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Is the CEO being ethical

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The predicament that the senior manager is in is certainly a difficult one. On one hand, he should be devoted to his company and the wishes of his CEO. At face value, this seems like a, lack of a better word, “sketchy” situation, for all parties, as the CEO is clearly holding off on revealing this vital information about his business until his shareholders are made aware of everything, and more importantly, so they will not affect top management’s bonus checks.

The CEO appears to be, if anything, disingenuous in his mission statement, as while he can say all he wants that supports the ethical treatment of foreign workers, the reality is he has not done a sufficient job in bringing individuals on board (his operating management) who reflect these points-of-view. Essentially, this CEO is a phony, because he can talk-the-talk, but can’t walk-the-walk, or properly execute his desires for fair and equal treatment of all individuals in his company, despite their race, creed, or national origin.

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Is the CEO being ethical
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The CEOs apprehensiveness in bringing this information forward right away, shows that his priorities lie substantially more in pleasing his shareholders and bringing in a hefty bonus check, rather than looking out for the well-being of his employees by addressing this issue headstrong. The CEO’s actions are therefore unethical.
Unfortunately, I believe that in most real-world circumstances, the senior management would not rebel against his superiors, and that most individuals at the top of the food chain are sadly, only looking out for themselves and the well-being of their kin, albeit it is their own desires and benefits. In my opinion, I think most managers would be primarily just concerned with keeping their bosses happy and their heads down. When it comes to their own paychecks, nobody wants to be the rebel, especially if the issues at hand (employees at the bottom of the totem pole being mistreated) have little to do with the work they do on a day-to-day basis. For them,…

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