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Interest savings account

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Interest rates on savings account differ from one bank to another. Interest rates could be as low as 0.5% to as high as 2.5%. Interest rates are commonly compounded on day to day basis, i.e. the interest rate is divided by the number of days during the year to get the “daily interest rate”. The interest earned in a savings account is usually paid at the end of every month. Depending on the policies regarding the savings account, there are some banks that require minimum balance in the account for it to earn interest.

Base on the interest rate offered, the minimum balance needed for the savings account to earn interest and other fees, we shall choose the best savings account offered by three of the largest banks in Canada: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Bank of Montreal (BMO), and TD Canada Trust Bank.

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Interest savings account
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Royal Bank of Canada
Bank of Montreal
TD Canada Trust
Account Type
RBC High Interest eSavings Account
Premium Rate Savings Account
Guaranteed Investment Account
Interest Rate
2.5% (all amounts)
1% (balance <$60,000) 2.5% (balance = $60,000 and over)
2.25% (balance is $5,000 or more)
Debit Fee
$5 per transaction
$5 for cash withdrawal,

$0.85 per transaction for other types of debit
One free debit/mo, $5 per succeeding transaction
Analyzing the figures from the table, it is quite clear that Royal Bank of Canada offers the best interest savings account available since it gives the highest interest rate without requiring any minimum balance in the account. Premium Rate Savings Account from BMO would also be a good choice if you regularly do debit transactions since it offers same interest rate with RBC eSavings (only if you can maintain account balance of $60,000) and a much smaller debit fee.

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