Inside Man and Detective Keith Frazier Essay

The Perfect Plan “Everybody drop to the Floor. Now! ”- Dalton Russell. In the film Inside Man, Detective Keith Frazier is the protagonist and is a hostage negotiator who is in charge of the bank robbery. He tries to help the bank robbers to what they want and keeping the hostages safe and sound. Keith works hard throughout the film to show he is the leader of the scene. Inside Man, is a excellent film because it shows how hard a detective has to work to help and save the hostages, while at the same time how people escape with secrets.

In the film Inside Man, it is interesting how Russell sat besides the wall in the bank for a whole week straight explaining how his plan is going to work in a few short words. Clive Owen who plays Dalton Russell, is always showed wearing a mask and is leading the robbers, hostages, and the situation in the bank. Denzel Washington plays Detective Keith Frazier who is the leader of the scene and starts issuing demands. There are no previous relationships between the actors, but Owen has played in saving hostages in film Shoot ‘Em Up. Originally Ron Howard was to direct this film, but he backed out to do Cinderella Man and Spike Lee took over.

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Inside Man and Detective Keith Frazier
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Inside Man was Spike Lee’s most financially successful film and it led to many offers for the director to make more bank heist films. In the beginning of the film, Dalton Russell and his friends rob the bank while they are dressed in painter outfits. A police officer sees the smoke coming out of the bank and has a gun pointed at him saying “I got hostages. You guys start coming here I’ll shoot each one of them”. The police surround the bank, and Detective Keith is called in to lead and help the situation. Dalton’s first reaction is not straight towards the money but his focus is on something big.

It appears to be papers and diamond, because his crew is digging up a hole by the lock boxes. Dalton and Detective Keith exchange multiple conversations on what is behind all this and safety conditions of the hostages. Detective Keith comes in to glimpse around the bank and check on the hostages and tries but fails to take down Russell. Russell gives you the detailed description on the perfect plan for a bank robbery. The film techniques that were used throughout the film were a point of view shot. This was periodically shot in the film when the camera shifts towards the face Russell describing his perfect plan for the bank robbery.

We see the light stress and the confidence he has in successfully finishing this mission. Another technique that was used in this film was a flash-forward. During the bank robbery, the story line moves into the future with Detective Frazier and his partner interrogating the hostages on who were these people and what happened while inside the bank. The last point of film technique I feel Lee used real well is dubbing sound. In the beginning of film before the bank robbery there is Albanian music playing while they are on the way to execute the plan.

I though Lee used the music was to build suspense or to lead us to a different country but in essence was used to fool the Albanian Government. In conclusion, a detective will try to help a person and save them from danger. Usually a bank robbery ends up with someone dead in a short amount of time but this was the “perfect” plan for a bank robbery which leads it to an excellent movie. I give this movie a Five out of Five and would recommend it everyone because Denzel Washington is a beast in this film. Bibliography Travers, Peter. “Inside Man | Movie Reviews | Rolling Stone. ” Rollingstone. com. N. p. , n. d. Web. 23 Apr. 2013.

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