Insurance Envoy System: Claims Process Easier and Flexible

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Insurance Envoy system is an intranet based private web application, which is designed by a group of insurance broker agents, to make their application work of insurance policies and claims process easier and flexible. The web based application is used within their organization under the distributed accessibility to check the status of the customers who have taken new policies and their proper track and reminding of policy premium payments and claim conditions.

The system is actually developed to cater to the process speed up in their Business process such that the customer satisfaction rates increase and the generic flow of customers into this domain follows a smooth and steady fashion. The major problem under the manual process is to keep track of the existing insurance policy holders, and remaining them at regular intervals about their policy premium payments. In order to render the ordinary services also it takes a great lot of time in just searching through the registers for the existing customers base.

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If the process of data storage can be automated and follow up of search can be increased, there is always a heavy chance of getting extra customers in turn, which can increase the profits ratio upon the organization. The actual purpose of going for this system is to make the organizational process to get speed up. The brokers can have the expected information at its desk at any time, with respect to any instance. Generating required reports as per the operational requirements becomes much easier and information availability at hand.

The system not only becomes false proof, and higher levels of satisfaction prevail at the side of customer. The application is also security oriented and gets associated within the system, as the general structure of accessibility is fastly demandable. Any registered broker within the organization can get on to the system to know the specific information, which he feels that it is requirement with respect to the business policies. The referential information also gets ported on to the forms, where the search criteria are greatly reduced.

The total portal has been planned to be associated through the conceptual constant of the Java network and databases technologies, the concept handles the late trends that are set for higher date transfer rates optimized bandwidth utilizations of the network by using the technologies lire EJB & Servlets the web content is applied through dynamic with oriental usage of Java server pages at various stages. The entire project has been developed keeping is of the Distributed client server computing technologies mind.

The specifications have been normalized by 3NF to eliminate all the anomalies that may also due to the databases transaction that are execute by the customer of the suppler. The user interface is browses specific to give distributed accessories for the overall system. The internal database has been selected as Oracle 9i. The basic objectives of table spaces, clusters and indexes have been exploited to provide higher consistency and reliability for the data storage. The oracle 9i was a choice as it provides the constructive of Relational criteria with object-oriented concepts for higher-level reliability and security.

The total front end was dominated using HTML standards applied with the dynamism of Java server pages. The communication client was applied using the servlets and EJB’s at all proper levels high-level care was taken to check that the system manages date consistency with proper business validation. About The Organization The “Kith & Kim” insurance consultancy private limited, is a business domain, which has its commercial activities spread in and around central Bombay.

The system has a group of Insurance Envoys, who are registered by some premium Insurance Envoys, who are registered by some premium insurance companies like LIC, Tata, SBI, InsVysya etc to calling out the activity of making the customers as policy holders. The organization has been seeing a drastic change in the policies of insurance business and had felt the use of automation of its business process to keep them very nearer to the psychology of the existing customers, and by satisfying the existing customers, intern get new customers into its fold.

The basic target of the organization is to increase its commission basis, and this is categorically possible only when the customer’s base increases. They were the dominant leaders in making insurance business when the Indian market was captured by LIC as a monopoly agency. But because of the changes that have been enacted by Indian Government and IRDA to expand the insurance Business sector, by calling private insurance companies into the market, their customer base suddenly started increasing heavily.

To keep their good will in the market will sustain their business, the need of the ITES services a raised. Previously, the system used to waste a great lot of time in managing the information, which was collected in papers. The consistency and reliability were always questionable, now the system has taken a form decision that it will mange all the system consistency and reliability through IT standards, the need for the present system aroused.

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