In Your Opinion, Public Transport Should Be Upgraded to Improve Their Facilities or Not?

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The public transport network in the country consists of buses, taxis, the Light Train Transit System (LRT), the komuter (KTM), and the monorail. However, integrating these services has been an ongoing challenge, leading to various crises for the public transport system. Personally, I firmly believe that improving the facilities of our public transportation is essential for its success. There are several reasons that support my perspective.

One of the primary concerns in our community is the exorbitant prices for taxis and the LRT in our public transportation system. These means of travel are regarded as costly, posing challenges for regular usage by individuals. Consequently, there is a limited number of LRT users, primarily comprising commuters. To encourage greater utilization of the LRT, it is imperative for the government to prioritize resolving this issue.

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In addition, the public transportation crisis is connected to the inefficiency of the public transport system. The challenging itineraries of buses make planning and predicting journeys difficult, causing communities to perceive them as unhelpful. This issue also applies to poorly maintained buses, LRT, and taxis that undergo inadequate maintenance. Consequently, people observe both schedule non-compliance and a decline in service quality.

Frequent use of public transportation can be challenging when transferring between different modes of transport, such as the LRT or monorail to the bus and back to the monorail. This can impact passenger efficiency as they have to wait in line for ticket purchases before boarding each mode of transport. In our fast-paced era of globalization, this situation presents a complex challenge for society. Hence, it is crucial for the government to establish an integrated ticketing system to address this issue before it becomes even more difficult to resolve.

The discourteous behavior displayed by specific employees, such as taxi drivers and bus drivers, has had a detrimental impact on public transportation. There has been an increase in complaints about these drivers’ self-centered actions, resulting in more accidents involving public transport. This indifferent mindset has created a negative perception of all workers within the national public transportation system. It is crucial that all employees in the public transport sector receive training and education to ensure they provide good customer service and are well-liked by passengers. In conclusion, addressing the extensive issue of public transportation is both challenging and necessary. As concerns about the quality of our public transport services continue to grow, it is essential for the government to take significant steps in resolving this crisis. The government should demonstrate initiative and make greater efforts to tackle these problems.

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