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The Declining Popularity of Radio in the Media

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In the century in of modern generation a lot of things have changed dramatically. Technology has improved to such a large extent that it is rendered our lives to become more convineint and comfortable. Mass media such as radio, television and internet are also one such invention which has influenced human kind immensely. Nowadays, it is observed that radio is becoming less popular when compared to internet and even television. First of all, radio industry plays an important part in the lives of all people.

As for me, I can not imagine my life without radio.

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The Declining Popularity of Radio in the Media
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The first significant advantage of the radio is possibility to relax and spent time with pleasure. When a person hears his favourite song , his positive emotions arise and person starts smiling and feels happy. The second considerable advantage is getting vital information and the hottest news. Each hour on the radio is the broadcasting of news , so we can get know what is going on in the country and in the world even without TV news .

One more advantage is that a person can keep doing whatever he was doing but at the same time he can listen either to good music on the radio.

People do not have to spend their time riveted to the screen of their TV’s and very limited in their possible actions. Also radio has it’s own disadvantages. In my opinion , the most signifivant disadvantage is that when we listen to the radio we can not see any picture, any video , any image. We just should have to imagine what is happening while the song is playing and the radio program is broadcasting. One more bad side of the radio is the need of a constant charging.

When we go outside the city there is no any charging sources so we can not listen to the radio when we want it. Another disadvantage is because radio listeners are spread over many stations, to totally saturate your market you have to advertise simultaneously on many stations. To sum up, inspite of the disadvantage it is not dead as long as people used to listen to it. And it will not be dead with the help of technology- means changes, changes for something new and hopefully much better. So future generation will like radio as much as we do.

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The Declining Popularity of Radio in the Media. (2017, Jan 24). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/is-radio-dead/

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