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Interpersonal Conflict Case

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The dispute occurs between Robert, who is my boss and I. Two weeks before the conflict, I ask Robert for a one week-holiday, and he gave me his consent to have this break. I have been on time and did my best for this company from day one. I didn’t have any day off since I started working here six month ago. I purchased my flight ticket, booked my hotel room, planned my trip and committed with my friends and family.

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Interpersonal Conflict Case
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However, the day before the journey, the result of the project on which we were working on has been … nd we lost it. It wasn’t because of my lack of commitment, I did my very best to accomplish all my tasks. He asked me to cancel my trip in order to stay and work with him and my team. This is a follow-up to the meeting I requested. (Background information) Robert, we had agreed that I could leave tomorrow for few days.

I don’t usually ask for day-offs, but I already committed with my friends and family. And now you are saying that I couldn’t leave, because we worked hard on this project and we failed to accomplish it.

Your are also saying that I shouldn’t go because my team and yourself need me because in the following week, you want to try to rearrange the project style, and I would be a great help. However, you gave your word two weeks ago, and I don’t want to loose all the reservations. Also, I really need this break to come back at work fresher. (Step 1: Describe the behaviour of the person) I am really upset, I feel wedged, poorly understood and betrayed about this situation and your reaction. I do believe that is (Step 2: Feelings) First, I’m worried about the fact that I will have to cancel the whole trip.

Also, I am afraid that this “altercation” with you harms our relationship. Moreover, the faith that I should have toward you will be irreversibly damage. In fact, starting from now, when you will promise, affirm, approve, assure or authenticate, something to me I might not be taken you seriously; and it can be sometimes problematic. Trust is very important between us and shouldn’t be an issue. Finally, I really need this break, I am literally burnout; indeed, my team and I underwent a lot of pressure during these days because of this grand intention, and this trip would help me to decompress, soften and relax.

So, when I come back I will be there from a fresh start; which will lead me to be more efficient and effective. (Step 3: The negative consequences) I would like to discuss how can we resolve this conflict of interest to satisfy both of us. My real request here, is to take a break from work, not losing money because of a cancelled reservation, and preserve the trust I have for you; in contrast with what you could think: go on vacation, miss work, and lead the team without my help. I think that my appeal is fair, and hope that we can find a common ground. (Step 4: Interest)

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