Issues in the Criminal Justice System

Most likely you or someone you know has been pulled over for something ridiculous in their lifetime and you probably thought it was completely unnecessary, well the truth is that this happens everyday. America’s criminal justice system is completely broken. There are so many issues that come with this system. The system is used everyday, and it doesn’t do what it needs too. The system is supposed to be based on rehabilitation, but in reality it’s strictly based on the punishment. It’s not looking to help the people, they just want the people to go through the punishment, it’s just holding them back, not allowing them to move forward and better themselves.

The children that are in the system, is just one of the examples of the crumbling justice system. Yes, the children committed the crime, and need to face the consequences, but the way that the consequences are being handled is much to harsh for children, who most likely don’t even know what they are doing. Children make bad choices, we’ve all been there I’m sure of it. When children come in contact with the system, it has long lasting consequences, not just on them but their families, and communities also. We have to make sure that these children are being treated fairly, and are not forgotten. We need to make sure that they are given the chance to better themselves, and not being held back.

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Recently there was a documentary published, based on the rapper Meek Mill and his interactions with the system. His interactions show us just how unjust the criminal justice system is. The probation that Meek Mill was given, wasn’t about trying to help him, but instead focused and picked on every little thing Mill did. Probation is supposed to be a path out of the system, the strict rules are supposed to keep people on a straight path, but that’s not how it really works. Really, the system keeps the one in fifty five Americans that live underneath probation, engaged with the police, courts and punitive establishments. It affects their ability to work, and be productive in their life. This doesn’t help them, it just holds them back from bettering themselves. The system is helping us just to hurt us.

Many changes need to happen, reforms needs to be made. 2020 needs to be a big change for America’s criminal justice system. The community supervision is costly and inadequate, and it’s simply deteriorating. The amount of people that are on parole and probation supervision, has tripled over the last three decades. The system needs to refocus on public safety and civic stability other than focusing on aimless and excessive punishment. The criminal justice system is so wasteful, and harmful, and out dated, it’s like riding an old bike, with balloon tires, and one speed, even though we have have more advanced vehicles. The system needs a big change, and soon.

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