Interpersonal Communications: Assignment Essay

The bottom line is, no one wants me”. The second quote would be Brace’s response to Toddy’s question on how he felt. Bryce stated that “he guess that he wasn’t feeling much of anything’ due to the circumstances. Lastly, I would think that Bryce stating that didn’t know how his wife and kids were and that he thought I they might leave me. They ran through their savings and were behind on the mortgage. Bryce also stated that he was going to lose everything and that he felt bad, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

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Interpersonal Communications: Assignment
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Identify and explain, using concepts from the text, at least one example of an obstacle to communicating emotions in the situation. Using concepts form the text, one example of an obstacle to communicating emotions in this situation would definitely be choosing whether and how to express emotions. Once you know what you feel, you’ll want to consider how to express your emotions.

The first choice facing you is whether you want to communicate your emotions to particular people (Wood, 2010). Evaluating your current state and deciding with homo you want to express your feelings to (Wood, 2010).

At first the conversation between Todd and Bryce very light to say the least. But, once Todd showed actual concern for the matter Bryce began to open up more, letting Todd know what hardships he was dealing with and how they have taken a toll on his life overall. Identify and explain at least two examples of irrational beliefs that Bryce holds. Two examples of irrational beliefs that Bryce holds would be that he doesn’t feel much of anything and that he can’t do anything about his wife and children paving and being behind on the mortgage.

These irrational beliefs, or fallacies, hinder our ability to manage and express emotions effectively (Wood, 2010). Which is causing Bryce not too be able to express his emotions in the proper manner. Explain, using concepts from the text, how Bryce could use surface acting and deep acting to better align his emotions and behavior with the needs of his job search. Surface Acting involves controlling the outward expression of emotions rather than controlling feelings (Wood, 2010).

I believe that surface citing would better align Brace’s emotions and behavior with the needs of his job search because it would allow him not show his discouragement even if he is disappointed he is not getting the jobs that he is applying for. Deep Acting involves learning what you should and should not feel and requires changing how we perceive and label events and phenomena (Wood, 2010). Bryce could use deep acting to control how he feels when a job isn’t offered to him. He can teach his self that that maybe that particular job wasn’t for him and that may be better ones out there if he continues to search.

Based on the textbook’s guidelines for communicating emotions effectively (p. 182-187), identify and explain at least three ethical strategies Bryce could use to improve his interpersonal communication in this situation. I believe that Bryce could improve his interpersonal communication by identifying his emotions by recognizing the primary or main feelings, the one or ones that are dominate in that particular moment (Wood, 2010). Also, monitoring his self-talk. Self-talk is communication with ourselves (Wood, 2010). This would help Bryce with knowing is self-worth in other.

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