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War narratives before Erich Maria Remarque’s times still leaned toward subjects of glorification. escapade. and award. In showing his realistic version of a soldier’s experience. Remarque stripped that from war novels in his antiwar novel. All Quiet on the Western Front. Remarque accurately depicts both the physical and mental adversities of war. This novel should be read by all soldiers believing of enlisting in the ground forces for several grounds.

First. the fresh describes in item the worst instance scenarios associated with war. Soldiers would be able to do better determinations when enlisting. Second. those soldiers who enlist would be better prepared for the mental horrors that arise post-war. Finally. the fresh sets a criterion for the nationalism needed to function one’s state and the award that comes with that nationalism.

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The fresh depicts war as it really is. Remarque describes a minute of war by composing. “Everywhere wire-cutters are snarling. boards are thrown across the webs. . . the Earth frissons. it crashes. fumes. and moans. we stumble over slippy balls of flesh. over giving bodies” ( pg. 117 ) . By reading All Quiet on the Western Front before enlisting. a individual would hold a better chance to make up one’s mind if they are prepared to confront the horrors of war. Remarque’s chief character. Paul Baumer insists that he was non to the full prepared for war. While on leave. he says. “I imagined leave would be different from this. Indeed. it was different a twelvemonth ago. . . There lies a gulf between that clip and to-day. At that clip I still knew nil about the war” ( pg. 168 ) .

During war. unprepared work forces frequently can non get by with the horrors of war. Remarque Tells of one adult male momently traveling brainsick. Remarque writes. “Suddenly small Kropp throws his coffin nail off. casts on it viciously. and looking around him with a broken and distracted face. stutters ‘Damned crap. the blasted crap! ’ We walk on for a long clip. Kropp has calmed himself ; we understand. he saw ruddy ; out there every adult male gets like that sometime” ( pg. 18 ) . Although Kropp’s insanity was in fact merely impermanent. work forces must be prepared to confront such impermanent insanitites before they enter war.

The novel non merely accurately describes the horrors that occur during war. but it besides describes the horrors that continue post-war. Paul tells of what will go on after the war has ended by stating. “Now if we go back we will be weary. broken. fire out. rootless and without hope. We will non be able to happen our manner any longer. ” After war. many work forces are plagued with flashbacks of war. Some work forces are unable to acquire past the horrors of war. Remarque expresses a fright of being unable to acquire the war out of his head when he writes. “What do they anticipate of us if a clip of all time comes when the war is over? Through the old ages our concern has been killing ; — it was our first naming in life. Our cognition of life is limited to decease. What will go on afterwards? And what shall come of us? ” ( pg. 264 ) . Remarque describes the bond that exists between all work forces that fought in World War I. He writes. “All work forces of my age. here and over at that place. throughout the whole universe see these things ; all my coevals is sing these things with me” ( pg. 263 ) .

Last. All Quiet on the Western Front describes the needful nationalism to function one’s state and the award that comes with that nationalism. The soldiers in the fresh say that their ground for contending the war is to support their state. Kropp. says. “We are here to protect our fatherland” ( pg. 203 ) . Generally. people view veterans as heroes. Countless commemorations have been dedicated to those who have died for their state. In All Quiet. Remarque Tells of an “old buffer” who describes the veterans as “‘young heroes’”

( pg. 50 ) . Remarque besides describes women’s sing soldiers with commiseration. One of the female characters in Remarque’s novel says. “La guerre – expansive malheur – pauvres garcons ( Gallic for: the war – really bad – hapless male childs ) ” ( pg. 148 ) . Often. people enjoy being pitied and being showered with fondness. The work forces in Remarque’s novel delectation in the fondness that the adult females show them.

Erich Maria Remarque’s novel All Quiet on the Western Front accurately describes both the horrors and awards of war. If the ground forces would necessitate this novel to be read before hitch. more work forces would be better prepared for the feelings that await them in the armed forces. By stating of the negative facets of war. Remarque’s novel could successfully free the ground forces of those soldiers that are. or will of all time be unfit for war. By stating of the positive facets of war. Remarque’s novel could promote more work forces to fall in the military. Whether a adult male decides to fall in or non to fall in. Remarque’s novel can supply counsel in doing the pick.

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