Interpersonal Communication

            This course on Interpersonal Communication prepares students for the challenges of professional careers that require effective written and verbal communication - Interpersonal Communication introduction. In particular, the substance of this subject would be most useful for understanding best practices in areas such as investigative reporting, report and memo writing, and interactive verbal communication for administrative, commercial, or governmental purposes.

With respect to the Customer Relation process, the best of features in this course that could help the student understand the dynamics of customer relations include discussions and training regarding the communication process, and improving communication. The section on communication process details the different principles and dynamics currently used in communications theory. The concept of the communication process is the identification of the relationship between two parties that are communicating. These two parties can be understood in different ways. One way of understanding them is by noting that at a specific point in a conversation, one party acts as the sender of the message while the other acts as the receiver. Contrary to this, other alternative concepts denote that both parties at any given point in time are simultaneously senders and receivers of the message.

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Comparisons of these alternate concepts make the students understand the dynamics of communication better and apply it in their respective careers. In the section on improving communication, the theoretical concepts give way to practical concepts applied to every day scenarios. The concept of improving communication is identifying barriers and distortions in the communication process and figuring out solutions to such identified problems. These problems can be different types of noise, language deficiencies, and cultural differences among others. In terms of the customer relation process, improving communication makes the student understand the wide diversity of customer needs and how to address each of these.


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