Essay

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Mariano Marcos State University College of Business, Economics and Accountancy Batac City INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS PLAN Submitted to: Mr. Jeffrey de Vera Submitted by: Hazel Simeon Florence Ratuita Michael Glenn Pasion Jayson Rivera Executive Summary The MMSU procesed meat products specifically pork meatballs, pork burger patties, pork lumpiang shanghai and pork siomai lacks marketing strategies as IMC.

The IMC plan is to promote these different products and launch it in thye market applying the basic principles and essential strategies to achieve its objectives to keep yhis products on track with the different competing products in the market.

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Imc Plan on Meat Products of Mmsu
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Problem Statement It has not established name in the local market area, and that it lack the appropriate marketring strategies. Situation Analysis In every business, it has its own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats. These may pertain to the environment of business or the product itself.

Here is the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats) analysis of the processed food products of MMSU which are, pork meatballs, pork burger patties, pork lumpiang shanghai and pork siomai.

A. SWOT Analysis STRENGHTS ·Easy to cook ·Longer life-span in low temperature ·The product is cheap WEAKNESSES ·Perishable when not frozen ·Contains fats and amount of sodium OPPORTUNITIES ·Meatballs, Burger patties and Shanghai can be served with rice ·Meatballs can be an ingridient or toppings for spaghetti. ·Popular/dominating foods in the market. It can be produced in any season THREATS ·Many competitors in the market B. Market Consumer Behavior Analysis Consumer behaviour is the study of when, why, how, and where people do or do not buy a product. It blends elements from psychology, sociology, social anthropology and economics. It attempts to understand the buyer decision making process, both individually and in groups. It studies characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics and behavioural variables in an attempt to understand people’s wants.

It also tries to assess influences on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference groups, and society in general. But the market is being composed of different segments which are: geographics, demographics, psychographics, and behaviographics. It is therefore defined that different markets behave in different manners. So the market consumer behavior analysis would depend on the following segments. Geographics Is the physical location or region. It is therefor being generalized that people living in the same location or region behave in the same manner.

Ex. Living in Ilocos Norte Demographics It is a quantifiable population characteristics, such as age, gender, income, education, family situation. This variables could help determine what kind of product they want or what capabilities they have in purchasing. Psychographics It pertains to the lifestyle, social or personality characteristics of a certain market. This segment is driven by their confidence and instincts. Behaviougraphics The needs and wants of the customer in relation to the product, including expectations and attitudes like their social activities.

C. Competitive Analysis 1. Direct Competition ·Pork meatballs, pork burger patties, pork lumpiang shanghai and pork siomai have a lot of direct ompetitors in the market. More commonly they are named as, Pampanga’s best, CDO, Mekeni, and Purefoods. 2. Indirect Competition ·Every products in the food industry most especially processed meat products are all indirect competitors of those products. 3. IMC Strenghts and Weaknesses ·MMSU Food Processing is not performing a tough Marketing communications Strategy. o since that is the case, we find that their IMC is weak and needs more improvement and have to establish strong marketing communications to perform well in the market and apply the concepts of IMC. From mere advertising, sales promotions, public relations and personal selling. It shows that they don’t put much effort on their IMC. D. Product Analysis 1. Product/Service Background ·Name of the product The name of the product is MMSU processed meat products more specificaly: pork meatballs, pork burger patties, pork lumpiang shanghai and pork siomai.

These are meat products stored in a small package in different varieties like per piece and per kilograms. ·Nature of the product Like other processed meat products, it is also an easy to cook food. You won’t go through a lot of hassles in preparing this foods. 2. Current Problems facing the brand and service ·The problems being faced by the brand is the lack of promotional activities and other marketing efforts. 3. Past IMC or advertising themes ·There is no past IMC or advertising theme aside from its new improved packaging. 4. Past IMC Budgets ·There is no past IMC Budgets. . Past and Present Media expenditures ·There is no past and present Media expenditures. 4. Target Market and Audience · Area Coverage (Geographics). Processed food products such as pork meatballs, pork burger patties, pork lumpiang shanghai and pork siomai are popular and being dominated in the market most especially in the food industry in general. The target area coverage would be the entire province of Ilocos Norte. An organize distribution system to introduce the product in all markets of the Ilocos region and the neighbor provinces shall be the initial market. Customers. Households, restaurants, tweens and young adults. They are the major customers of this kind of product because more commonly households can serve this in their day-to-day meals. Restaurants can also serve this in their menu list. Tweens and young adults enjoys this kind of food, they are more fond of eating this trendy foods being offered in the market. 5. Objectives ·Establish the trend of convenience to the market. Product promotion through advertising and free-samples enhances marketability.

At the outset, as long as promotion and advertisement funds allow, each home in the locality shall have tried the product of which satisfaction ( or dissatisfaction ) may be established through a simple survey. ·Penetrate all markets in the locality. If satisfaction is determined that must be substantial, wider markets may be generally established. Production in larger volumes may follow. ·Make further innovations to stay ahead of competition. Innovations should not stop and other products of similar nature must be explored. As well as creating new features to satisfy the customers and improvement should always emanate.

A. Marketing Objective ·Increase sales and profitability. This is the major marketing objective that each and every business would want to achieve, in order to continue its production it must be profitable and somehow have an increaseb in sales. ·Attain fair market share. The market or the customer is the reason why a business exists, so attaining a fair market share would keep the business get going. Because it’s like an assurance that the business would still have their valued customers. It’s important that a business could dominate even it’s main markets. B. IMC Objective

The IMC objective is to reach every potential and non-potential customers. This is to launch this product and help it to introduce its brand in the market. For them to be informed and further persuaded and remind them about this certain products that it shall retain into their minds most especially to establish a good brand imageand this would help the product to communicate with the market. 6. Strategies and Programs The strategies and programs would depend on the different strategies which are as follows: A. Marketing Strategies Make packaging as attractive as possible.

The product must have passed through current good manufacturing practices that must be stated in the packaging material. As the safety of the consuming public is at stake. Make prices as affordable as possible. The price must be affordable and economical for the customers so that they can avail the products being offered. B. IMC Strategies and Programs We will be making used of the different marketing communication mixes like advertising, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion. Advertising. We would make used of different medias to create a link with the product and the customer.

Public relations. Through publicity, the market would be able to notice this products. Personal selling. In this manner of selling the seller could interact with the customer in a face-to-face manner. The seller could introduce the product and purchasing may follow next. Sales promotion. We would have a free taste or discounts for large quantity of orders. C. Media Strategies Television. It is easier to reach the customers with this kind of media because it is flexible. The advertisement would be flashed in the local televisions. Radio.

A mass number of audience could be reached through radio communications. Wherein listeners could be the prospects. 7. Budget Budgets should be allocated accordingly to what kind of mediums shall be established as an IMC program. Television: P 1,500,000. 00 Newspaper: P 10,000. 00 Radio: P 500,000. 00 Flyers: P 30,000. 00 (3000 pieces) Internet: P 100. 00 Total: P 2,040,100. 00 8. Appendices A. Research B. Creative Execution TV advertisement and billboard. TV advertisement. The advertisement shall be flashed in television screens for about 30 seconds.

The concept of the advertisement is the affordability of the processed meat products of MMSU like pork meatballs, pork burger patties, pork lumpiang shanghai and pork siomai which can be quite inviting for the target audiences. Ofcourse we added humor so as to follow trendy advertisements and to deliver a humoristic yet precise message towards the audiences. Billboard. Having the knowledge that billboards are catchy because of its size, we made it even attention catching through a deceptive image. The aims to initiate further “talk of the town” reaction from the market, because the billboard might be quite humoristic too.

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