In Your Opinion, Public Transport Should Be Upgraded to Improve Their Facilities or Not? Essay

Public transport network in the country include bus transportation, taxi, Light Train Transit System (LRT), komuter (KTM) and monorail. It’s already a lot of effort to integrate all these services, but its success still further. Thus, the various crisis that hit the country’s public transport system lasted for a long time. In my opinion, I will say that our public transport system should be upgraded to improve their facilities. There some reasons why I say so.

First of all is the major problem faced by the community on our public transport system is an expensive fare price.

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In Your Opinion, Public Transport Should Be Upgraded to Improve Their Facilities or Not?
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Especially taxi fares and LRT are considered by society as relatively expensive for them to use the regular transportation system. This causes the number of users of public transport, especially the LRT somewhat less comprehensive and not as they only use public transport only to the office. So, this major crisis should be resolved by the government if they want to see people of this country throng to use the LRT.

In addition, public transportation crisis is also linked to public transport system is inefficient. Communities consider public transportation system, especially buses are useless especially itinerary makes the difficult to plan and anticipate the journey that they will encounter. Care problem buses, LRT and taxis are also said to be included in this category because maintenance is not exhaustive. Thus, people not only see the failure of public transport compliance schedule, but also their failure to maintain the quality of their public transport services.

If you frequently use public transportation are sure you will have problems to convert the transportation system. For an instance, the LRT or monorail to the bus to the monorail. As a result, affected the conduct of passengers having to queue up to buy tickets before boarding public transportation and others. In this era of globalization by stressing speed, it would be complicated situation of a society. Thus, an integrated ticketing system should be developed by the government prior to the crisis is becoming increasingly difficult to resolve.

In fact, public transport was also affected by certain actions of their employees, such as taxi drivers and bus drivers who are not courteous when driving. Often people complain of greed public transport drivers on the road as evidenced by the increase in accidents involving public transport. This attitude of not caring they have given a negative image to all employees working in national public transportation system. Indeed, all public transport workers hould be given a course and educated to ensure they are customer friendly and not be hated by the customer. In conclusion, the problem of public transportation is plentiful but difficult to be solved. While people increasingly alarmed with the quality of our public transport services, the government must make drastic actions addressing these issues. The government should take initiative and put more afford to overcome this crisis.

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