An Admission Essay for a Writing Internship

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To start, the position of writing Intern is a good fit for me because I have a lot of experience with compiling 5 articles a week on trending topics. The experience that I have for this role stems from 2016-2020. At this time I switched my major in college from communications to Secondary English. This meant I was writing 4 essays or more per semester. During the holiday seasons of the year which pertains to Christmas and Easter, I have published, produced, and directed five plays while attending college classes and completing assignments.

In addition to that. I should have no problems meeting deadlines. As an experienced freelance writer, I had to complete my plays by the week before thanksgiving. Along with my college assignments, they each had specific deadlines. especially my final paper assignments which appeared at the end of the semester. The load of five articles matches the types of writing assignments for one of my English British Literature classes.

Therefore, my strengths for this position include the marketing skills which have been acquired from past jobs I have had as a customer service representative for the food franchise pizza hut whereas employees who upsell products. As a current Walmart associate when customers ask about products, we are to encourage customers to purchase the product they are inquiring about. I also have phenomenal communication skills that stem from various presentations I had to give while in college sum it all up, the one thing that I am not familiar with is the public relations portion which through research I can easily acquire and master this section of this job so that I am properly equipped to create these articles on trending topics.

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