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In the Name of Allah Almighty, the most Merciful and the most Beneficial Profile Program: BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) Registration ID: BBAAF08-010 Role Number: 07-629 Specialization: Human Resource Management Internship ZONG * Postal Address: * Starting Date of Internship: * Ending Date of Internship: * Reference/Consulted Person: Acknowlegement With the name of Allah, the most kind and the most beneficent” I am very thankful to Almighty Allah, who gave me this opportunity to gain knowledge and learn from this project as well as who gave me the strength and helped me in the competition of this report.

I am very thankful to my Family, My friends, my teachers and specially my group, who helped and assisted me while making this report. * * * * * * * * * * * Tables of Contents * Executive Summary7 Introduction to Report8 Introduction to Telecommunication8 History of Zong9 Company Profile9 CMCC9 CMPAK9 ZONG PAKISTAN10 The Zong Story. 10 A star is born!! 0 The Brand10 Color:10 The Vision11 Zong Vision Statement11 The Mission11 Zong Mission Statement12 Goals and Objectives of Zong12 There are Five Key Values of Zong:13 Why ZONG13 ZONG Culture14 Core Values14 Responsibility Makes Perfection14 Corporate Philosophy14 Code of Business Principle16 Focus on Management Development16 Guiding Principles of ZonGerZ16 Organizational Ethics17 Human Resource Policies17 Department and Functions of ZONG18 Human Resource Management:18 Main Functions:18 Zong’s Intentions for Human Resource Policies18 Career19 HR ZONG19 Functions of Human resources Department of Zong19

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Components of a HRM System20 Responsibility of HR Manager:20 Structure of the Organization20 Process of performance appraisal in ZONG22 Compensation & benefits criteria in ZONG22 Functions of R & S at Zong:22 Recruitment Policy of Zong23 Recruitment Procedure in Zong23 Selection Steps in Zong:23 Selection & Interviews in Zong24 Zong Policies for Recruitment and Selection:25 ?Recruitment policy:25 ?Policy guidelines:25 General Condition for Recruitment26 Conditions for selection26 ?On Selection the following information will be forwarded to HR to be kept in the Employees Personal File:27 )Interview Evaluation form27 b)Passport size Photos.

27 c)Any other special clause. 27 d)References. 27 e)Copy of N. I. C. 27 f)Copies of Degree(s): Bachelors and above only, Copies of experience certificates27 g)Duly filled application form27 Using Consultant27 In the case of consultants, the company will sign a contract with the consultant for a duration, ranging from 3 months to 1 year. 27 The Human Resource Department shall prepare and deliver the Employment Letter to the Employee and take signatures on a copy. 27 Job Analysis and Preparation of Job Description27 Job Analysis27 When hr department is asked or demand for more employees in any other department, the activity HR department performs that first they compile the whole job duties, responsibility grade, work unit and placement and afterwards they prepare the job description. 27 ?Job description:27 A single job description is prepared for two purpose:27 1. First they use it to publish it in the local newspaper which have a nationwide network27 2. Secondly they use the same job description for the website where the online application facility for the new employment. 27

Job description they prepare for the newspaper has a slight difference from the job description they have on their website. Job description they prepare for the newspaper is very simple but the components they have in this job description are as follows:27 ?Job title:27 Includes the job title for which it is being advertised. 27 Department for which department the job is required:27 ?Responsibilities27 Includes the key areas to perform, autonomy and power. 27 ?Specification:27 Includes the basic skills, knowledge, ability, experience and educational background. 28 ?Gender:28 They specify the gender for the particular. 8 ?Working location:28 Sites where he/she has to place for job. 28 At the end the HR department specifies the address of their particular regional head office and main head offices for these advertisements where the candidates send their resumes. 28 Practices at ZONG regarding Recruitment and Selection28 Internal recruitments28 External recruitment28 Critical Review on Recruitment and Selection Process30 Probation Period:31 Orientation31 Code of conduct in Zong31 Orientation of the employees31 Orientation criteria of ZONG: Orientation is given to every employee who is new in ZONG32 Equal opportunities32

Training Methods and Employee Development32 Planned process for training & development33 Training criteria of ZONG: They give training to employees both internally and externally but 50% focus is on internal training and 50% on external training. The training methods ZONG used are :33 Training needs analysis33 A. Training to new comers:33 B. Training development phase:33 C. Training implementation:33 D. Training evaluation phase:34 Compensation and benefits criteria in Zong34 Changes have been brought in ZONG due to HRM34 Performance measurement/appraisal in ZONG34 Scanning, Printing and Filing34 Issuing of monthly checks to employees34

Documentation of employee information34 Providing a helping hand to Recruitment , Compensation and benefits staff35 Performance measurement and appraisal in Zong35 Annual appraisal35 Six month Appraisal35 Traveling facilities36 Exit Interview:37 Human Resource Planning37 Regulatory Department38 The Regulatory Team38 Hierarchy structure of operation department40 Security and Safety information flow41 Customer services Department42 IT /Billing Department42 Internal Audit Department42 Technical Department43 Administration Department43 Finance Department43 Administration Department43 Regulatory & Corporate Department43

Legal Department44 Information and Technology Department44 Marketing Department44 Sales and Distribution Department44 Customer Services Department45 Customer Service Centers45 Packages & Products of Zong Pakistan45 Functions of Safety and Security46 Process Improvements46 Security SMS service (786)46 Security Advisory emails46 Fueling of sites by Army/ FC46 Pasting of Anti-Shatter Film46 Check posts and walk through gates moved47 Induction of IP Cameras47 Safety Equipment47 Construction of Guards/Drivers room47 My Internship Programme47 Regulatory Department47 How This Experience Impact My Career? 48 Problems Encountered48

SWOT Analysis48 Strengths48 Weaknesses48 Opportunities49 Threats49 Organizational Dilemma50 ZONG INTERVENTION51 Conclusion53 References54 * * * * * * * * Executive Summary Zong is a well organized cellular company in Pakistan. In this report, over all view and information has been provided by the main focus of this report was on Human Resource Of Zong, as the main objective was to study, analyze and practically work in the field. The areas of my main discussion were: * Introduction of Zong * Human Resource Department as a whole * Policies of HR * Basis and Intentions of Zong for the building of HR policies * Organizational Structure Hierarchy of Departments * Detail Functions and Practices of HRM of Zong * And so on…. ZONG is the first International brand of China Mobile being launched in Pakistan. It is meant to empower and liberate the people of Pakistan in every nook and corner of the country. It will become a part of their hearts, their minds and bring about a change in their lives that every one desired but few thought would be possible. The core essence of ZONG is to allow people to communicate at will. Without worrying about tariffs, network coverage, capacity issues or congestion.

ZONG will be supported by ground breaking communications, trend setting customer service and an unmatched product offering which will redefine rules of the game and establish Zong as a serious contender for the number one spot. ZONG would offer its customers with entertaining & innovative value added services and will empower them by giving a wide variety of products, services & content to choose from. They are privileged to be the pioneering country introducing this brand with others to follow. And God willing, together they will also make ZONG a success story for others to try and replicate. Introduction to Report

The report making of a certain selected organization, after getting practical experience in that organization was the requirement of internship program compulsory for Business Administration students, under the Department of Management Sciences of WISH (Women Institute of Science and Humanities), Islamabad, Pakistan. This report contains a detailed overview of services and working of Zong Pakistan. Zong is an international provider of high quality telecommunication, data and media communication services. It is the subsidiary of China Mobile which is very large and well known. It’s basically referred to as CM Pak i. . China Mobile, world’s largest telecom operator. Having a customer base of over 300 million customers, its network routes 700 million text messages every day and handles 250 million calls every hour. Zong Pakistan launched its operations few years back & replaced Paktel. Setting precedence for further foreign investments in the telecom sector. Everyone knows the role of “Human Capital” in the life of any organization. As present era is solely an era of Humanistic capital so the organizations focusing on people excellence are getting the competitive edge over its rival in the modern market.

So being a student of HR I have analyzed major HR functions and policies of Zong Pakistan which includes: * Selection & recruitment. * Wages & incentives. * Performance management. * Career management. * Human resource planning. * Training & development. * Job Analysis & job description. * Orientation. * Human resource information system. * Operations and Security. Introduction to Telecommunication Every organization, whether it is a multinational, private business, government offices, etc… depend on its people. These people working as

General Managers must be trained and kept motivated, offered good working environment and must be acknowledged at work. Telecom industry is growing in Pakistan, with new companies getting license the competition is tough as a result the consumer is getting benefit and enjoying cheap call rates. With a population of 15 million countries, telecom is one of the best revenue generated industry. As voice over IP, web conferencing and online video sessions are becoming popular these companies have bright future ahead. The main players in the telecommunication industry in Pakistan are: * Warid * Zong * Ufone * Mobilink * Telenor

History of Zong Paktel is a mobile telecommunication company in Pakistan. It was the first ever company granted license to carry out cellular phone services in Pakistan, set up by Cable & Wireless. It carried out AMPS services until 2004, when the company launched GSM services as well. Its main competitor emerged in late 1990s as Instaphone and soon began to dominate the market. However after the launch and rapid success of Mobilink in 1998, both services lost market share. In 2003, Millicom, bought Paktel. Millicom installed a new management team. In January 2007 Millicom sold Paktel for $284 million to China Mobile.

Recently China mobile company in Pakistan after replacing the code 0304 with 0314 now introduced its new brand called “ZONG” . With an introductory slogan “Say everything” or “Sub Keh Do” & started its advertising campaign at popular print & electronic media outlets. Company Profile CMCC China Mobile is the world’s largest telecom operator. Having a customer base of over 300 million customers, its network routes 700 million text messages everyday and handles 250 million calls every hour. China Mobile is perhaps the only cellular network that provides uninterrupted, reliable coverage hrough tunnels, on highways, inside sky scrapper elevators as well on top of Mount Everest. One of the unique features of China Mobile servicing excellence is customizing its products, services and tariffs to suit the individual needs of its huge subscriber base. There are hundreds of payment/tariff options to choose from according to one’s usage pattern, budget limitations and nature of use. China Mobile is the first overseas subsidiary, China Mobile Pakistan has the license to offer and operate voice, data and all value added services in the entire country.

One of the fastest growing cellular markets in the world, Pakistan is a key region that is likely to offer expansion opportunities as well the chance to make a difference in the lives of a growing clientele that is demanding and understands and appreciates better quality and service standards. CMPAK China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) is a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile. The pioneering overseas set up of China Mobile came through acquisition of a license from Millicom to operate a GSM network in Pakistan.

So far CMPak has invested more than US$ 700 million in the telecom sector in Pakistan and an additional US$ 800 million will be invested till the end of year 2008. With ambitious plans to cater to the fastest growing Pakistani market and to win over the ever demanding Pakistani customer, it will be offering unprecedented coverage, voice and data services as well as a wide range of tariff options to choose from. CMPak’s edge comes from the experience and expertise of running the world’s largest telecom service and the commitment they make to setting quality and customer relations standards.

CMPak is geared to offer neatly packaged VAS products that will benefit the individuals, corporate as well as small businesses. Led by a team of professionals from the field of cellular communication, CMPak is determined to make its mark in the Pakistani market and to change the way people communicate. ZONG PAKISTAN The Zong Story. Back in the year 2000, when David Marcus had a full head of black hair, he started the company Echovox to help large media companies make money through mobile services. (Think voting for singers on televised singing talent shows, for example. For the better part of the decade, Echovox did just that – until one day, David got fed up with long, painful credit card checkout flows and thought, now wouldn’t this be easier if I could just buy this with my phone? Since Echovox already has hundreds of direct connections with mobile carriers, why shouldn’t that be possible? A star is born!! A few months later, in 2008, Zong was hatched. David packed up his house and family and made his way out to Silicon Valley to bring Frictionless Mobile Payments to the world.

Picking up a team of Zongers along the way, we’ve grown in leaps and bounds to where we’re now processing millions of payments a month in over 40 countries worldwide. The Brand Zong font is futuristic depicting a clear and modern approach. It is simple and in italics, Depicting the move forward, yet comes out as composed and a coherent. The new refined font couples a tinge of dexterity transforms in to a flexible outlook. The blue background gives the brand a young and fresher look, whereas the type phase, illustrates the confidence, stability and corporate image. Color:

Color is second element in developing a distinctive visual identity: color can trigger an emotion and evoke brand associations. Zong logo is predominantly blue, red and white the colors depict energy, youth, sophistication and optimism. Different people different landscapes, different cultures, but one nation, one common expression, one common voice, one choice-Zong a bran that understands your needs and speaks to your mind and heart. Zong is young, progressive, energetic, genuine and honest, clearly someone from your bunch of friends, who never lets you down and deeply inclined to your side-a true companion and well wisher.

Zong a fresh dynamic and customized brand befitting your lifestyle in order that you feel it as part of your life. A brand that you can always count on, sincerely, that understand your needs, wishes and desires and helps you get connected with your loved ones anywhere, anytime. So speak your heart out and be good to your expression as Zong is all set to mesmerize you with the ever-entertaining. The Vision “With perfect sincerity and integrity, we will strive to fulfill their triple-sided responsibilities: their economic responsibility; their social responsibility and their environmental responsibility. As a good corporate citizen, China Mobile Limited is committed to the harmonious development of its business, society and the environment. China Mobile Limited will remain humble and keep innovating in order to achieve pre- eminence” Zong Vision Statement “Make communication exciting” We will conduct ourselves with integrity and live our company values deliver continuous innovation and exceptional quality services Foster an internal environment of innovation, collaboration and trust In doing CM Pak will become our customer partner of choice, our industry employer of choice and our shareholder investment of choice The Mission

China Mobile’s mission statement is : “Communicate a Boundless World and Construct an Information Society” It aims to build an “omnipresent” mobile network to provide a colorful set of mobile communication applications with “omnipotence”, to promote the citizen’s level of “informationalization” and enhance China Mobile’s competitiveness at an international level. “Omnipresence” entails a secure, open digital network with seamless coverage which allows everyone to use the network at anytime and at any place. Omnipotence” entails the continuous creation of all kinds of applications to suit the individual needs of consumers and the prompt adaptation to new changes to the environment. “Omnipresence” and “Omnipotence” are China Mobile’s ambitious plans and also the objectives that China Mobile aims to achieve through its ethos “Perfection”. Zong Mission Statement “To be leasing mobile operator in Pakistan by continuously innovating and offering exceptional quality and service , to be a good corporate citizen and envy of friendship between China and Pakistan. ” MISSION STATEMENT ANALYSIS|

Customer| No| Product and services| Yes| Market| No| Technology| Yes| Survival, growth, profit| Yes| Self concept| Yes| Public image| Yes| Employees| No| Psychology| Yes| (While doing the mission statement analysis, what I focused upon is the apparent elements of attention by the company, mentioned in their mission statement, where the addressing statement indicates the focus on Product and services instead on the customer (but indirectly customers will be involved when it comes to the products and services of their expectations), not the market but on technology, survival, growth and profit.

Company is very clear about its existence and its meanings through containing its declared self concept, public image and psychology instead of mere employees) Goals and Objectives of Zong Mobile communication is now a utility. You need your mobile phone. Zong team seeks to meet consumers all communication needs by providing the best technology at an affordable price. They give you: Coverage: At an Affordable Price Convenience: At an Affordable Price Connectivity: At an Affordable Price

It would be their prime objective to be rated as the best cellular service provider in Pakistan by expanding their service area to every corner of the country which is to be backed by excellent after-sales service. These high ambitions would certainly lead us to become a major force in the development of telecom industry in Pakistan. We know that their partners Alcatel-Lucent Technologies, Ericsson Pakistan Limited, Huawei Technologies Pakistan and ZTE Pakistan are very well-known globally for their technical expertise and professionalism.

The professionals representing their partners will help CMPak achieve its goals in the shortest possible time. Zong have completed acquisition of 100% shares of ZONG. US $ 723 million worth of FDI has already been made in the country and on top of that They’ll be investing millions of dollars in the future. Let me reiterate their resolve and uncompromising commitment that China Mobile is here to stay which is why They are planning to continuously invest to improve their network coverage and quality.

China Mobile has the resources and technical expertise to become one of the largest operators of the country. There are Five Key Values of Zong: 1. Trust Worthiness Trust worthiness to be promoted between employees and with customers. Building Trust and Integrity must characterize in everything we do. We want everyone who comes in contact with us to know that we do things the right way at CMPak. We work with honesty, integrity and loyalty. We don’t take short cuts. 2. Respect Respect to be core part of the work environment .

We treat each other with respect giving individuals autonomy, privacy, due courtesy in day to day interaction with our customers, suppliers, contractors, and of course each other. We tolerate and accept diversity. 3. Responsibility Responsibility sharing and being aware of the responsibility with in the work place and outside of it. CMPak is a much larger company today than we were. With this increased size comes the challenge of operating in a timely fashion. We must avoid bureaucratic delays in the pursuit of excellence. We must be agile enough to act faster than our competitors. . Communicate Openly We want good news to travel fast and bad news to travel even faster up the line. We need to be mindful of the importance of honestly communicating problems as well as breakthroughs. The sooner we communicate a problem, the easier it is for us to marshal our company’s resources to solve it. We must communicate with each other at all levels fostering harmony and a culture of openness. 5. Team Work Team works culture within the organization. CM Pak’s power comes from the talented people who make up our company.

By cooperating and sharing our knowledge with each other seamlessly across organizations, we can make our company even stronger Why ZONG As one of the fastest growing telecom company in Pakistan, ZONG is committed to attracting and retaining the best human resource from all over Pakistan. Zong offers more than a job; it offers the opportunity to realize your full potential and the pride to make dreams come true. We put forward people with talent, passion and integrity a wide range of progressive careers. If you believe in yourself and are looking for a progressive career; ZONG is your perfect destination.

We assure your smile after joining ZonG family. ZONG Culture As a company we deliver solutions that drive business value, create social value and improve the lives of every customer (internal & external). Zong actively promotes a culture of recognizing individual’s capabilities and giving boost to their enthusiasm. It allows people to make the most of their skills, personality and career. At Zong, you will find challenging projects, smart talented people with potential to make a difference and who possess the following values. Core Values

The Company upholds its core value in earnest, namely “Responsibility Makes Perfection” With “Communicate a Boundless World and Construct an Information Society” As its mission, the Company strives to become the “Creator of Superior”. Responsibility Makes Perfection CM Pak is here with the same theme which they are following in China i. e. Responsibility leads perfection. By this CMPak shows how much responsible the organization is to achieve perfection. Corporate Philosophy The core concepts of the Company’s corporate culture are Responsibility” and “Pre- eminence”, Meaning that the Company shall “Enrich the Public’s Livelihood” by its “Noble Virtues” To that end, the Company is committed to being a benevolent, responsible and outstanding corporate citizen who never ceases in its efforts in making improvements. Based on the understanding of their triple-sided responsibilities, namely their economic responsibility to grow, their responsibility to the society and their responsibility to the environment, China Mobile Limited’s vision of responsibility is as follows: With perfect sincerity and integrity, They will strive to fulfill their triple-sided responsibilities: their economic responsibility, their social responsibility and their environmental responsibility. ” The Company will keep its commitment to being an outstanding corporate citizen and will fulfill its promises with utmost integrity, and it will continue its efforts in innovation and pursue ever greater perfection without resting on its laurels in order to achieve the harmonious development of the Company, the society and the environment.

The starting-off point of the Company’s vision of responsibility is “Acting in good faith”, That bears the two-fold meaning of “sincerity” and “integrity” in ancient Chinese culture. “Sincerity” is the starting-off point and driving force behind the continuous efforts of the Company in fulfilling its responsibilities and “integrity” is the norm and basic standards for the fulfillment of their responsibilities. “Economic responsibility”- The Company will pursue harmonious development for it and will secure its own sustainable development through credible and responsible economic activities.

To this end, the Company will demonstrate all its strengths, continue its efforts in innovation and pursue ever greater perfection. “Social responsibility”- The Company will pursue the harmonious development of the society and, whilst pursuing its own excellence, the Company will strive to achieve synergy with the development of the society with a view to make progression towards the sustainable development of the human society. “Environmental responsibility” The Company will pursue the harmonious development of the environment.

To this end, the Company will endeavor to protect the natural environment by reducing its consumption of resources and the impact of its operation on the environment. Code of Business Principle CMPak activities should serve to illustrate that business success in demanding markets can be achieved without compromising ethical principles or international norms. Their Codes of Conduct have been adopted by the CMPak’s Board and are a key management tool for influencing all their activities. The Codes of Conduct cover areas that are important for ensuring solid business ethics in all aspects of their activities.

They contain specific and practical rules, and set the standards for how individual employees should conduct business when faced with competition and demands for meeting business objectives. Failure to comply with the Codes of Conduct results in sanctions suited to fit the nature and extent of unauthorized actions. The Codes of Conduct apply to managers, employees, hired staff and anyone acting on behalf of CMPak. Focus on Management Development Zong’s management and organization is imbued with joint values.

The Group Management has devised five leadership requirements that apply to all managers in the Group, and all management groups shall discuss what these requirements mean to them. The demands are: * Passion for business. * Change and constant renewal. * Operational excellence. * Empower people. * Integrity. All managers are subject to annual evaluations based on these management criteria. Human Capital Division at Zong believes in continuous improvement and is taking the standards of service to the utmost levels of excellence.

From providing the best administrative support to facilitate employees work life to creating benchmark security solutions, we are a team of enthusiastic, energetic young people who are geared to perform the best always. From being the best in providing benefits to our employees to the best in providing development opportunities, Zong have managed to create a culture of passion for business, operational excellence and constant renewal. Guiding Principles of ZonGerZ * I would like to add here the principles of Zong in its own wordings: The women and men (ZonGerZ! of CM Pak, are guided by the following Principles. They describe our company as we want it to be. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate these Values. ZonGerZ believe that putting our Values into practice creates long-term benefits for shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities we serve. * ZonGerZ take responsibility for QUALITY… Our products and services will be “best in class” in terms of value received for rupees paid. We will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change.

Each of us is responsible for the quality of whatever we do. * ZonGerZ deliver CUSTOMER satisfaction … We are dedicated to satisfying our customers. We believe in respecting our customers, listening to their requests and understanding their expectations. We strive to exceed their expectations in affordability, quality and delivery. * ZonGerZ act with INTEGRITY in all we do… We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work. We fulfill our commitments as responsible citizens and employees.

We will consistently treat customers and company resources with the respect they deserve. * ZonGerZ value EACH OTHER… We treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas. Our continued success requires us to provide the education and development needed to help our people grow. ZonGerZ are committed to openness and trust in all relationships. * With Responsibility comes Perfection… We take responsibility for our actions, we seek to understand each other and behave in a professionally responsible way.

We value each other’s ideas and treat each other with respect. ZonGerZ seek perfection in all things they do and we accomplish perfection through team work and finding solutions to problems. * ZonGerZ regard our SUPPLIERS as essential team members… We owe our suppliers the same type of respect that we show to our customers. Our suppliers deserve fair and equitable treatment, clear agreements and honest feedback on performance. We consider our suppliers’ needs in conducting all aspects of our business. Organizational Ethics While making any decision, Zong Pakistan has been ethically conscious.

Since China Mobile (the parent company) has is origins in China, , Zong Pakistan acknowledges its moral and ethical duty towards its stakeholders and society. Zong Pakistan will not resort to bribery or illegal offers to accept any decision; values will not be compromised to get licensed. If the organization believes it is not ethically right, it will never take that decision. In most of advertisements they project themselves as the care taker of the values of Pakistani people, so they claim to cherish the core cultural norms and values of the Pakistani people.

When the cartoon controversy arose, Zong condemned such actions mocking religious beliefs and portrayed this on their building. Together with your commitment, we will deliver positive results and create opportunities that will benefit the Zong family. Human Resource Policies It is China Mobile’s part of H. R policy to retain and recruit the local employees, which would benefit both the parties, thus they would be contributing in reducing the unemployment rate in the country by providing new job opportunities & the opportunity of training & development.

They would make this company the most sought after in terms of human resource, network, and brand and customer service to begin with and show all their stakeholders that They are the best professionals in this industry and They mean business. To support and assist the local employees, CMPak would be calling in Chinese experts who possess a rich experience in the relevant fields. Moreover, on the front of Corporate Social Responsibility, They as a team owe a lot to this society and would render their support in some social development projects.

They will also show and announce about their environment friendly Towers as soon as possible. Their plans aim to make this company grow very rapidly in areas like human capital, brand, technology, distribution and services etc. However, none of these plans can be achieved without a strong national workforce in Pakistan. Department and Functions of ZONG 1. Human Resources 2. Finance 3. Customer Services 4. Commercial 5. Technical 6. I. T 7. Administration 8. Legal Affairs Let us now, go through each one of these departments and functions of Zong, but my complete focus would be upon Human Resource Management and its function.

Regardless of the size or type of the business, any organization’s most important asset is its Human Resources. Human Resources management strives to achieve organizational goals and goals of the employees through effective personnel programs, policies and procedures. Personnel management program varies from organization to organization. If there is good performance of personnel department, then the employees of the company will be motivated and satisfied. The department manages and mobilized the human resources. Human Resource Management:

Zong’s aim through its HR is to facilitate organizational growth through innovative and effective HR and people practices. Main Functions: * Organizational Development * Recruitment * Compensation and Benefits * Operations Zong’s Intentions for Human Resource Policies * Employment for local people * Indented to reduce the unemployment in the country * To have and Be the best HR professionals in the industry * Socially Responsible (environment friendly Towers) * Contribute in building Strong Workforce in Pakistan (as they also relay on Pakistan’s workforce to success) It is China Mobile’s part of H.

R policy to retain and recruit the local employees, which would benefit both the parties, thus they would be contributing in reducing the unemployment rate in the country by providing new job opportunities & the opportunity of training & development. They would make this company the most sought after in terms of human resource, network, and brand and customer service to begin with and show all their stakeholders that They are the best professionals in this industry and They mean business. To support and assist the local employees, CMPak would be calling in Chinese experts who possess a rich experience in the relevant fields.

Moreover, on the front of Corporate Social Responsibility, They as a team owe a lot to this society and would render their support in some social development projects. They will also show and announce about their environment friendly Towers as soon as possible. Their plans aim to make this company grow very rapidly in areas like human capital, brand, technology, distribution and services etc. However, none of these plans can be achieved without a strong national workforce in Pakistan. Career ZONG is committed on attracting and retaining the best human resource from all over Pakistan.

It’s also provides a working environment which satisfies the professional and personal needs of its employees. HR ZONG “Listening to our employees attentively is the responsibility of ZONG HR. Your feedback will be kept in absolute confidentially by being sent only to HR Operational Excellence Team. We ensure the facilitation of the process in the best interest of the Company and the Employees! ” Functions of Human resources Department of Zong HR department is responsible for the following functions: * Employee services * Payroll information * Leave and medical record * Final settlements and provident fund Policies and procedures * Employees record and recreation * OD and effectiveness * Training plan * Talent management * Performance management * Employees’ retention * Orientation employee communication * Staffing and compensation * Staffing plan and HR budgeting * Management trainee and internship program * Interviewing and selection * Headhunters * Compensation, benefits and incentive Components of a HRM System “Zong A multinational Telecom provider where people make the future” Responsibility of HR Manager: Human resource manager is responsible of handling any disturbances but small disputes are handled by supervisors.

Structure of the Organization * Organizational structure is centralized basically as In Zong the hierarchy is very lean, all the matters are to be reported to the main company and all the policies and targets are approved at the higher level. * Structure at Departmental level is decentralized * Most of the people at Zong, as claimed by Zong itself are Masters of their fields * According to Zong “HR is the biggest asset of the company” * A continuous training is conducted inside and outside the organization to improve the skills of the employee. * On achieving different target different intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are given. The job description of each and every employee is predefined. * Performance appraisal is done on annual basis Departmental Structure Structure of CSC Islamabad MANAGEMENT LINE OF ZONG| Management line| Name| Location| From| CEO| Qin Lee| Islambad| China| CTO| Xu Haiyong| Islambad| China| CFO| Xin Jee| Islambad| China| COO| Zafar Usmani| Islambad| Pakistan | CHRO| Wai Giang Fu| Islambad| China| Direct Rollout| Khurram Alive| Islambad| Pakistan| Director Operations| Syrus Sikander| Islambad| Pakistan| Director Finances| Amir Mahmood| Islambad| Pakistan| Director PMO| Liu Lidong| Islambad| China|

Director sales| Mannan Shabbir| Islambad| Pakistan| Director NPS| Mohammed Bilal| Islambad| Pakistan| LINE MANAGER AND HEADS| Category| Levels| Management| Officers| 1A+1B+1C| Line managers+ Regional Head| Officers| 2A+2B+2C| Line managers+ Regional Head| Executives| 3A+3B+3C| Line managers+ Regional Head| Managers| 4A+4B+4C| Line managers+ Regional Head+SMT| Directors| 5A+5B+5C| SMT| Chief| 6A+6B+6C| SMT+CEO| Process of performance appraisal in ZONG Online appraisal system, managers and employees mutually understand appraisal then HR review it and give final approval Compensation & benefits criteria in ZONG 1. ZONG gives 2.

Medical 3. Bonuses Functions of R & S at Zong: Human Resource department of Zong Pakistan is termed as “Human Capital Division”. Commonly for thehuman resource department the main functions are performed only the selection. Recruitment andemployee’s training. No doubt these practices are also performed by the human resource department, this is not end of the game, and these functions are the part of the activities performed by the human resource department. In Zong human resource department also performs various functions on its side. The main functions of the human resource department are, * Recruitment of the employees Selection of the employees * Placement of the employees. * Proper job planning for the employees * Guidance for the current employees4 * Cultural Excellence (Training & Development) * Compensation and benefits * Operations department * Organizational Development * Making relationship within the organization among different department and outside the organization * Performance evaluation of the employees. Recruitment Policy of Zong The proposed change in existing recruitment practice is to ensure that the HR move from traditional administrative personnel function to more effective value-adding Human Resources Management function.

The objective of the proposed procedure is to ensure that the HR unit drives and takes the ownership of the process from start to the end. This will ensure prompt identification of top quality candidates and quick replacements of vacant positions in the shortest possible time. Recruitment Procedure in Zong * The procedure is valid for vacant existing and new position. In order to fill a vacant or a new position, * HR needs to ensure that the Recruitment Approval Request (RAR) has been submitted and approved by Millicom before the start of the process. * RRF form should have Job Description as its attachment. Once the above requirements are completed, HRS will prepare the profile of the candidate using the RRF form. * The profile will include all relevant key competencies required for the said position. It is, therefore, important that the said form is completed carefully. * The profile will first be circulated within the organization to give the opportunity to staff members. * This step will be conducted for all positions and the deadline for the response is two days. * If the management ascertains that there is no suitable candidate within the organization, it will then skip this process and advertise the post externally. The concerned unit is responsible for ensuring the availability of funds for external advertisement. Selection Steps in Zong: 1. Once the CVs are received in the HRS, it will stamp date of receipt on each. 2. After the deadline of the application, HRS will sift through all applications as per the profile. 3. All potential applications will either be market “I (interview), “R” (reject) or “F” (future use). 4. The HRS assumes this responsibility to ensure that the sifting is done purely on competitive basis and as per profile only. 5.

After screening the applications, marked “I”, and narrowing them down to, say ten or fifteen; HRS will hold a session with the head of the concerned department to further narrow down the applications to five or six candidates. 6. After the above procedure, interview panels will be formed as follows: 7. For all positions at grade G5/O4/S4 and below – Immediate supervisor and HRS representative. 8. For all positions above grade G5/O4/S4 – Immediate supervisor, senior HRS representative and a senior staff member, above the level of the said position, from any other unit within the organization.

Selection & Interviews in Zong * The interview process is based on consensus recruitment methodology. * Each member of the interview panel will individually interview all short-listed candidates. * Each member of the interview panel will have a format containing dimensions highlighted in the candidate’s profile – Dimension Scoring Matrix (DSM). * The interviewer should focus on the past behavioral examples and probe further to conclude understanding of the focused areas and must ensure that he/she (interviewee) identifies as many complete Situation Action Results (SARs) events as possible – matrix. Each interviewer will be scoring, individually, the dimensions based on SARs identified during the interview. * After the conclusion of the interview process, the interviewers should get together to consolidate notes, on the format Dimension Scoring Matrix Consolidation (DSMC) attached , for each candidate and finalize their recommendation based on the Final Average Score – attached as. * All position above grade G5/O4/S4 would require management approval for issuance of offer letter. The appointment letter will be issued only after receiving clearance from the company doctor on the medical fitness of the prospective candidate. * At any stage, the concerned unit will NOT indulge in any kind of discussion pertaining to remuneration or any kind of implied commitment. * Compensation and benefits are administered solely by the HRS. * The successful candidates after test and interview are required to fill a surety bond. Zong Policies for Recruitment and Selection:

Policies for Recruitment and Selection as experienced at ZONG are: * Recruitment policy: Objectives: The policy is meant to ensure an effective and efficient method of recruitment and selection. It is aimed at hiring without any discrimination based on race, color, gender, nationality, ancestry, religion or disability. * Policy guidelines: The recruitment policy must abide by regulations set out by the Government of Pakistan. The Sources of recruitment for different job vacancies in ZONG shall include: * Internal Advertisement. Databank. * Advertising. * Head hunters/executive search organizations. * Walk in candidates. * Colleges and Universities General Condition for Recruitment All recruitment will be done through the Human Resource Department in consultation with the Officers and Heads of the concerned Department. An applicant’s knowledge, skill and aptitude related to the position shall be judged according to a range of factors including: 1. Education (Academic / Professional). 2. Experience. 3. Profile and Psychometric Tests 4.

Interviews. 5. References. Application Applicants may apply online by registering with the web based recruitment gateway. Though for a specific position, they will be required to fill the standard application form of the Company. All applications will be kept on HR database for a period of 6 months only. Following issues are raised in Zong, in the perspective of HRM: * Employee satisfaction * Sources for selection and recruitment * Online selection * Adds * Interviews * Personal references Assessment test for call center Followings are the Online Applying Form of Zong) Conditions for selection Request forms for hiring and transfers must be forwarded to HR department for signatures. In order to gets appropriate candidates information regarding qualifications and job description should be forwarded to HR department. At least ten working days should be given for selection of candidates. Firstly internal advertisement would be placed for suitable candidates or shortlist for databank if no suitable candidates found than external advertisement is referred.

Screened CV’s are than provided to departments and they’ll conduct an interview with the immediate Supervisor / Department / Divisional Head or his / her nominee and any job related selection tests after that short listed candidates are interviewed finally by HR department. * To check suitability Human Resources Department may conduct Profile and Psychometric Tests for the selected candidate. * Two Reference checks will be completed for the selected candidate either before hiring or during the probationary period. Appointment will be subject to satisfactory references being received. 2 * On Selection the following information will be forwarded to HR to be kept in the Employees Personal File: a) Interview Evaluation form b) Passport size Photos. c) Any other special clause. d) References. e) Copy of N. I. C. f) Copies of Degree(s): Bachelors and above only, Copies of experience certificates g) Duly filled application form Using ConsultantIn the case of consultants, the company will sign a contract with the consultant for a duration, ranging from 3 months to 1 year. | The Human Resource Department shall prepare and deliver the Employment Letter to the Employee and take signatures on a copy. Job Analysis and Preparation of Job Description * Job Analysis When hr department is asked or demand for more employees in any other department, the activity HR department performs that first they compile the whole job duties, responsibility grade, work unit and placement and afterwards they prepare the job description. * Job description:A single job description is prepared for two purpose: 1. First they use it to publish it in the local newspaper which have a nationwide network 2. Secondly they use the same job description for the website where the online application facility for the new employment.

Job description they prepare for the newspaper has a slight difference from the job description they have on their website. Job description they prepare for the newspaper is very simple but the components they have in this job description are as follows: * Job title:Includes the job title for which it is being advertised. Department for which department the job is required: * Responsibilities Includes the key areas to perform, autonomy and power. * Specification:Includes the basic skills, knowledge, ability, experience and educational background. * Gender:They specify the gender for the particular. Working location:Sites where he/she has to place for job. At the end the HR department specifies the address of their particular regional head office and main head offices for these advertisements where the candidates send their resumes. | These were the practices but what actually are the practices for Recruitment and selection at ZONG. Let’s explore. Practices at ZONG regarding Recruitment and Selection Practices regarding the recruitment and selection are in accordance with the policies formulated by the HR department. According to employees following were the recruitment practices.

Two types of Recruitments: 1. Internal 2. External| | | | Internal recruitments Internal recruitment stands for the recruitment within the organization, as they are newly established business they do not have any kind of internal recruitment still they are focusing on hiring the people from outside. External recruitment External recruitment stands for the recruitment of the employees from other source/externally. They perform different kind of steps in this category, For the external recruitment first the need for the new employment is created or if it is being demanded by any department.

Human resource department first identifies the need of that job, particular its expenses in hiring that employee(s), time required for itstraining and orientation in Zong Pakistan. After the approval of the manager of human resource department, different methods they adopt for the external recruitment are as follows. * Advertisement through news paper * Advertisement through net (official web site) All recruitment and selection process is handled by the Human resource department. Applications for jobs are mostly made via internet. A selection criterion is totally based on merit.

A series of interviews are conducted followed by a panel interview and a group discussion. Only deserving candidates from a lot of applicants are considered. This is an illustrated model for Zong R & S Process Critical Review on Recruitment and Selection Process References are used everywhere to get a job and so are used in ZONG too. Tough it’s not a positive parameter in the recruitment process but people use it as an entry point. In study we came to know that there are number of employees who were hired in ZONG on the reference basis. But on the other hand retaining or keeping a job is way different then getting a job.

ZONG is using the online system for the Recruitment and Selection process, which is a very positive sign. With the growing factor and use of Internet, it’s much economical in terms of time and money to fill an online application. And also it’s easier for a company to organize their data electronically, which does not only help in organization but provides easy access, longer stay and remotely accessible. This has surly reduced the stress of physical offline requirement and the company can build a good impression to their consumers by using the latest technology.

Probation Period: Six months training period shall be treated as probation period, during the probation period/after final test the Company shall assess the employee and fix his salary/place of duty accordingly. Orientation After the recruitment and selection of the employees socialization and orientation of the employees has started firstly the new comers or new employees have to report to the line manager of their particular department and he is then introduced with the current values, beliefs and code of the conduct of the organization.

Code of conduct in Zong * Zong has a professional and positive workplace with an inclusive working environment. * People have to behave with respect and integrity towards anyone comes into contact with through your work. * They have to create an environment free from any discrimination, be it based on religion, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, race or disability. * They also have to create a working environment free from bullying, harassment or similar. We do not tolerate any behavior that can be perceived as degrading or threatening. Human resource department also believe that most of the things employees learn with the passage of the time, main reason for that is there is always problem in the adjustment at new place of employment. Orientation of the employees Orientation of employees at Zong Pakistan includes with the introduction with the organization, a brief introduction about organization and as well their placement, policies, rules, regulations, safety, health and some other basic issues in the organization. During the orientation of the employees they are introduced with the supervisors, coordinator and other employees working with him/her.

They are introduced with their job and working conditions and other initial information is delivered to them during orientation. Orientation criteria of ZONG: Orientation is given to every employee who is new in ZONG Equal opportunities Zong does not have a gender-divided labor market. As a result of the changing organizational structure, specific equality initiatives by the company have been taken. Occupational groups with technological backgrounds (chartered engineers, engineers and technicians) have been dominant and there was a major predominance of men with this education and these skills.

At the same time, units such as the directory enquiries services and customer services had a clear dominance of women. During recent years, this has evened out, due to increased awareness in recruiting personnel in the various disciplines and due to changes in the basis for recruitment. Zong’s efforts to strengthen the Groups position as an attractive employer have resulted in an increased recruitment of highly skilled women. Customer Services, which was originally dominated by female employees, now has almost the same number of men as women.

The average salary for women has increased, and this unit now employs male and female personnel on equal pay conditions. The average annual salary in the whole organization for women is lower than for men. This is mainly due to the number of men in senior positions outweighing the number of women. Training Methods and Employee Development The principles relating to the development of the working environment are made available on the learning portal Learn at Zong in the form of separate e-learning programs for both employees and managers.

Zong believes that each individual is attributed with potentials, which can be maximized by enabling conditions favorable to their growth. It is recommended that staff gets an opportunity to engage and learn through active involvement in HRD interventions, which could include trainings, workshops, learning exposures, conferences, exchange visits etc. The staff training needs will be identified through performance development program plans in consultation with respective line managers and individual staff.

Line managers will be fully responsible for ensuring their staff receives access to training and development events in areas that have been identified for them. The national HRD budget will be located. The employee upon return from local HRD event will submit detail report outlining key learning’s and use of training received in the organizational work set. Zong Pakistan is providing the training to its employees at level where the organization feels about the performance gaps especially in engineering department and IT division and level of technology does matter too.

Zong at present providing the training to its employees when they introduce any kind of new technology and further more they also provide training to their employees in the call center division. Most important thing to note that Zong Pakistan is still employing the experienced people for jobs and at start they don’t have any kind of formal training. Planned process for training & development Training criteria of ZONG: They give training to employees both internally and externally but 50% focus is on internal training and 50% on external training.

The training methods ZONG used are : * On the job training * International training(china) Training needs analysis Zong Pakistan identifies the training needs at different levels and provides them to their employees in sense to enhance their skills, the training needs are provided at various levels like whenever they introduced the new technology and when they entered in the new place, they provide training to them. A. Training to new comers: Zong provide the training not only to its employees but also to its new officers working outside the organization like franchise workers, sales officers etc.

B. Training development phase: Training development phase includes different appropriate methods of training which can be or are used by the organization for training purposes. Methods of training 1. On job training Zong provide the on job training during the duty hours, which is totally about the job instructions. 2. Coaching Zong provide the coaching facility to its employees for their training like training in the call center and in other official matters. C. Training implementation: During the training they are provided with the specific environment in which learning aspects are there.

Before providing them training one important element is considered that how much information these people already have, whether the further information which will be given will be fruitful or not for employees. They are first introduced with the training purpose and introduced more with the specific environment they are being provided for the training mode. The training rooms for the employees are located in the respective department and each training room is U-shaped and equipped with the white board and multimedia. Sitting arrangement is very proper. D. Training evaluation phase:

After providing the sufficient training to employees they are evaluated on the basis of the different criteria, first they are assessed through their behavior whether after providing the training they have any kind of change in their behavior and along with the leaning purpose that whether they get the sufficient information from their training and they also have to take tests through these training programs to confirm, there must no any kind of performance gap after having the training particularly in their field. And afterwards the employees are also evaluated through their output level. Compensation and benefits criteria in Zong Zong gives * Medical * Bonuses * Allowances * House rent allowance * Utilities allowance * Cost of living allowance * Conveyance allowance Changes have been brought in ZONG due to HRM * Employee development * Employee appraisals Performance measurement/appraisal in ZONG Performance is measured on the basis of: 1. Annual appraisal 2. 6 -MONTH appraisal Scanning, Printing and Filing I has the opportunity to learn how filing of important documents as well as scanning the hard copy of record of employees important information is done and stored in a form of data base in order to keep a record on the intranet is done .

As well as printing of the important document and information takes place. Issuing of monthly checks to employees Employees who are holding senior posts in the organization and earning more than 1 lac etc their cheque copy is kept with the compensation personal and the actual check is issues to them . The Hr personnel keeps a file holding the photocopy of the cheque with large amounts. Documentation of employee information Information starting from the C. V to the photocopy of the degrees of the employee as well as their appraisal information, benefits given to them etc etc.

In other words all the information relating to particular employees is stored and documented. I had the responsibility of storing and arranging that. Providing a helping hand to Recruitment , Compensation and benefits staff Whenever the Human resource personnel needed assistance with their work I helped them out to increase my own learning also and see how they work and what type of tasks they get to perform . Performance measurement and appraisal in Zong Performance measured on the basis of: Annual appraisal It is time once again for Annual Performance Appraisals.

Based on your valuable feedback, this time around we have revised the Appraisal Form to make it much simpler with reduced attributes to save your time. The revised form is simple and user friendly, it does not require any specific training and relevant resource material is available on this page. It is mandatory for all ZONGERZ to set their objectives for the year 2010 in this exercise regardless of their eligibility. These objectives will become the basis of performance measurement in next year’s annual appraisal.

For your convenience, we are merging Performance Appraisal, Promotion and Development Form into one. This will save a lot of time as the form is simpler and active login time has been increased to unlimited. Your training needs will be extracted from the Development Form, so take time in filling the Development Section and identify your true training needs/areas. 24th December 2009 is the last day to complete this Appraisal Exercise. We recommend that all of you have a few discussions with your supervisor/subordinate before starting the Performance Appraisal Exercise.

All those employees who will get confirmed on or before 31st December 2009 will be eligible for this year’s Performance Appraisal Exercise. For those employees, who will get confirmed after the mentioned date, should rate themselves as ‘Not Applicable’ in the PA Rating. However, it is a must for those employees also to fill out their objectives in order for their performance to be gauged in 2010. Six month Appraisal In order to keep a better track of our employee’s performance, we are launching midyear performance appraisal starting this year.

This will also give you as an employee a better idea of how was your performance till July 2010 and what proportion of your overall objectives FY 2010 has been achieved. Also it will set your objectives for the period of Aug-Dec 2010. The form is short and simple keeping in view that this is a midyear review. It is mandatory for all ZONGERZ to set their objectives till end of 2010 in this exercise regardless of their eligibility. These objectives will become the basis of performance measurement in next appraisal. 13th September 2010 will be the last day to complete this Appraisal Exercise.

It is a must for all of you to have a detailed meeting with your line manager before filling out the appraisal form and agree on performance rating and upcoming objectives as well as achievement of objectives. Below is the schedule to complete performance appraisal: Launch by HR|  August 30, 2010 | Filled and submitted by Employee |  September 3, 2010 |  Filled and approved by line Manager and Director|  September 13, 2010| Please note that there will be no extension in the communicated deadlines and that all of you are required to complete the appraisal process before September 13, 2010.

HR will not entertain any requests that come after the deadline. All those employees who are confirmed on or before 31st July will be eligible for this midyear performance appraisal exercise. For those employees, who will get confirmed after the mentioned date, their Line Manager should rate them as ‘Not Applicable’ in the PA Rating. However, it is necessary for those employees to fill out their objectives in order for their performance to be gauged in annual appraisal 2010. Second is for those employees or departments whose performance depends on very clearly defined KPI items.

In this section employees will provide detailed description of their Key Performance indicators (KPI’s ). Traveling facilities On our journey to become the leading mobile operator of Pakistan, ZonGerZ have to go through challenges to achieve organizational objectives. ZonG has been an active participant in this competitive telecom market of Pakistan for the past two years and we are proud to say that it has achieved great milestones as anticipated. The Management recognizes the continuous aspiration for growth and success that we all have demonstrated with the remarkable teamwork and dedicated spirit.

Each individual plays a significant role in contributing towards the achievement of the company’s unprecedented growth. The Management is pleased to announce the bonus payout to all confirmed permanent employees of CMPak. This bonus is a sign of appreciation for your continuous hard work and dedication towards achieving the 1. 1 billion revenue target for the month of March, 2010. All confirmed permanent employees on or before March 31, 2010 will be eligible to a bonus which would be an amount up to 30% of their gross salary (bonus will be paid on prorate basis for those who has not completed one year service).

This bonus will be disbursed with the April’s salary. We believe that WE, TOGETHER, will continue to contribute and achieve our objectives. We make efforts for our continued success, and that we have the strength, motivation and desire to ensure that we achieve the targets for next three quarters Exit Interview: When somebody leaves Zong, it is always assured that the Managers must conduct a proper exit interview from the employees and figure out the reasons of their exit and to deal with them. Human Resource Planning Zong Pakistan has a skilled human resource planning department.

As we know that each human resource department in any organization play key role and operate like an eye of an organization, like wise in ZongPakistan they are performing their functions and fulfilling their requirement of the organization bymatching the organizational needs with the employee’s skill, knowledge and ability whether these needs are identified or being demanded by any department of the Zong Pakistan. Human resource planning in the Zong is basically performing different kind of functions which are as follows, 1. Whether there is need for recruitment in the organization. 2.

If there is demand from any department, they (HR department) identify the need of the Department. 3. Placement of their employees. 4. Convenience to their employees. 5. Work for employee’s motivation. 6. Check on employee’s performance Developing career plans for their employees. Zong is newly born baby in Pakistan market, they have had strong competitors in their fields, and they entered in the market of telecom where already the price war (price competition) had been initiated on three pioneer companies of Pakistan,  Including UFONE, MOBILINK and WARID. So the human resource department has to lay very important role in the Zong Pakistan in making itself a strong brand. Human resource department will continue its effort towards nurturing a winning corporate culture and building organizational capabilities by ensuring that its people will be able and willing to perform at consistently exceptional levels. Human resource department performs different kind of functions/practices in this regard to make its effort more and more effective, are as follow: 1. Recruitment & Selection process 2. Performance appraisal 3. Training & Development 4. Reward Management

Regulatory Department Regulatory department is supposed to make coordination’s with in the department as well as with government agencies like PTA and even other telecommunication service provider. Regulatory team is headed by Mr. Syed Naser Ali Hamdani whose designation is Director Regulatory. I had the opportunity of working in regulatory department for two weeks under Mr. Syed Naser Ali and it was a very different experience. This is their basic working and functions that they perform, The Regulatory Team * Syed Naser Ali Hamdani (Director Regulatory) * Ahmed Faisal (Sr.

Manger Regulatory) * Ayaz Mehmood (Sr. Officer Regulatory) * Waqas Raja (Officer Regulatory) Inter department coordination Head of Department would be the focal point for both Internal and External departments. For co ordination with regional offices , the concerned department situated at H. Q would be the point of contact. HOD shall be responsible to reply back the concerned department/stake holder with 48 hours. Next level of escalation would be Executive Director in case any delay. Area of Operations Management and Administration of Zong (Headquarter) Administration Coordination Team Coordination with regions & other departments * Admin Budget Management * Admin services staff management * CMPak Residencies Management * Courier Management * Acquisition of landlines and UAN #s * Utility Management * Admin Agreements, legal notices Management * Negotiations with vendors and landowners Management of Zong is basically divided into three basic heads or three departments nationwide and each has their own work team for performing the designated tasks and functions. The basic departments are as follows: * Operations Team * Infrastructure Department * Security Control Unit

The detailed information about hierarchy, functions and operations that are to be performed by each department is stated below with respect to the headquarter where the internship was performed. The detailed description of their work teams are: Operation & Services Team Operations team is managed by Ms. Filza Arbab who designates further tasks and ensures smooth working of the team. They have a number of operations that needed to be performed starting from looking after the guests to how the visa processing is to be done and for whom is required , managing assets and verification of assets nationwide .

Operations team even looks after the maintenance of the building and arranging all the events and national festivals and arranging furniture etc when and where required by certain department of the organization. Arrangement of meeting and conferences and making sure that everything starting from stationary to water is available as and when required. Most of their dealings with the staff and outsides takes places using cell phone and internet as the mode of communication as well as intranet for communicating and updating the staff within the organization. Hierarchy structure of operation department Security and Safety information flow

Customer services Department Operations: * To facilitate and guide the customer * To resolve customer’s queries, requests and provide optimal solution. * To inform and update customers about upcoming promos, AS and products. * To minimize cost and increase revenue. System: * The call center employees help solve the problems of customers on telephone. * Identify and resolve root causes of chum and strive to minimize churn. IT /Billing Department * Networking * NPS * Rollout * and M * Network security * Billing Internal Audit Department * Audit internal systems and processes * Fraud prevention * Introduce control mechanisms Revenue assurance Technical Department * Maintain and operate the GSM cellular. * Plan and roll out network expansion as per the commercial target. * Work closely with commercial and IT department to launch new services and cities. Administration Department * Operations Department * Infrastructure Department * Safety and Security Finance Department Zong has strong financial position since its in inception. Chine has been invested $1500 million in Pakistan for Zong and wants to invest more. The improvement in the net earnings resulting from strong internal sales growth from both postpaid, prepaid segments. Functions: * Payable * Treasury Financial Accounting * Taxation * Fixed Assets * Project accounting * Sun System (Accounting Software) Administration * Corporate accounts * Bank reconciliation * Regulatory * Budgeting and corporate affair * Credit and collection * Procurement and contracts * Payables * Reporting and commissions * Administration Department Mission: To anticipate the needs of all departments and their employees, to address their demands for creating better, safe and secure environment, to accept challenges, achieving goals thus portraying an outstanding image of the country and ultimately to be the No. 1 Admin operations within CMCC by any measure.

Regulatory & Corporate Department Mission: Maintain the more affable relations with the government to ensure the support and facilitation in the technical installation and the commercial activities of the organization. Legal Department Mission: To pre-empt, identify and asses potential legal matters, to ensure smooth sailing of the company, thus provide legal services to safeguard the interest(s) of the organization and welfare of its stakeholders. Information and Technology Department Mission: To provide lowest cost and highest speed system through Automation, Centralization and out sourcing. Functions: * IT Project & Planning IT Infrastructure * IT System & Database Management * IT Operations Marketing Department * Develop and execute regular promotions * Brand management * Ensure successful new city / product campaign launches * Public relations * International roaming * Value added services * Strategic planning and pricing * Monitor competitor pricing and other activity and report back * Market research * Sales analysis Sales and Distribution Department Mission: To maximize the number of revenue-generating subscribers by efficiently planning and executing the policies and operations related to product visibility and availability. Distribution

Zong purchase equipment from four companies ZTE, Ericson, Alcetle and Hawaii. These are the venders and operators of Zong. Zong Distributors are franchises, customer care Service centers and different outlets. Zong has 22 CCSC and 100000 different outlets in Pakistan. Indirect sales: * Manage the franchise network * Ensure achievement of sales target of franchise * Coordinate with other departments for development programs * Training of franchise staff Direct sales: * Meet assigned sales targets throughout the year * Maximize customer satisfaction and minimize churn * Generate new accounts and manage old ones * Strong follow-up

Mission: Zong Marketing Department will became the best Marketing Department of the industry in terms of adding value to their brand name, improving the image of the organization, increase in sales, with quality of the people and team spirit to lead the organizations towards the achievement of short term and long term. Customer Services Department Mission: To realize the perceived value of the customer and build higher expectation through excellence in service. Customer Service Centers The beacon of Zong’s impression and torch bearers of a new era in customer interaction, taking customer service into a portal of customer excitement.

These are the doors to Zong’s first and foremost realization of its promise to excite customers with a new trend in service. Setting the tone and ambiance which is second only to your home, these are Zong’s arms across the country to welcome everyone to experience the comfort when a true promise is fulfilled. Packages & Products of Zong Pakistan Following are the packages being offered by Zong which makes them distinctive and gives them edge over the rest of their competitors * ZONG Prepaid Packages * ZONG Postpaid Packages * ZONG Internet Packages ZONG Mobile Number Portability * ZONG SMS Packages * Special Offers * Recharge Options * ZONG Mobile * ZONG Internet Functions of Safety and Security * Escort and Protocol Management * Security Advisory * Security Alerts * Security guards management * Security Cameras management and monitoring * Assets movement monitoring * Fire alarm systems management * Firefighting and safety arrangements * Visitors management * Security and safety equipment provision * Management of legal matters related to security and safety * Processing safety and security related payments Management of contracts with security and safety vendors * Awareness/ Trainings regarding security and safety Safety and Security Achievements in 2009 Process Improvements Efficient CAPEX and OPEX Budget utilization Safety and Security arrangements made within assigned budget and cost saving done where ever possible Security SMS service (786) Security SMS service to group staff nationwide and to regional groups introduced and operated informing blasts, road blocks, sensitive incidents security situation Security Advisory emails

For safety and Security of staff Critical situations, Processions, Road Blocks, Precautionary measures, Security incidents information, critical areas identification done via emails. Travel advise provided to staff for sensitive areas nationwide Special security cover provided by police Special security cover provided by police during High alerts in Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi etc. and VIP visits Fueling of sites by Army/ FC Done in Swat and Buner and security cover provided to engineers during Forces Operations against terrorists Barbed wires installation and walls rising

For improvement in security of facilities installed at HQ, I-9, Houses, regional offices, MSCs etc Pasting of Anti-Shatter Film Pasting of anit-shatter film on front glasses, doors, internal glass partitions on all HQ, CSCs, Regional Offices, etc,. Check posts and walk through gates moved Moved from inside to outside facilities at maximum possible distance to minimize risk Implementation of vehicles checking and detailed body search at entrances Induction of IP Cameras High resolution for face detection, Remote monitoring, Best practices sharing, uniformity sharing Regions other operators, Multi-National companies, Govt. epartments for improvement like Guards counting, anti-shatter film, IP cameras, Safety equipment, SMS, Improve relationship with security and government agencies Safety Equipment Safety equipment Fire extinguishers, Exit Signs, Gloves, Helmets, First Aid Boxes etc installed nationwide Construction of Guards/Drivers room Constructed at HQ ZonG tower TF for guards changeover and drivers sitting area Security for events Improvement in guard’s; weapons and uniforms Security arrangements during M3 events, Cricket matches, staff tours and other official events My Internship Programme Zong Pakistan Headquarters Islamabad Human resource as well as Regulatory department) Regulatory Department Zong headquarters in Islamabad G sector has a 5 member regulatory team. Regulatory department is supposed to make coordination’s within the department as well as with government agencies like PTA and even other telecommunication service provider; they help ISI in important cases. The internees were able to see how they operate and how they ensure the privacy and better service for the user and how all the users of Zong can put forward any of their queries or problems faced by them and through regulatory department all the basic issues are handled.

It was really a opportunity to first hand experience how Pakistan Telecommunication authority ensures security and privacy of the citizens. Mostly i had the role of observation in this department by sitting in their discussion and dealing with other department session and seeing how the telecommunication sector operates and how major problems like terrorism via phone as well as invasion of privacy and phone abuse can be dealt with by advising caution. How This Experience Impact My Career?

It was a great experience in the field, before the completing my studies I got a chance to get in the the real and practically involvement and do some work. When I will get in my practical life soon after completing my degree this experience will go whit me and will be very beneficial for me in the field. Problems Encountered During my time in the internship, I encountered many problems like: * Difficulties in getting Information (official forms etc) * Without references you have no worth

But as whole I was supported and guided very well. That is the reason that I became able to complete my report in a fine way. SWOT Analysis * Strengths * Weakness * Opportunities * Threats Strengths * Lowest Rates Nation Wide * Zong provide lowest rates as compare to other telecom industry, it is a great thing which is only provided by Zong. * Strong image of Parent Company * Zong have a strong image of their parent company China mobile. This is a plus point for Zong. * Network Portability Over 500,000 people have been switched to Zong from other networks; this explains the influence of Zong over its targeted audiences. * Resources, Assets and People: Being a multinational company Zong has huge resources in terms of capital. It has billions of capital to invest in various projects; its offices are luxuriously equipped with every facility. Zong while choosing people for jobs, follow the strategy of “Choosing the Best among all” * Therefore majority of its staff people are highly qualified from renowned universities of Pakistan.

Certain people are foreign qualified. * So far CMPak has invested more than US $700 million in the telecom sector in Pakistan and an additional US $ 800 million will be invested till the end of the year 2008. Weaknesses * Weakness is defined as any activity the organization does not do well or the resources the organization needs but it does not posses. According to my point of view, the first and main weakness of the ZONG Company is their low quality service. * They are failed to provide the best service to its customers to satisfy them. On one hand they have introduced a lot of new things but on other hand when the customer is unable to get complete benefit of those offerings, it is then very difficult for a company to retain their customers and to make new customers. Opportunities * Positive trends of organization in external environmental factors. * ZONG is one of the fastest growing cellular markets in the Pakistan and it has a chance to expand in the current situation. * As I discussed earlier that Zong provides a number of packages and other services for customer satisfaction.

In this way they develop goodwill in the market and made millions of customers within last two years. * They have opportunity to expand their businesses in Pakistani markets by improving their products and by satisfying the customer needs and wants. * One main opportunity of ZONG is that it is a china mobile company and Chinese products are famous in the Pakistani markets. They already have developed a good will and entity in Pakistan and they know better the customer needs and wants in Pakistani societies better than the other telecommunication companies.

So they have chance to grow high and maintain their market share for a long period. Threats * Threat of new entrance * Bargaining power of the buyers * Threat of substitute product * Bargaining power of the suppliers Organizational Dilemma Zong Pakistan is becoming one of the leading Cellular Company operating in Pakistan with an increasing customer base. But still I observed few dilemmas in the organization during my stay of 6 weeks as an internee in Headquarters situated in Islamabad * Unclear reporting of subordinates. * Very Expensive Cafeteria. Casual attitude of employees towards their work when no one is around to monitor them. * No proper guidance for the internees. * Lack of time to time refresher courses and training for attaining up to date knowledge. * Allot of work burden and multi tasking required by young employees. * No job security for officer level employees. * Wastage of resources. * Ineffective communication of customer complaints. * Weak implementation of Job description. * Employees are even supposed to work when not in office. * No timely check on employees. * No properly advertised external hiring. Reference based hiring obstructs new skills. * Ethical dilemmas: 1. Employees leak information to their relatives. 2. Employees involved in fraudulent activities. 3. The facility of phone and laptop which is available to all the employees is used for personal reasons. 4. Misuse of official resources i. e. printers, stationeries etc. ZONG INTERVENTION Problem and their changes according to their solutions Problem #1 Mobile Number Migration There is a big problem that the people are having these days is that they are having a big issue for migrating their networks.

They are supposed to migrate their network with not more then 1 day. But they cant get access to migrate within the time and planning They lost most of their data(contents), time and money. Solution: ZONG brings a big solution to the migration problem that the people are having there days ZONG brings 3 different type of solutions Through franchise Through MNP (home delivery) 1st way of migrating Through franchise every user can get access to the ZONG network by bringing their ID card copy and their SIM and can convert their network within a day without losing any information and data of their SIM. nd way of migrating Second way is much easier and access able to ZONG because in this way the user can migrate to ZONG network by sitting to their homes. The user can call to the ZONG helpline and ask for port their number and inform about their ID card number and their some contents for recent calls and SMS and they can get the ZONG SIM to their homes within some time period. Problem #2 Slow and costly Mobile internet Another big issue and problem that people are having to their networks is the slow and costly mobile internet package. Solution:

ZONG Internet Packages Interested in paying for the exact data volume you consume. ZONG’s per MB package offers the cheapest charging unit across the cellular industry @ Rs. 15/MB + tax. To use the service Activation is as simple as the package, just dial 905 from your ZONG connection and get connected! Note Subscription charges for per hour package is Rs. 10+t Validity of Monthly Packages is 30daysMobile Internet unit is charged per 16KB After the expiry of monthly packages, standard Mobile internet charges as per the data plan will be applicable.

To Activate Hourly and monthly packages dial 905 ZONG Mobile Internet Hourly package Another spectacular service from ZONG that will keep you entertained 24/7. After rocking the market with our services and all the amazing call rates, we are back with an outstanding feature for all packages; ZONG hourly based Internet package. Internet was never this economical and easy. In just Rs. 15/hour surf all you want and whenever you want! It is really that simple…. It’s time to step out of the bits and bytes charging domains to experience the joy and liberty of plain and real flat time based charging.

And that’s pretty logical too, why should you pay extra when ZONG is offering you something which you’ve has been looking for. To use the service Activation is as simple as the package, just dial 905 from your ZONG connection and get connected! Unlimited Internet Package For customers who want to download loads of data, ZONG offers you the first Unlimited Internet Package that you will simply love. Daily Mobile Internet Package It’s time to step out of the bits and bytes charging domains to experience

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